Abbas Premjee

Abbas Premjee

 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Abbas is a musician of some diversity. His compositions range from lush orchestral pieces to meditative solo guitar and mohan veena. He is adept in all styles ranging from jazz and rock to new age and classical. His music skilfully blends the sounds and moods of Indian ragas with Western harmonies.


Abbas has had a strong passion for music since an early age. Growing up in the eighties, he played rhythm and lead guitar for several bands in Karachi and Los Angeles, including a stint for a couple of years with “Stonewheat”. He completed his Bachelors degree in Music theory and composition from Loyola Marymount University, and then his Masters degree in Classical Guitar from SMU. A few years later, he returned to Pakistan and started his own music studio and production house. He currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas. Abbas is also an exponent of the mohan veena, an instrument that is a modern hybrid between a guitar and a sitar, and has taken instruction in Indian classical music from the legendary sitar player, Ustad Rais Khan. Abbas firmly believes that the vast emotional library of Eastern music needs to be introduced to the West but in a manner that is culturally and socially relevant. His compositions are diverse in nature and range from introspective and haunting solos to lush and orchestral. Due to his diverse background, Abbas is comfortable writing music in many different styles ranging from ethnic, folk and world music to funked out jazz, rock, classical and everything in between. He has a natural ability to craft out melodies that stick to the listener. The guitar and the mohan veena allow him to cover the spectrum of Eastern and Western music.


Elements (12 tracks, world music)
Big Blue Sea (12 tracks, smooth jazz)
TVCs for Askari Bank and lux soap
News spots and shows for Dawn News
Various compositions, arrangements and productions for solo artists

Set List

Live performances are on Classical Guitar or Mohan Veena accompanied with Djembe or Tabla. Completely improvised and unique.