Heart. Soul. Hope. Joy. Love. Life. We want to change what people think of when they hear "rock music." Because we're not simply rock music. We're an entire musical experience that transcends today's definitions of what a rock band should be.


In a market over saturated with angst-ridden, one-dimensional rock bands and frivolous, shallow pop groups, the voice and sound of Abandonato stand out in the crowd. A band that offers both musical and lyrical depth, Abandonato is exciting and engaging, presenting messages of peace and hope as well as the celebration of great music and real life.

The sound and style of Abandonato results from many varied musical influences and interests coupled with the band's refusal to be boxed in by any one particular style. Rock, blues, jazz, pop, rhythm & blues, and a myriad of other genres come together to form the unique sound of the band. What results is a tapestry of catchy melodies, tight harmonies, infectious grooves, and musical diversity that sets Abandonato apart in the modern music scene.

With songs that range across the full scope of human experience, Abandonato expresses a myriad of feelings and emotions that all people feel. From heartbreak and anger to love and joy, the themes of Abandonato’s music are relevant and relatable. At times electric and exhilarating, at times spiritual and reflective, the songs are always passionate and powerful.

Musicianship is a key ingredient to the unique chemistry and sound found in Abandonato. Each of the four band members keep to a serious practice and rehearsal regimen, constantly refining their craft to better the sound of the band as a whole as well as improving their own musicality. This aspect of Abandonato is evidenced in the band’s several instrumental songs and jaw-dropping solo spots during their live shows. And while the band stands out as technically and musically impressive, they remain conventional and accessible.

In sum, Abandonato's sound and message are fresh and new amidst a crowd of trite and recycled musical acts. The band refuses to limit itself to one style, message, or sound in order to express themselves artistically and musically. Whether it is in a hard-driving, up-tempo rock song or a deeply felt and moving ballad, Abandonato seeks to present a new side to modern rock, one that believes in great music and real life.

- WINNER of and Voted "Best Band in Colorado" at the 2005-2006 Emergenza International Battle of the Bands Competition, receiving Top Guitarist, Top Bassist, and Top Drummer awards. -

- Abandonato is a representative of Hapi Skratch Entertainment and is endorsed by President and Owner Morris Beegle. -


"Autumn Songs" - October 2006

Set List

An Abandonato set list might include hard rock tunes like, "Forbidden", "Dark of the Night", & "In the End", ballads such as "October", "Dreamin' On", & "You're Not Even Gone", and tight grooves like "Second Chance", "No Regrets", & "All You've Given Me".

We'll include some instrumentals, too: "Funkadelica", "The Return", and "Joy" (a jaw-dropping rendition of J.S. Bach's classic), just to name a few.

And, for good measure, we'll throw in some crowd-favorite covers like "House of the Rising Sun" and "Stand By Me".

Whether it be 20 minutes or 2 hours, an Abandonato set is guaranteed to be an experience you will not forget!