Abelardo Fernandez Bagues

Abelardo Fernandez Bagues


I'm a song writer, I intend to set up a new band for spring 2009 oriented to international markets. Now writing the songs for the first album. Indie Music. Looking for a label for support.


I spent almost my whole life improvising songs on piano every time I arrived home. Just a couple of years ago I decided I would start a career as profesional composer.


Charming girl

Written By: Ramon Abelardo Fernandez Bagues

Hello Lucy
what's up today
how do you feel
in this beautiful day

are you ready
ready for more than ever
something that couldn't be

and it's true
that's nothing for free
so many pains
have we gone through these days

but you see
how much I love you
so very much I do

and had the tale not began yet
let it be
you charming girl
and let your eyes wide open
while I kiss your skin
feel how the wind embraces all you
drop it all my baby
and let the world roll around us, roll...

and longing to be free
forget all your fears
since they have perished
and looking far ahead
we will reach beyond
far beyond ourselfs

Flirting with a prince

Written By: Ramon Abelardo Fernandez Bagues

pretty told to me
once there was a fox
a fox that could speak
flirting with a prince

so began the tale
you wrote me that day
just before the doom
but now we are doing well

when i've missed you so
I've tried to understand
flowers never bloom the day we want
and if in the end
all my dreams are gone astray
no one can stop me now

show me all your affection
close your eyes and breath deep
so I can drink your soul and empty your lips into me

llift the gate of your fears
let your heart so fast
and fly so far so high
over the clouds, oh baby, I love you

All those nights you couldn't sleep
deep into your thoughts, never,
stopped the light of the shinning moon
and there's no shame in what you did
make it shine in your future deeds
friends are stars who don't fade


Celtia "Tierra de sueƱos" 2004, LP. Celtic music.