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begging bowl

Written By: abigail dobson

throw me down your ladder i'll climb up.
searching for a hole in the sky.
i was always looking for places to hide.
i was down i was done over.
you pushed me off the edge of my star.
when all i tried to do was grow lillies in my palm.

i have turned every stone, i have shaken every tree.
holding on, letting go, i had to push my begging bowl.
where's the truth? where's the love?
where were you? where were you?

now there are sparkles on the pavement.
the stars are reaching down for me.
it was deep inside my heart, in the darkness, i began to see.

dont ask for more

Written By: abigail dobson/michael jerome

what do you say
when words are not enough
too few wont sum it up
too many's just too much

i've read all the signs
but still dont know the way
i could try and lead you there
but id just lead you astray

ask me no questions and i'll
tell you no lies
if you want to be with me
cause the truth would set you free
dont look too closely or you'll
see my disguise
i saw the love between us die
but im not ready for goodbye

dont ask for more
cause what you're searching for
you wont find at my door
dont ask for more
my heart already knows
but my head wont let you go

please try and understand
this is all i am
i keep holding on
but half of me is gone
the pieces of my heart
are lying on the floor
it's been broken up before
it cant be broken anymore.

its only love

Written By: abigail dobson

im one flase move away from you
i couldnt leave now if i wanted to
im too far gone to turn from you
what are we gonna do?

thought i was not the type to fall from grace
but i lost my footing when i saw your face
and i break every rule i make
oh will this be my last mistake?

its only love that im seeking
its only love.

my life is made up of the things
i said i wouldnt do
now here i am standing in front of you
it seems there's only trouble and desire
im standing on a wire or im sitting in the fire.

i cant yell any louder
i cant breathe any deeper
i cant hold on any longer
i cant sing any stronger
i cant turn it on
i cant turn it off
i cant keep this tide from rising
in cant contain this yearning
i cant stop this fire.....

its only love that im seeking
(its only love)