Abel Mireles

Abel Mireles


Mission Statement
The Place/Space Project is a collaborative effort that intends to fuse a wide range of musical
and conceptual ideas rooted in the diverse cultural backgrounds of its members. By incorporating
these ideas the group presents a unique canvas for each member to improvise and for
the audience to experience each musician’s unique musical voice. Elements such as odd meters,
unconventional forms and colorful harmonies are some of the consistent traits that define
the personality


Musical Facts
The Place/Space Project entered the recording studio in June of 2011,
and the result is an extremely strong and unique set of songs that
reflect the group’s desire to delve into musical territory rarely explored
by musicians of the southwest. Stylistically, it is difficult to define, but
the listener will easily detect some of the group’s main influences:
Modal Jazz, Jazz-Rock Fusion and Free Jazz, to name but a few.
The soon-to-be-released self-titled debut CD features 6 original
compositions/ ensemble collaborations and 2 classics from the world of
Modern Jazz: Dave Holland’s “Modern Times” and Ornette Coleman’s
“Humpty Dumpty


The Place Space Project