Abandin Theory

Abandin Theory


Our music can be related to your favourite food. While eating it quick would make you content; it must be ingested slowly and savoured to really appreciate it. Our bands sound is a burst of unique flavours, melting together to create one delicious meal.


Energetic, powerful, passionate, clever, harmonious, awesome, talented, inspired, are a few words that have been thrown around to describe Abandin Theory.
Abandin Theory was first formed in the fall of 2004 when the members Nick Cheung, Gary Baillie, Matt Cheung, and Andre Ulloa collaborated to create music that was unique, energetic, and, to put it simply, rocked.

Staying true to their personal musical tastes, the foursome vow to create music that blends a diverse range of music. Abandin Theory’s music is undeniably their own and crowds are instantaneously turned from strangers to fans of AT. The word is getting out and Abandin Theory is quickly becoming a band with the notoriety that only the best bands deserve.

Their first EP “Sometimes What They Say Is Wrong Ain’t Right” is the first 7 songs that the quartet wrote and encapsulates the early enthusiasm and determination that these young men had to make an impact on the music community. The enthusiasm and determination continues; soon the world will be struck with another effort from these extremely thoughtful, talented, vibrant, and innovative musicians. The following installment from Abandin Theory is highly anticipated and with recording set to begin in the early fall the future of AT is only getting better.

The time has come, Abandin Theory.


When what they say is wrong aint right

Written By: Abandin Theory

Well sometimes what they say is wrong ain't right.
So forget their words and we'll live for tonight.
And sometimes you just have to slow it down.
See the girls in the magazines?
She's every young models dream
Three cheers to the media for telling us who we're supposed to be.
But little do they know, that the same girl has to go
Flush her self consciousness down the drain
Everyone wants to be what they see on their tv
Those trendy pants you wear, still don't get you laid
Well no one is the same so there is no use to complain
Sometimes we don't believe that we are good enoug.
Well some days I was so low
Which meant some days
I got so high
Just so that some days
I wouldn't remember why there's some days
That it hurts to try.
But some day I will get by.
Well I won't lie that it's time to stop and it's time to start.


Sometimes What They Say Is Wrong Ain't Right - (Dec 2004)

Set List

Set length - 30 min to 1hr 30 mins

Original Material

Just Walk Away
Song for her
Broken Clocks
Determination and the Drive
Stand Up and Be Counted
Regret: The final Date
Old and New
Alter Ego
When what they say is wrong ain't right (re-styled)


Well known but forgotten songs not typically rock made AT style.
ie Rasputin - Boney M.
Survivor - Destiny's Child etc.