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"“Holy sh*t, what a band!!!"

“Holy sh*t, what a band!!!
I love Abel Kane. Big "L" little "uh" LUV!!!! 'em.

"Meat On Her Bones" is a stone cold smash....

I'm tellin' ya, I've heard some new bands lately that I think are really good, but there's something totally different and energizing about Abel Kane. I'm into 'em!!!!!”

Syndicated Radio Show Host
"Moby in the Morning"

Moby is a 4-time winner of Billboard’s Major Market Morning Show of the Year, ACM Country Music DJ of the Year as well as being twice nominated by the CMA
- Moby, syndicated radio host

"Billy Block introduction"

“They aren't for the faint of heart. Their music makes no excuses & no apologies. It is what it is.... Abel Kane is the best Southern Rock band in Nashville!”

Billy Block
Host of Western Beat Syndicated Radio Show
- Western Beat Radio Show

"Kane Gang!"

“You have a new member of your Kane Gang … these guys are gonna be big!”

Bev Moser
Music City News
- Music News Nashville

"Fan Letter"

Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely),

It has been way too long since we have spoken but the funny thing is y’all communicate with my family each and every day. Since the AZ State Fair, all MP3 players have downloaded with your songs and each vehicle has an Abel Kane CD loaded in the player. By the way, it’s the only CD in those vehicles and we can’t drive anywhere without listening to it at a “Rockin” volume while the four of us sing at the top of our lungs. I am convinced that both boys, Cameron and Jacob, are committed, full on, die hard members of the Kane Gang!!! I’m pretty sure Cindy and I are a very distant second to the loyalty and allegiance those boys have towards Abel Kane. Please understand that I am not complaining in the least. I truly love watching my boys enjoy your music and the energy and inspiration they get from listening to it; from a parent’s perspective, it’s quite moving. What has made it special for all of us is that because we got to know you as people and individuals, we can sincerely call each of you our friends.

To summarize: “Abel Kane” has been and will continue to be a permanent member of the Lopez family. We are proud of that!!! - Jason Lopez

"Letter of Recommendation"

Dear Abel Kane,

On behalf of the entire Clarksville Riverfest Celebration's 20th Anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for putting on one of the most highly energized shows in the history of our festival on September 8th.

Abel Kane delivered one of the best performances, ever, and I believe that night's audience of about 3,000 agreed. Your showmanship and your original music proved that this is the next country band to watch in the next year or two, and it was my great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you folks. Your professionalism was regarded in high esteem and I hope to look back on this performance as we do when we booked the Dixie Chix in 1998. You guys rock, totally.

If ever you need a reference, please feel free to give my name out to festival venues to help you further your quest for performance gigs. I will most definitely recommend your show to anyone who is looking for "The next big act packed with high energy and real voltage that will get audiences out of their seats and rocking". Good luck in your endeavors and I hope to be listening to you soon across radio stations, nation wide.


Jo Huber
Superintendent of Special Events/Cultural Arts
Clarksville Riverfest Director - Jo Huber, City of Clarksville

"Abel Kane - Following Their Dream"

Abel Kane - Following Their Dreams

By Bev Moser

I was honored to be asked to attend a show at the Clarksville River fest by one of Nashville’s newer acts, Abel Kane. As the name implies – if you know your biblical references – and as the band members themselves describe who they are and what the group name refers too as little bit bad and a little bit of good.

Abel Kane is made up of three band members, Ryan Reynolds, Dave Webb and Jamey Perrenot. Each bringing to the group many years of working within the music industry, with some of the top name groups, behind the scene writers, and music row icons. This particular show was held outdoors, on the banks of the Cumberland River and the crowd filled not only the sloping grassy area in front of the stage, but also crowded the sidewalks and vendor areas stretching along the riverfront. The show was nothing short of everything the band claims to be, true country music – with a kick butt rockin’ feel and attitude. They formed this band with the desire to bring the lyrics from their hearts to yours, while they follow their dreams of changing the face of country music, and I believe, as they do, it is gonna happen!

The Best of Us:

There’s a crowd outside my window
Gathered in the street
They’re screaming at each other
All in the name of peace
War never is the answer
But some battles must be fought
Just as long as we remember
Who it is that pays the cost ….

Recently lead singer Ryan Reynolds wrote the lyrics to this heartfelt and touching tribute to those who serve in our armed forces and within days of putting the song on the band’s YouTube website and official band website, it had been “hit” well over 2000 times. The band put out a request to their listeners and friends asking for photos of service men and women to be included in an upcoming video for the song. What the band did not expect, was 1000’s of letters along with the photos and the stories and touching words expressed in them. You can see a slideshow on YouTube of some of the photos at www.youtube.com/AbelKaneRocks and also on the bands website at www.abelkane.com

After the show, I met with the guys and visited with them about who they are, where they have been and where they are headed … and in true Abel Kane fashion, the visit was a little rough around the edges at times, and others very down to earth, heartfelt and revealing of the good natured people they are. I was blessed in sharing some of their time and taking a peek inside what makes Abel Kane so appealing.

Bev: I am so glad to get to visit with each of you and thank you for inviting me tonight. I know tonight’s show was a tribute to the troops, our war hero’s. Can you share with me your feelings on your participation and feelings to this tribute?

Abel Kane: We support our troops, no matter the politics are behind it. Those people are over there sacrificing their lives, and their time with their families, so we are definitely behind them. It is a way for us to say THANK YOU. It is pretty humbling, because I know I would not want to be over there. I would not want to do that, but thank God, there are men and women who are willing.

Bev: You have a website with photos and letters from the soldiers, I understand it has been overwhelming. What has had the most impact on you from this part of the tribute?

Abel Kane: Jamey - The website is already up, Ryan wrote a song a couple weeks ago called “The Best of Us”; this was his brilliance and his idea. He sent out messages via myspace and youtube and our band website to ask people to send us photos and stories of their friends and family, both past and present in the military that they would like to see honored. We put together this slide show of the photos. Unfortunately, we do not have time during the time-span of the song to share the story that accompanies each picture, but we have pictures that we felt really were significant. We were over whelmed with the response and are still getting photos and letters, but we had to agree on a cut off to a degree – so we could get this out there. If you go to our Youtube site you can see the slide show and listen to the song. And it is also on our website, www.AbelKane.com and we will put it up on our myspace page as well.

Ryan - We are also working on something new, and I think we have agreed it will be a website at www.thebestofus.com, but it is a work in progress. This whole thing started as simply being a homage to those who have served, and within a week to ten days we were inundated with several hundred photographs of fallen soldiers by their parents, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands of their last picture of their loved ones. We originally wanted to do a video for the song …but it quickly turned into a slide show which we then extended the length of the song by a minute and a half just to fit in all the pictures we could.

Bev: Where does the name - MusicNewsNashville.com

"Album Review"

Country music is giving way to what the marketing folks have dubbed "a southern rock style," but I am not so sure that is accurate on the bands getting that tag right now, except with Abel Kane. They turn the rock side of things up a notch and if you are anything like me then the first thing you're going to want to do is roll down the windows and make sure the person in the car next to you hears this as you proudly blast it from your speakers. I wasn't immediately hooked on the opening track "Abel Kane," but the minute that the guitar slid in and kicked into high gear on "Twisted," I was sold. For the most part Abel Kane sticks to the rocking side of country throughout the majority of the album. I dare you to listen to tracks like "Noisy Neighbors," or "In A Band" and not be jumping around with the catchy choruses and great guitar licks. On other tracks like "Long Black Cadillac," a song that displays a look at some of Abel Kane's country influences, it is the lyrics that take center stage and standout out as the music sits perfectly behind the vocals and let's them carry the song. They do slow things down one time on the album with the well-written love song, "Save Our Love." For the most part this is an album chalked full of great lyrics, great vocals that work perfectly with the rocking guitars, and songs that are going to make you move the way that a good song does. If you are looking for a little kick to your country than look no further than Abel Kane.

Jeffrey Kurtis - Gone Country Magazine

"Gone Country Interview"

By: Jeffrey Kurtis

With a whole lot of in your face rock guitars mixed in with a dash of country influences, Abel Kane is primed and ready to give whole new meaning to the term "Southern Rock." Ryan, Dave, and Jamey all checked in with Gone Country Magazine to chat with us about their debut album, their tribute to the troops, what to expect from their live show, and much more. I want to thank all three of them for giving us a call and providing us with their well, in depth answers. This is a great band that is one to keep your eyes on.

1. For someone that has never heard your music what can they expect to hear on your self-titled debut album when they hit play?

Dave - One of my favorite descriptions of the music is this; If Aerosmith played country songs or if Van Halen had a fiddle player they might sound something like Abel Kane

Ryan - The listener is going to take a trip from track one to ten and they won't end up where they started. It's not one of those deals where it comes full circle, but they will be ready to hear the first track again as they roll out of the last one.

Jamey - Great country songs with a real rocking, in your face attitude. It's a rock band playing country songs.

2. Abel Kane's guitarist, Jamey Perrenot acted as producer for your debut album. What advantage is it for you to have one of your own manning the production board rather than using an outside producer?

Dave - We have total control over the whole aspect of the music and of the final product. From the indie band perspective we would love to talk (with a label) about a record deal, but at this stage of the game Abel Kane has a sound and we strive to keep that sound intact.

Ryan - Most of the producers in town don't really produce the album and I know this first hand. Some of the top producers will listen to 3 hours of the album at home and you can't produce like that. Most of the work is done by the session musicians and the engineer and they don't get the credit. Jamey is brilliant as the producer of Abel Kane, but me and Dave can channel through Jamey. Even when I am writing a song by myself Jamey and Dave are channeling through me. 2 of us will always channel through the 3rd person. We aren't 3 people, we are a 3 headed, 6 legged monster. We have opened for some of the heavy hitters and ended up out selling them at the merch tables after the shows. We are a band for the people by the people. We are very blue collar friendly and cater to those that work for a living, and have no money, no time, but still come out to our shows. We want them to leave feeling like they got a $25 show for their $10.

Jamey - I don't know if there are any serious advantages except that I understand what we're going for. I also have a studio in my house so that keeps costs down. I have a vision for the way it should sound in my head and how it should turn out. I have produced a lot of stuff and you usually have a budget you work with and once you hit that budget it is like, okay we hit the budget, hope you like how it turned out and we didn't have to worry about that situation.

3. How important is it for you to perform and record songs that you write rather than using an outside songwriter like so many are doing these days?

Dave - We aren't opposed to it, but Ryan wrote with Harlan Howard, Don Schlitz, who wrote "The Gambler" and signed Ryan to his first publishing deal, so as long as Ryan writing good songs we will keep using his. He brings a lot of stuff into the studio and we don't use all of them though.

Ryan - It is actually the reverse of that. I had four different deals back in the 90's and it is all hype and all smoke and mirrors. I love meeting the folks and signing 8X10 photos for them after shows. That is the best part of this whole thing. Meeting real folks. That's what it's all about. That's what used to make this industry so cool. The people were real. I just really wanted to be a writer, but most of my best songs didn't end up getting cut. I try to write by myself as much as I can because when you work with a co-writer you usually end up settling on stuff you don't necessarily think is good. Don and Harlan taught me this. If I do my job to the best of my ability for the sake of the craft and for just one minute I can be a soundtrack for somebody' life then that's what it's about. I mean everyone loves money, but let's face it if you're getting into this business for the money then you are in the wrong business. It's a dog eat dog world out there and I am wearing Milkbone boxer shorts.

Jamey - Ryan is pretty much the main writer and even when I am a co-writer on a song it is 80% his. I don't see a reason for us to use outside songs just because Ryan's are really good. The publishing business is the real game in all of it. If we had a deal, or even if we didn't have one, but if we had writers on the album that were under contract say with Sony and then Sony decided to sign us, through the politics - Gone Country Magazine


Abel Kane - 2005

Video "Stix" - 2007
Video "The Best Of Us: A Tribute" - 2007



Abel Kane follows in the footsteps of those who found and forged their own sound and broke down the walls of conformity. From Johnny Cash and Hank Sr. to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen, they owe their musical hearts, minds and souls to those who were not afraid of dreaming, creating and living their own vision.

In that spirit Abel Kane defies the homogenized, demographic-specific model currently being propagated by Music City and proudly offers the discerning listener a choice. A tooth shattering rock-n-roll band from the country, the trio mixes street beats with crunchy guitars and infectious melodies to create stadium anthems that have new audiences singing along on the 2nd chorus. "By the People, For the People" is the credo of Abel Kane, and their willingness to interact on a personal level is what turns ordinary fans into dedicated members of the Kane Gang.

The band is the brainchild of frontman and Tyler, TX native Ryan Reynolds. After numerous record and publishing deals which netted cuts by such Country stars as Tracy Lawrence & Tracy Byrd, Ryan became frustrated with the feeling that his best songs were not being recorded. In 2005 Ryan met Jamey Perrenot, a producer and guitarist from Dallas, TX whose resume' includes stints with LeeAnn Rimes, Stevie Nicks and Carolyn Dawn Johnson. Abel Kane was born. When original bassist Pete Ianacone left the band in Spring of '07 to tour with Joss Stone, Ryan & Jamey were introduced to Dave Webb from Atlanta, GA. Dave had just finished touring with SugarLand and was excited about the opportunity to be a band member instead of a hired gun.

Collectively, the members of Abel Kane have performed at prestigious venues like Madison Square Garden, Fenway Park, Texas Stadium and appeared on TV shows such as Good Morning America, Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve, The Tonight Show and more. To borrow a phrase from Bull Durham, these boys have "been to the show". Now, as Abel Kane they are Rocking the World - One Crowd at a Time!


Headliner, "Locals Only" radio show 103 WKDF 2/10/08
Headliner, Budweiser Entertainment Pavilion, AZ State Fair 10/12 - 11/4/07
Appeared KTVK television's "Good Morning AZ" 10/13/07
Interviewed KMLE Country Radio, Phoenix 11/11/07
Featured on Billy Block's Western Beat syndicated radio program 8/29/07
Acoustic show @ The Bluebird Cafe 8/5/07
"Meat On Her Bones" played on Moby In The Morning syndicated radio show
Currently in rotation on AllSouthernRock.com
"Meat On Her Bones" & "Long Black Cadillac" spins on Sirius New Country channel 60