Abderrahim Foukara

Abderrahim Foukara

 Centerbrook, Connecticut, USA

Since its inception, Al Jazeera Satellite Channel has ushered in a new age not only in Arab broadcasting but also in the way the peoples of the region see themselves and the world. Admired by viewers but also vilified by governments, Al Jazeera has made itself indispensable to fan and critic alike.


Al Jazeera Satellite Channel's Washington DC Bureau Chief

Abderrahim Foukara is Al Jazeera Satellite Channel's Washington DC Bureau Chief and host of Min Washington (From Washington), one of the Arab world's most successful and influential shows. Min Washington offers Arab viewers in-depth and well-informed analysis of US affairs and their impact on North Africa and the Middle East.

As a veteran journalist with unique insight into US as well as Middle East politics, Abderrahim Foukara has been an essential voice in the US media's coverage of the Arab Spring, bringing more clarity and context to it, appearing as a commentator on Face the Nation, CNN, and NPR, among others. Time Magazine featured him in its Feb 22, 2011 issue as part of its focus on Al Jazeera's coverage of the region's dramatic changes. Later that year, his lecture on those changes at the Henry Knox museum in Rockland, Maine, was a major hit enabling the fundraising event to gross over $50,000.

A native of Morocco, Abderrahim Foukara previously served as a correspondent for the BBC World Service and for Public Radio International's "The World".