Abe Mora

Abe Mora

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Techno for the Soul


Proud to be born in China town and growing up in various parts of the Los Angeles there was no lack of inspiration for Abraham Mora, better know by his friends and family as Abe.
In 1988 at the tender age of 10 he was already overdubbing his voice unto analog tape on a passed down recorder from his father. At 11 he was given a Yamaha Dr-5 drum machine that opened up a whole new world of exploration of sounds an rhythm . About the age of 13 his cousin Rome introduced him to the genre know as techno. At last he had found something he had always longed to produce. Inspired by his older brother Juan, a already accomplished trumpet player, he decided to join his high school band drum line. There he was introduced to time signature, note composition and life long friends. Around this time his brother started DJing on the weekends where he further introduced him to various types of music including house, ambient, and drum and bass. In 1997 he played drums for a reggae band he and his friends started that still goes strong to this day. During all this he had started to pursue his ambition of DJing with other fellow San Gabriel Valley Djs. Around 2000 he made his first full self titled album and started exploring different genres. Soon after he started pursuing another love, Art. Enrolling in Otis College of art and Mt. San Antonio. Soon after he was worked on promotion ads for various companies including Toyota, Heineken U.S.A., MTV, Tecate, Droid Behavior and Plus 8 records to name a few.
As of now he endeavors is his first love, music. His ambition is to create and play the most innovating electronic music and get it to the masses.

All the current track can be played live.