Abby Ahmad

Abby Ahmad

 New York City, New York, USA

With edgy, intelligent lyrics and hypnotic melodies, Abby Ahmad's music is as passionate as it is profound. Bridging genres of folk-rock, blues, and alternative, Abby's percussive guitar style and arresting vocals captivate and challenge her audiences. She is at once in your face and in your heart.


With edgy, intelligent lyrics and hypnotic melodies, Abby Ahmad's music is as passionate as it is profound. Bridging genres of folk-rock, blues, and alternative, Abby's percussive guitar style and arresting vocals captivate and challenge her audiences. Emotionally-charged, yet playful, she is at once in your face and in your heart.

Curriculum, (the follow up to her acclaimed debut, The Rearview), marks a metaphoric and musical evolution. Inspired by the thrilling yet frenetic challenges of being an emerging musician in NYC, Curriculum documents the path to independence (both musical and personal) navigating the many lessons learned along the way.

The album’s production values were crafted with a similar mentality. Abby teamed up with Brooklyn-based producers Mark Marshall and Nathan Rosenberg. Together, they have produced an organic, searing portrait of sound and emotion.

Adding to the album’s sonic maturity and authenticity are a stellar lineup of NY musicians including Clark Gayton, Steven Bernstein, and Erik Lawrence (who comprise the horn section for legendary musician Levon Helm) and Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist, Michael Leonhart.

With integrity, guts, and skill, Abby Ahmad breaks new ground in the realm of independent music.

"Abby Ahmad is one of those rare talents who is at the ideal position in her artistic journey when craft, skill and talent have all developed to an equal point and coalesced into a magnificent apex of achievement. Her latest album, CURRICULUM, is easily on par with the works of Dylan and Dickinson or even Plath. "
-Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly

"Abby Ahmad is a caldron of talent and soul. Her range of music, lyrics and vocals are a fresh hit of unpretentious passion. I feel lucky to have discovered this emerging star."
-Andrew Davis, film director, "The Guardian"

"When the louds and quiets are embraced and explored in guitar-based folk-rock, it can only serve to make the delicate melodies more capturing and the hammering strums more exclamatory. Not afraid to challenge the listener with literate lyricism and intricate song structures, this is an ambitious group of songs that will keep you coming back to catch all the subtleties."
-CD BABY Editor’s Review

“…Beautiful, pliant, passionate.”
–Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



Written By: Abby Ahmad

I always could feel the vacancy
when I traced your soul with my memory
made you out to be someone
that you never could be

and now I'm facing the aftermath
of a full-blown heart attack
there lies no refuge in recovery

I just want a love
to call my own
but everything I touch
just turns to stone
the more I love
the more I feel alone

you might say that I'm jaded
I'll admit that I'm faded
worn out
worn down
a transparency

but you have also been stripped to the bone
exposing flaws
and faults of your own
you're a crack in the landscape
a deficiency

I just want a love
to call my own
but everything I touch
just turns to stone
the more I love
the more I feel alone

I cannot be your muse
I will not be your foe
cause there's a safety in the act of
letting go
there's nothing left to gain when there's no room to grow

take back your city lights
take back the april rain
who knew the mess you left
would leave such a stain
I loved you all this time
to find you loved me
in vain

so I guess there's one thing
left to do
gotta tear my eyes
from the rearview
and wave goodbye
to you


Written By: Abby Ahmad

I need to step outside
Another day
Marks another way
Marks a new reason to hide
It's true when you slip
You slide
On the ground
Been pushed down by this
Primitive pride

My voice a stifled symphony
My veins pump
Liquid lethargy
But those that can avert casualty
Do not acquire sympathy
Step aside
Cause I want off this ride

Black hole ate the crippled cry
Of me, myself, and I
The vacuum is picturesque
For those who can pass the test
I may be turning blue
I may have some work to do
But try me
Tri -me

I detest this new dichotomy
To love to hate
The light in me
Too loud to hear
Too bright to see
The incest of infamy
To be or not to be

So I may be tainted in my truth
When I claim I'm bullet-proof
But every half-assed assault
Has been a death by default

Any day now
You will see
The singular me
When three become one
And one becomes enough

I’m blowing up
Taking off
Coming down
I’m not enough

It never starts
It never stops
A bell rings
A piano drops

I'm rubbing off
It's sinking in
I'm running fast
I'm running thin

This little bubble's gonna burst
It's me alone
And I come first…

Big Bang

Written By: Abby Ahmad

So the big bang
In the center of the sky
Ignites a light
In the pit of your mind’s eye
And you decide
It’s finally time to try

See the big bang
In the center of the sky
A new design
For all I’ve left behind
I don’t have the time
To be trading
Riddles for rhymes, babe

It was under one condition
I laid down my ammunition
And offered my bare hands in reply

But they were disgraced by your derision
They’ve been erased by your omission
And now you want to just say "hi"
And now you want to ask me why

Figure it out now
My little whisper
Becomes a shout
I’ll be your one phone call
But I never said that I’d bail you out
If you could regret some
I might forget that I’ve been stung
Countdown to explosion

Big bang hit the center of my chest
Deep breaths of things I chose to forget
You’ve stolen the best of me
Now you’ve broken the rest of me

Big bang hit the center of my heart
I gave you art and watched you
Tear it all apart
And now you want a new start

I see you’ve adapted my position
Paralyzed by indecision
Bleeding your thoughts through a hole
In your side

Well, every brush with the opposition
Only deepens the incision
So, make up your mind
Cause the stakes are getting high

Figure it out now
Are you in or are you out?
As much as I love you
I won’t be a partner to your doubt
If you could be undone
Hell, I could say the war’s been won
Countdown to explosion

Figure it out now
Tell me what’s this all about
Cause I want to bend you
I want to turn you inside out

If you could just give some
I would forgive the damage done
In 3...2...1...

You knew you’d been outdone
It’s true you’ve been out sung
So why am I still numb?
When it’s you who should be stunned
Just tell me you won’t run
Tell me I could be the one
Countdown to what we become

Big Bang hit the center of the sky
Bombs fly on the 4th of July

Going Gone

Written By: Abby Ahmad

Better off later
Than never at all
Better of risking the length of the fall
Then to take up your time
Pacing that line
Feeling small

You’ve been searching for something
Your purpose
Your path
Well, you ain’t gonna find it through logic
So quit doing the math
And start looking inside
Trust me, you’ll find it

Sacrifice is not a sound solution
Learn to let your heart engage
Your evolution
Not common sense
Or self-defense
Only emotion can guide you
On this mission

Better off loving
As hard as you can
Than to stick to your guns
Than to stick with the plan
Cause I fear that in time
You’ll find your whole life’s passed you by

Kid, I had a taste
Of what you have to share
And if you could just learn to embrace it
I swear
The pain will subside
And doubts will just fall to the wayside

Now, I can’t lie
I wish that I could’ve been the one
To be the benefactor of that revelation
But I’ll sing my song
To let you move on
Cause after all
You were always


Better off later
Than never at all

Star Pupil

Written By: Abby Ahmad

“I’m sorry.”
Two words I can’t seem to extract
From my vocabulary
It’s not that I’ve done wrong
See, this is where things get hairy
History has wired me this way

The suction
Of that phrase upon my brain
Led to the destruction
There hasn’t been any sign of
But I am willing to try
What can I say?

My whole life
I’ve played the passive wife
Every trick,
I’ve turned my head
So now I gather up my best defenses
To words unsaid

I swear, I’ll curb all the baggage
Once I learn the language

Baiting me with things I craved
And yeah, I’d be waiting
Just like the dogs of Pavlov
I’d start salivating
A private hell
Each time they rang the bell

Peel me
Strip the tainted layers of this
Past life
For you, I’ll wipe the slate clean
If you wipe my eyes dry
To that former self
We’ll bid farewell
Fare thee well!

Teach me, sir
A new vernacular
Consider me your star pupil
I’m a slow burn
But a fast learn
And if I start to push away
Babe, you just pull

I swear to you
I will be fine
All I need is...

Peace of mind
Someone kind enough
To guide me on my way
So, wait
Don’t lose your faith
Your patience will lead me
To a brighter day

I see now that I’ve been low
Been knocked down by petty blows
A casualty of the unspoken
But watch me now
See how I’ve grown?
Not aloof
And not alone
I am bruised but not broken
Bruised but not broken

And I do accept
The dialect
Things finally comprehend

Lost on Me

Written By: Abby Ahmad

Repeat performance
Cruel déjà vu
You play the bad guy
And I'll play the fool

How could I slip and make the same mistake twice?
When did I learn to forgo my own good advice?

I cannot stand here
Awaiting the day
That your actions
Match the words that you say

My heart’s gone bankrupt
Selling wisdom for free
Every lesson learned is another one
Lost on me

I am a danger to myself
Get all mangled
Tied up in the past

Be true unto thyself
But I can’t manage
I’m damaged
A victim to typecast

Applause, applause
Three cheers for the lost cause
Fragile, flawed
Shining center stage

But the pain makes you grow
Hard land to tow
When everything’s changing
Now, see how I’ve changed

I cannot stand here
Awaiting the day
You finally decide to
Get out of your own way

I sacrificed my want
Appeasing your need
Every lesson learned is another one
Lost on me

Things that you tried to hide
I chose to ignore
Guess we’re both better actors
Than we gave ourselves credit for

But now that I can finally see
All those things you’ve held inside
Despite what you have meant to me
I cannot just let this slide

See, I cannot stand here
Pretend we're ok
Not like you’ve fessed up
To your fact, anyway

I tried to play teacher
I never could be
Every lesson learned is another one lost on me
Every lesson learned, another one's lost on me
Every lesson learned, another one's lost on me

But man, why’d you have to go and get lost on me?

Up and Through

Written By: Abby Ahmad

I cannot be the boss of me
I’ve been reduced to puppetry
Cause it takes you
To make me function properly

I’ve made it so that I can’t breathe
Through the staleness of this stagnancy
I’m married to my misery

This year’s been an eternity
Denying the maternity
Of my own rebirth
You see, I scare me

Who am I if not yours?
What defined me before?
Call it laziness
Call it fear
But I am stuck in neutral gear

I am my own catastrophe
A result of inactivity
The more I sit here idly
The more my pain precedes me

Dissection to the worst degree
My thoughts agree to disagree
It’s agony, anarchy
Don’t fade on me

But with the hurt
Comes clarity
Pawned my heart for new eyes to see
Every recycled memory
Bringing a new epiphany

The love that left me craving more
Sent you running for the door
Call it craziness, my dear
To be stuck in neutral gear

Oh, and how I long to be
Floating fast
Flying free
Feeling the best parts of me
High above the wreckage

Reelecting bravery
Summoning the strength to be
Okay with me
Pray you’ll see
The moral in my message:

I will not move on from you
But I will move up and through
And in directions I never knew...

Picket Lines

Written By: Abby Ahmad

Yellow tape
Yellow belly
You fled the scene of the crime
While the blood was still warm

Narrow escape
With hands unsteady
On the pulse of the problem

My protest was peaceful
But you were hot
Silenced me with a single shot

You’re slipping out the back door
Placing fault on circumstance
You claim freedom
Well, who could blame you?

Faster than your feet could fly
Redder than your reason why
You were certain I could not contain you

You’ve been going out of your mind
I’ve been going out on the picket line
Guess I saw something there
Worth fighting for

To you it was all metaphor
What I do it for
Reason I’m so sore
(Just another tale to tell)

Get myself up in arms
Sounding false alarms
To keep myself from harm
(Write a story that will sell)


I have tried my best
To rest
To let this thing fly
Take comfort in the peace that time will bring
But something leaves me hollow in the inside
Leaves me questioning

You’ve been going out of your mind
I’ve been going out on the picket line
Guess I saw something there
Worth fighting for

Leave me with my rage
After all, it’s just words on a page
Lines on a stage


LP- Curriculum (2009)
LP- The Rearview (2006)
EP - Headcase (2004)
EP- The P.M. Peeps Sessions (2002)