Abel's Offering

Abel's Offering


We play and sing our music to the glory of God alone. Our music is worshipful, uplifting, and energetic, and our concerts reflect our love for playing together and for Christ. Our mission is to play for His glory, the blessing of people, and for our joy.


There are not too many circumstances under which people from diverse backgrounds converge and volunteer their efforts for a project with eternal implications. This is exactly what happened, though, when an entrepreneur, a mortgage broker, a math teacher, and an engineer got together to write, sing, and play music.

Abel’s Offering was born of the praise team at the Glenview Evangelical Free Church in 2004. Don Chookaszian, Dan Chookaszian, and Steve Smith had been playing together since the mid-90s. With Dan’s burgeoning songbook, the time had arrived to record, and so Abel’s Offering was born and their first project, “Lookin’ Straight Ahead” was released in 2006.

When Ben Snyder joined the band late in 2006, the band’s sound and focus took a more piano-oriented direction. Ben began writing and Ben and Dan began collaborating. Soon, it became clear that the time had arrived to go back in the studio. With the recent additions of JP Chookaszian and Will Brown, the lineup was complete and on November 14, 2009, the recording of “Testimony” began.

Abel’s Offering has not forsaken its roots. They still serve as the lead worshippers at the Glenview Evangelical Free Church, playing both services on Sunday Morning, as well as a once-per-month outreach on a Sunday night.


Lookin' Straight Ahead, CD released October, 2006

Testimony, CD released March, 2010

Set List

Our set lists can range from 10-15+ songs and last between 1-1.5 hours. Songs can vary.

We do several covers of Contemporary Christian artists, ranging from Chris Tomlin to Starfield.

Typical concert set:
Rise Above
Been Made Holy
My Prayer
Over All Blessing and Praise
In Victory You Stand
Angels Song
Worthy Is the Lamb
Sovereign God
Your Praise Reaches Out
Jude Benediction
Renew Them in Our Day
We Cry Holy
Lift Up
We All Are Gathered
Battle Belongs to the Lord*

All songs original except *