A Band Named Ashes

A Band Named Ashes

 Akron, Ohio, USA


A Band Named Ashes is a five-piece ensemble hailing from Akron, Ohio that produces
What has best been described as a “progressive funky folk” mix of music. An active
touring band that can be found playing the East Coast, A Band Named Ashes has two
songs, Breaking and By My Side, that are currently playing on FM radio. They have also
been featured in a series of television commercials for a hometown healthcare provider,
Summa Health Care.
An eclectic group, the members of A Band Named Ashes harnesses their widely varying
musical inspirations to create their own special blend of music that explores all genres,
and a live set can transition from a whispering ballad to an intense funk composition in
just minutes. Depending on their mood, you may even find A Band Named Ashes
actively writing a new song on stage, tapping into the crowd’s energy to guide the
The band has a full-length album, Circles, available in both traditional CD format and for
electronic purchase online. They are actively writing a new album, which is anticipated
to be released in the near future.


By My Side

All 3 of these songs by ABNA are being played on FM Radio.