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"Song Review"

Listening to a song 19 times in a row is a pretty good indication that you like it. You might be thinking to yourself, “19 times, Swap? Really?” And the answer is yupperino. 19 times. Abbott Hayes‘ song, “Earth Gently Rolls,” caught my ear from the very first listen, and I simply cannot stop spinning it. I’m listening to it right now, as a matter of fact… so make that 20 times.

Whenever I come across a song like this… a song that I can’t stop listening to… it makes me take a step back to evaluate what it is I love so much about it. Musically I dug it right off the bat. The opening guitar grabbed me like a picture of Linda Carter in her Wonder Woman outfit would, and once the drums kick in… well, it was over for me. The drummer is FANTASTIC. I love the nothing-but-kick-drum section from 2:42 to 2:50… the buildup is ecstatically ecstatic. The melody is extremely singable, the musicianship is solid… there’s really nothing NOT to like about this track except that I did not want it to end. EVER. -

""Giving Myself Away" Album Review"

Creating the sound for Abbott Hayes are: Andrew McClelland – vocals and guitar; Ben McClelland – vocals and bass; Micah Tyo – guitar; Ryan Gillis – drums; Pat Bedore – keyboards. Look for these fellows throughout upstate New York, with mountains the dominant feature on the horizon. They have made the trip to the big city too, and are popular on the college circuit.
With musical influences such as The Beatles, REM, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Elliot Smith on the list, Abbott Hayes couldn’t go too far off course.
Check out “Bird With Broken Wings” and “Mountains” for something that is pop and rock, but has some of the old Marshall Tucker Band flavor (no flute though). “Earth Gently Rolls” picks up the pace a bit. Nice stuff. -

"Live Review"

Last to take the stage was the anticipated Abbott Hayes, a somewhat old band hailing from Tupper Lake that has been actively seeking out the Potsdam music scene. The crowd went absolutely wild for the everyone-loves-it type of music that is just plain good, no matter how you fry it. The five-piece band has been playing together for a long time, and it was quite evident in their performance. There are few things I appreciate more in a band than being just as good live as they are in the studio-without auto-tuning applications. Things can go awry when attempting harmonies, and I was already curious how this would turn out, since the recordings on their MySpace showcased soulful singing of great lyrics and great, in-tune harmonies. I was skeptical, and most pleasantly surprised. Abbott Hayes had the crowd dancing and moving like no other band, and that likely contributed to their sweeping win. - Alice Sorenson, The Racquette

""Giving Myself Away" Album Review"

Abbott Hayes does an admirable job keeping the listener interested by switching styles within the greater pop-rock umbrella. Any style you happen to love from the genre is probably on here, so don't be surprised if someone you wouldn't expect loves this record.

This is conversational music that can unite all types, and it's nice to hear some thoughtfully created pop-music that isn't content in attracting the same ol' fans. I reckon Abbott Hayes will find the incremental new business they're after.

- Blake Soloman,

""Giving Myself Away" Album Review"

'Earth Gently Rolls' by Abbott Hayes (Tupper Lake, NY): The three repeating, successive chords-reminiscent of The Troggs' "Wild Thing," rehashed a little-that make up the intro have me hooked. The line "The body of water that swallowed me whole..." kicks off a punch and intriguing melody.
This tune boasts an unusual kind of conservative evolution in its composition. It starts with a simple pop-rocker, and grows with unexpected intricacy-without losing it's charm (If only Axl Rose could do that). The harmonies are tight, and the production is top-notch, equaling anything I've heard in the mainstream. - Jason Irwin, The Chronicle

""Giving Myself Away" Album Review"

At first audio, their first track Just As Well, has a contagious and continous melody that can easily get stuck in your cranium. - Brian Rutherford, Music Emissions


"Giving Myself Away" Full length LP (2008)
"A Slideshow of Better Things" EP (2007)



Sometimes you find good music in places you would never expect. Take a ride, weaving through the windy roads of the Adirondacks. Travel along the mountain passes and steep inclines. It is here, nestled between the towering landscape, where you can find the birthplace of Abbott Hayes.

Hailing all the way from upstate NY is a band of seasoned musicians with a sound comprised from years of playing together. Both as friends and musical equals, the group strives to find a balance between staying true to their roots and reinventing themselves.

Their musical approach can be defined as a rock band infused with pop, folk and country flavor and with this, Abbott Hayes attempts to attract an audience of both young and old.

The band’s newest album, “Giving Myself Away,” is viewed as their first attempt at becoming a multidimensional, more diversified version of their former selves. With a sound for every ear, the album is able to capture a wide-ranging fan base with songs that stretch across the rock and roll spectrum. Simply put, It can be viewed as a musical Frankenstein… a collision of genre that can only be described as a visionary monster.

As if writing their last will and testament, Abbott Hayes hopes to leave behind a resounding tone with their listeners. The band is not concerned with shaping their sound around the times. In the grand scheme of things, their only goal is create music that moves through the generations, music that is timeless.