Scrape-your-face-off metal with an edge that will make you want to mosh. Bits of melodic singing add an atmospheric effect to the music, and positive lyrics that expose the cultural defects of today's society and praise Jesus Christ.


Our band started four years ago from mar 07 as a way to express the joy we have in our hearts because we believe in Jesus Christ. As the first year progressed we started to become influenced by such artists as Haste the Day, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Zao. The next couple of years found ourselves writing songs in the little bit of free time we had on Sundays after church (thanks to them for putting up with "that screamy stuff"), and this last year we went to Cornerstone in Bushnell, Illinois and were able to meet many of the artists we respect and were exposed to new ones such as Destroy the Runner, Twelve Gauge Valentine, and The Chariot (only to name a few). Our music has become what we believe to be God's work through us to reach a generation of kids that may not know what to believe, or have been hurt by the Christian faith before, and to kindle a move of the Abba Father in a Gale of a storm.


None...three poor recordings on myspace done through steinberg's wavelab and a crappy sound system.

Set List

Intro...3:00 (approx. times)
Losing Myself To You...3:45
Ros King (Haste the Day cover)...1:45
American Love (another HTD cover)...3:50
You Really Should Fix That Hole In Your Heart...4:30