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24 year old lyrical architect from the Bronx, New York. Regular dude, irregular dreams. BETTER than you expected & NOTHING like you imagined...


A.Bell, the 24 year old rapper from the Bronx, New York. College graduate adept at combining story-telling, deep thoughts, and unique rhyme patterns to produce captivating music. In just a short amount of time, A.Bell has made a big leap from ordinary rhymer with simple concepts to an exceptionally talented artist with the ability to paint a vivid picture with cleverly aligned words. Growing up away from home at the age of 13, A.Bell matured early by seeing both sides of the fence and being able to compare living between the city and suburbs. Different environments, fitting in, standing out, the ongoing journey to find a balance between the two, these are his influences.


U.G.L.E.E (UnderGround Legends Exude Excellence) 2012

Set List

I'm Ready (3:30)
The Product (3:43)
Gotta Please The Bitches (2:19)
Like I Should (2:19)
Shine Up (2:30)