Abandoned Theory

Abandoned Theory

 Peoria, Arizona, USA

We are a good time band with a very eclectic choice of music! we are blues, jazz, funk, and rock all put together to give the listeners some great tunes to get up and boogie to! from sensual to party songs we get the atmosphere right!


We come from a variety of musical back grounds, influenced by Blues Jazz Metal, Hair bands, Classical, even a bit of country! all our songs are different in character, we keep your interest and make you wanna dance, we have catchy tunes that will leave you hummin on out the door at closin time!!


we have a couple recorded tunes, Vegas Baby..Your Done..Too Late..Beware..and mo cowbell that have been played on a local radion station here in Scottsdale AZ KWSS. also streams live online.

Set List

we have a 50-55min set list right now containing only 2 covers..
1 Too Late
2 Beware
3 Lights (journey cover but in our version)
4 Vegas Baby
5 The Bottle
6 Mo Cowbell
7 Last Child (aerosmith cover)
8 Backseat Lovin
9 Your Done
10 Drunk Tank