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"The Rising Star of Abdias Ernesto Garcia"

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, arranger and producer, Abdias Ernesto Garcia is a man with even more talents those going for him, and his star is about to rise and shine. Some of you may remember Abdias, a.k.a. Abe, as the former heavy hitting drummer from Junkie Rush. Now, after a few years of nurturing and cultivating his inner vision, Abdias returns to us with El Experimento De La Vida, his first major recording as an independent artist.

At first listen to El Experimento De La Vida, which translates as The Experiment of Life, I found my expectations were completely blown from the water and dispersed throughout the heavens. Whoa! Abe is so much more than a drummer. (And by drummer, I mean an amazing drummer.) What my ears found via this "experiment' is a lush landscape of cultural design where peaks are plucked from bright guitars, valleys are molded from deep, rhythmic bass lines, and rivers are carved from the passion of a heart that isn't afraid to be heard.

Even though many of the songs are sung in Abdias' native tongue of Spanish, a language I know very little of, I found a deep connection and appreciation for each track. He also sings several songs in English and one in Portuguese. His music is a celebration that pulses with life bearing roots in the Caribbean and is fused with American Jazz, Blues and elements of Hip Hop. Tones of peace, happiness and compassion for the yin and yang each day brings resonate throughout this album. The elements are so diverse yet perfectly blended that I am reminded of masterful Putumayo collections. As such, I suspect that El Experimento De La Vida is music that can be listened to and enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. - metromix.com

"The Magnetic Sound of Abdias Ernesto Garcia"

El Experimento De La Vida is a stunning blend of musical styles from all
around the world. It would be hard to believe that one artist could
combine all of these vastly different genres into one cohesive
package, but Abdias Garcia has successfully managed to do just that.
The grooves are magnetic and hypnotizing, the vocals soulful and

His lyrics are sheer poetry and he is one of those rare talents that
can write and sing in Spanish just as well as he can in English, not
to mention his singing in Portugese.
This listener especially appreciated the nods to Marvin Gaye,
specifically on the reggae flavored "Love When You Can" from the
interwoven vocal lines to the lyric "only love can conquer hate." It
brings to mind "What's Goin On" and in a very good way.

El Experimento De Vida features Garcia's diverse skills as a
multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer and after listening to it
again and again, we can rest assured that we will be hearing much more
from and about this very talented artist in the future. - Bethmckee.com


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Abdias Garcia is a skilled multi-instrumentalist . He has understood and spoken the universal language of music since the tender age of 2 when he began playing percussion on his grandma's pots and pans. Since his birth in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1978, Abdias has been living in the experiment of life and music.

This year, in early summer, Abdias will be releasing his first solo album, 'El Experimento de La Vida'. ‘El Experimento de La Vida', is filled to the brim with Latin experimental folk music. The tracks in this album include an array of original material written, performed & produced by Abdias with guest appearances by some of Orlando's greatest musicians. Abdias has also fused his multiversal music style with the tunes of notable Caribbean, South American and European staples including Amalia Rodrigues and Mercedes Sosa.

From the days of his youth when his uncles introduced him to some of the greatest musical concoctions in their 78 Vinyl records, to currently producing albums for performing artists in his Orlando, FL studio , Abdias has soundly embraced music as a part of himself in his life long journey. During his youth, Abdias began to build his artistry from scratch through winning talent shows and international competitions , studying at La Escuela Libre de Puerto Rico as he trained and played with the likes of Tito Puente & Giovanni Hidalgo, also performing in concert halls with Awilda Carbia ( a prominent Puerto Rican Comedian), working alongside musical director Tito Curet Alonso, performing with El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico and playing on stage with Willie Colon.

Included within the ample boundaries of Abdias’ current experience are choices he made in his life which gave his musical path a direction that incited him to acquire the knowledge of a life in music through his own efforts. During that phase of his life Abdias began to rediscover the range of his talent while songwriting, singing, playing, recording and touring with various bands such as Sato, State of Head, Rising Lion, Junkie rush, El Corillo and also gained much experience working as a Production Manager/talent for a local music instructional company.

The sum of Abdias' experiences to this day and everything they entail have lead Abdias to seek a revolution within the entrails of his soul in a relatable cathartic experience which he manifests in his album, ‘El Experimento de la Vida‘. He actively seeks the opportunity to be a part of interesting cultural exchanges & global musical projects as a producer, songwriter and performer in order to weave a musical fabric of diverse cultures along the way. Through life, its ups and downs and everything in between, Abdias continues to persevere as he declares in his version of the song La Cigarra by Mercedes Sosa, "I am here surviving and I've kept on singing".