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"Music To His Ears"

Seneca Independent Music Production graduate profiled in the Simcoe Reformer on August 27, 2010 (Adam Dugas hits the big screen; MUSICIAN: Waterford musician appears in new Jonas Brothers movie)

Waterford native Adam Dugas will hit the big screen next month when he appears in the Disney movie Camp Rock 2 as a member of the band backing up the Jonas Brothers.

The pop-rock group the 23-year-old belongs to, Aberdeen, was chosen from among 150 bands to act as the on-screen musicians for the teen idols.

They don't actually play the music you hear in the movie, but the five-member band had the look the producers wanted.

They also act as the "back up" for Demi Lovato in the movie.

It is another stepping stone in a career that has taken Dugas from the chorus of Simcoe Little Theatre musicals and the stages of the Norfolk County Fair, where he won the annual battle of the bands contest a couple of times, to movie and television sets.

Dugas also appears briefly in the recently-released Michael Cera movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and has been in episodes of Degrassi and Flashpoint.

He gets most of his parts because he can play an instrument, he said.

The Camp Rock II gig doesn't involve any lines but the group gets "quite a bit of decent face time," Dugas said in a telephone interview from Toronto where he has lived for the past few years. "It's pretty promising."

Dugas also plays the character who is transformed from a grunge rocker to a glam rocker in front of the kids by the main character in the Camp Rock movie.

"I got to hang out with the Jonas Brothers," he said. "They're very nice guys.

"They told us it (success) is a lot of hard work and to keep with it."

Aberdeen's goal is to become a successful pop-rock band, something that is harder than it looks, he said…

After finishing high school in Simcoe, Dugas moved to Toronto to study music at Seneca College.

He eventually hooked up with Aberdeen, which is set to start a nationwide tour of high schools in September. Their first gig will be at Simcoe Composite School, where Dugas graduated from, on Sept. 7.

Trying to have a career in pop music has been a lot of hard work, said Dugas, who plays base. Besides playing and practising, he spends countless hours on the Internet promoting the group and trying to get articles in teen magazines… - Simcoe Reformer

"Town Adopts Stranded Band"

A disappointing end to a promising summer tour has become a bit of an unexpected vacation for up-and-coming Toronto band Aberdeen.

Enroute to B.C. to play Kelowna’s Centre of Gravity festival with Faber Drive, the band’s tour vehicle underwent a catastrophic engine failure just west of Dryden.
“All of a sudden we smelled this…burning…from our van,” said bass player Adam Dugas. “They towed us back to Dryden and we didn’t know what to do. The dealership told us we needed to buy a new engine for our van. We couldn’t make any of the dates and we had to cancel the entire tour.”

Down on their luck and stuck in Dryden, the band mysteriously came into contact with 2010 Centennial Committee chair Mary Helie and haven’t looked back.
On July 29, the group were a perfect fit to open for Stereos in a sold-out show full of hundred of screaming tweens at The Centre.
The following day, they spiced up the Dryden Youth Centre Centennial Dance with special performance and had plans to play at the Rockin’ The River event, Aug. 2.
“Mary’s been our angel,” said Dugas. “Lots of cool things are happening. We went sailing and we’ve hung out and met a bunch of people. It’s turned out to be a bit of a vacation.”
Unable to sleep in their van due to the repairs, the band scored the Stereos’ rooms at the Holiday Inn when the band opted to hit the road after the show. They spent a night at the Timberland and have been crashing at Best Western on a three-nights for two deal to promote Disney’s upcoming film Camp Rock 2. Aberdeen were featured in the movie as the band.

Brad Woodworth lent the group his distinctive Blue Moose to use as a set of wheels while they were in town.
“We want to make some t-shirts that say, “Our Van Broke Down In Dryden and We Don’t Want To Go Home,” or something like that,” laughs Dugas. “There’s been no better place that we could possibly have broke down in. Everybody here has been so kind and we’re very grateful for all the support we’ve got.”
- Chris Marchand - The Dryden Observer

"Meet Aberdeen"

Hey you guys check out this new band Aberdeen,they were the backup band for the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato in Camp Rock 2 "The Final Jam.

Check Them Out!
http://www.youtube.com/marrymeaberdeen - Ultimate Disney 12

"Interview With Adam Dugas of Aberdeen"

Q: What are your names, and who plays what in Aberdeen?

Al Rowe - Vocals, Guitar
Adam Dugas - Bass, Vocals
Eddie Ruiter - Piano, Synth
Nathan Whitney - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Josh Patrick - Drums, Vocals

Q: When and how did you form?

A: Aberdeen was a group formed by 5 friends who just wanted to play music. Aberdeen has been together for about 3 years and we named ourselves after a street in Hamilton Ontario near the studio where we recorded our first album. Throughout the past 3 years Aberdeen has made a few lineup changes in order to get to where we are today.

Q: At what age did each of you start to become musically active? (ex. When you picked up your first instrument, when you started getting into music more…)

A: We all began playing music at a young age. It wasn’t until we crossed paths that we truly realized our potential while working with others. I (Adam) remember the moment I first realized that I was musical. It was Christmas morning, I must have been about 5 and I got a Keyboard. I set it up in the kitchen and tried to play along with Elton John’s Crocodile Rock. At that point I became obsessed with music.

Q: How did you come up with the name “Aberdeen”?

A: The name Aberdeen came from our first recording experience as a band. We weren’t yet named and were living at a friends house during the summer while he was away. The street we lived on was called Aberdeen Avenue. We thought it was cool to name the band that because it would remind us of where we started.

Q: How did you get to be the house band for Camp Rock 2?

A: I actually do Special skills acting and odd features on the side to help pay my bills. We were on tour i believe in Montreal at the time and my agent called me asking if my band would be interested in filming a movie. We had no clue what it was but said we would love to! We then found out that they needed us to drive to Toronto within an hour to audition and we unfortunately had to turn it down.
I received a phone call from the casting director about 2 weeks later and they said that they had seen over 150 bands and they still wanted us!

It wasn’t until we got on set that we realized we were going to be jamming with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato on a daily basis. It was an amazing experience to work with such world wide stars.

Q: What do you think is your next step as musicians?

A: Our next step is to continue writing music together and see what we can bring out of each other creatively both on an individual basis and on a collaborative level. We want to tour as much as possible and continue being that hard working band from Toronto.

Q: Can you give some info on what to expect on this next our?

A: On our current tour we are playing in high schools across Canada for the rest of 2010 and into the fall of 2011. You can except to see high energy shows with precise vocal harmonies and a bundle of stage wounds. We will be video blogging the best moments on our YouTube channel.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge?

A: Our biggest challenge as a band has been finding members who want to make music a career. Now that we have the right guys it fits like a glove with several elastics around the fingers. We are tighter than ever both on a playing level and as brothers.

Q: What’s the ultimate direction for the band?

A: The ultimate direction for Aberdeen is as far as we can possibly take it. We plan to use our songs to our advantage in terms of radio airplay and licensing opportunities. We also plan to tour as much as possible and just keep growing our fan base.

Q: How would you describe the word “success”?

A: We define success as a formula used to measure our progress within both small and large time frames. We believe in goal setting and more specifically, setting goals that are attainable. Breaking down big dreams in to smaller dreams. This way we have nothing to beat ourselves up over.

Q: Could you briefly describe the music making process?
Our music making process is quite simple. We have used song that are written by Al or myself and write them down on a board. As we have ideas, we develop the songs into full skeletons of each songs structure.

As a band we then pick away at it and rewrite them over and over until we just “know”. I once met David Foster, who said, “When you have a great idea or great hook you just know”. I have stuck with that model and personally never tend to second guess myself.

As a band we all have different ideas and enjoy the process to make each song as good as it can possibly be.

Q: Are all the members of Aberdeen, now, the original members, or were new members added along the way?

A: The only original member is Al on vocals, I have been with the band since our debut as a band. I joined on guitar and later switched to bass. We are on our third drummer, our third lead guitarist and picked up our piano player somewhere along the way who has just been an all around blessing.

Q: If someone was to write a book about your life, what would the title be?

A: If someone were to write a book about Aberdeen’s life it would be called “The Aberdeen 25 page coloring book featuring high resolution barn yard sounds!”

Q: If you could make one person in the band your slave, who would it be and what’s one thing you would make them do?

A: I would have Josh as my slave just to play drumbeats as I walk for an entire day.

Q: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

A: To our fans, thank you very much for your ongoing support. You have been like a bra and we really appreciate it. Please keep sharing the love for our band and tell your friends. We need your support and promise to stay true to you as we progress further. To view our tour dates please check out
http://www.myspace.com/aberdeen and look for us on facebook. Also if you are a Camp Rock fan, let us know what you thought of us in Camp Rock 2! - Popsicle Stand Promotions


If you want something light, exuberant and smooth, lay out the carpet for Aberdeen. They are so full of zest, like pop rocks on your tongue, clacking and clicking away. And I’ve got the recipe for their sweetness right here. Adam, the cheeky, fast-talking feller who keeps the beat going with bass and back-up vocals helped me fill in the blanks.
C: Unscripted question but, since this is a phone interview I want to be able to connect with you better before we start. So tell me where you are, what mood you’re in, etc.

A: Well right now I’m in Camrose, Alberta, and we just finished a show and got back here. We’re currently checking our new merchandise and doing all of our inventory and there are some kids here who just found out we are in Camp Rock 2.

C: So tell me, how did Aberdeen get its start?

A: Well originally Aberdeen was a band our lead singer and four of his friends were in. They started out in Hamilton, Ontario, where they recorded a CD. The story of the name comes from those original members who were sleeping on a street called Aberdeen Avenue. So they named the band after the street to remember where it all got started.

C: So you’ve really been around in the musical world. What was it about Aberdeen that made you want to commit to them as a group?

A: It was really our singer Al, he seemed to have the same drive and determination, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to align myself with someone who would work as hard as I would.

C: If you had to explain your band with one word or phrase, what would it be?

A: Word or phrase? That’s actually a good question! I’ve been asked what colour we would be and what flavour we would be…I’d say determination.

C: Has it been totally surreal filming for Camp Rock 2?

A: It was awesome, very comfortable to be there on the set. I do acting on the side and my agent called and asked if we’d like to film a movie as a band. We didn’t even know what the movie was but we thought of course it’d be cool to get our band on the screen. But they told us we’d have to get from Montreal to Toronto in an hour, so we ended up bailing on it. They searched 150 other bands, and we got a casting call saying that they’d chosen us even though we didn’t audition. They said they just liked the look of us and the feel to our music. Working on set with Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato was great. You’d think big Disney stars would be all high and mighty, full of themselves, but they were really humble. You know there’s this whole image that Disney portrays, everything being so happy and poppy and fun, and it was! We were having a great time while we stayed in a resort with The Jonas Brothers, and by the time it was all done we were high-fiving Demi Lovato.

C: Say you’re in a major inspirational slump. Where would you go or what would you do to get the drive back?

A: I would say the safest place for all of us to be to work on something would be anywhere where we’ll all be together with nobody else. No outside people, just all of us. We’ve matured to the point where we can talk to each other about anything.

C: One of the things I love about you guys is you’re ‘touring with a purpose’. Could you tell me a little more about the charity you’re touring with and what it means to you personally?

A: Well, the cause affects each of us since we have gone through our own things with school. I was bullied when I was younger. So I get up and speak in the presentation, talking about overcoming bullying. The program is called Absolute Leadership Development. They go around to schools and do this presentation called ‘Think Day’, which is essentially getting kids to think about hope, positivity, and creating awareness. We come in and play a couple of songs in between speeches. It’s been a good thing to do because for one, we have a teenage demographic but for another it’s good because we like showing that we’re caring people. We want people to know we’re not just one of those bands that just cares about themselves or are selfishly driven.

C: What’s a magical moment that stands out for you guys as a band?

A: I think without a doubt the most magical moment was in either in the airport meeting Tommy Mac from Hedley, since he helped produce our album, when we met him in person, or in warehouse studios where we recorded in Vancouver. Just being in certain studios, like walking into Bryan Adam’s studio, knowing he operates that studio, knowing AC/DC recorded here, so and so recorded there, bands that we love like Hedley, Marianas Trench… it’s just a really cool environment to know where really good products come from. That’s a big thing for us-quality. Not just our songs, but the production of them, that feeling of going in the right direction.

C: If you had to choose a plan of attack for not selling out, what would it be?

A: A plan of attack for not selling out would be to continue doing exactly what we’re doing, because this is what feels right. We don’t hire guys just because of their name, we hire them because of their reputation. Aligning ourselves with real people is essentially what we strive to do.

I know, the awesome tops the charts. And soon, so will Aberdeen. You’ve heard it all exclusively at BTB — they’re honest, open, determined and truly ready to set the world straight. - www.biggerthanbeyonce.com

"Meet the Camp Rock 2 House Band: Aberdeen"

Click Headline to Watch Video!

Today we’re giving you an up-close look at the band in this summer’s hot new movie. Aberdeen is made up of 5 friends who have taken their music to the next level, and you can’t miss them playing alongside the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato for Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. - www.clevvertv.com


Aberdeen? Are you thinking Scotland? Although theoretically, it is in Scotland, but this Aberdeen we're talking about is not that city in Scotland.

The Aberdeen we're referring to is actually a band. I'm sure most of us have not heard of them yet and that's exactly what this post is going to talk about!

Aberdeen is actually an independent band consisting of five members, Al Rowe, Adam Dugas, Eddie Ruiter, Nathan Whitney and Josh Patrick, from Toronto, Canada. Ever since the band was formed in 2008, they have made lots of progress as they continue to play and produce "orginal and unique style of power-pop".

Aberdeen's debut album, Disasters, has sold over 500 copies worldwide with music that varies in genre including pop and alternative rock. Quoted from the band themselves, "There's something for everyone. Through powerful lyric and potent songwriting, Disasters illustrates the birth, life and death of relationships." Their presence was made known via an interview on Toronto's 102 and now they are among the forty most played Canadian artists on popular social networking site, myspace.com.

This year, Aberdeen was chosen as the backing band for Disney's Camp Rock 2; The Final Jam featuring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato! Make sure you guys catch them playing alongside our favourite Disney artists on Camp Rock 2 when it comes out!

Also, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Youtube! They've definitely got some amazing songs that are great to listen to! :D

This is an original JB.SG article. All information is credited to Aberdeen.
Thank you Aberdeen! :D
- JB.SG - Jonas Brother's First Singapore Fan Site

"Aberdeen: "Hit and Run""

Aberdeen: "Hit And Run"
I am reminded of two things. First being the time my friend Chris cut his knee wide open after kneeling into a riverside bank full of broken beer bottles. The second being that Dane Cook joke where he talks about seeing the guy get hit by a car and his shoe flies right off!
Adam Dugas: It was 9am on a Tuesday morning. I had just moved out of my parents place in the land of pumpkins, to live in the big city.
Truth.Explosion.Magazine: How old were you when you moved out on your own?
AD: 19.
TEM: How did you find living in the big city?
AD: Where I'm from, tractors don't travel on side roads, they travel on main roads. In Toronto, there is traffic everywhere, all the time. I like the chaos.
TEM: Yeah man! So much traffic all the time!
AD: Not being used to this and being dead broke, I now had the responsibility of paying rent. I decided to walk to work to save the ever so vital $2.75 TTC fare.
TEM: Same here - it's the kind of big city that you can walk around and manage just fine. But ya gotta look both ways!
AD: Even though I am from the middle of nowhere, I was still taught to look both ways before crossing the road.
TEM: It's key! Good thing yeah learned that.
AD: Well, I did, I looked twice and then bam! I was on the ground.
TEM: Woah really? You got hit?
AD: I had attempted to cross the street and I didn't do so on foot. In that split second, I had to decide whether I was going over or under the vehicle.
TEM: That's mental. So which did you chose?
AD: I chose over and didn't use my hands to brace myself.
TEM: Shite. What sort of vehicle hit you?
AD: It was a black Ford Explorer that hit me between the ribs and my knee on the left side of my body.
TEM: Think a tractor would have done more damage?
AD: That without a doubt would have been a slow, painful death.
TEM: Did anyone see you get hit?
AD: There were multiple witnesses and one happened to be a nurse.
TEM: What are the odds of that. She obviously helped you then?
AD: Everyone was so focused on helping me, that nobody got the drivers license plate as he/she drove away.
TEM: What?! Hit and run?
AD: Yep. I had been the victim of a hit and run. Luckily I was completely fine.
TEM: Fine eh? So what did you do?
AD: After lying on the ground stunned for about four minutes, I stood up in a hurry, brushed myself off and said "whoa, I have to get to work."
TEM: No way! Please tell me you didn't keep walking...
AD: Yes I walked all the way across Toronto to work and I did it so that I would still get to work and not have to go to the hospital.
TEM: Hospitals are the worst aren't they?
AD: Without a doubt the worst place in the world.
TEM: Yeah for sure. I got hit by a car once and it really messed up my knee. Even to this day.
AD: To this day my hip falls out of place and it sucks. Every now and then I crack it back into place and say, "that was a close one."
TEM: Brutal. What would you say to the dick that hit you and drove off if he was in front of you?
AD: Typical yelling and cursing, "You're lucky I wasn't carrying my guitar"
TEM: One final question - what is the "truth" about Adam Dugas?
AD: People have told me that I am like a modern day Phil Collins. I would say I define myself through music. Music is my life, my vice, my inspiration. One day I hope that my musical endeavours will inspire others.

- Truth Explosion Magazine

"The Industry Ball at The Reverb - Toronto - Saturday August, 30th, 2009"

ABERDEEN took the stage next (www.myspace.com/aberdeen). I have been a fan of this band for awhile. They’ve played in a few showcases for my former gig, Indie Love Radio, and never disappointed. A great bunch of guys and some killer tunes as well. I hadn’t seen them in over a year, and new they had gone through a metamorphosis of sorts, with three new members, and slight re-tool in sound. The band still has founders Al Rowe-vocals/guitar and Adam Dugas-now on bass, the others have been replaced with Scott Tiller-drums/vocals, Kevin Kruglow-lead guitar and Eddie Ruiter-keys/synth programming. Although there has been a subtraction then addition with members, only the addition has been applied to their music. They are still a very high energy band live. I thought Eddie was going to knock over his keys at any moment, and Adam can do some cool spins with his bass. The whole set was great, though I think they need a bigger stage to do them justice.
With cool tunes laden with hooks aplenty, this is a band to watch. They had just wrapped up a 15 date tour, and were heading out to open for Default at a festival on Lake Erie. Also a song to watch out for is one of the new ones, ‘Miss You’.

If you get a chance to see them live, you won’t be disappointed. - Fazer Magazine

"Aberdeen - Disasters Review"

Is love really a disaster?

An unsigned band out of Ontario, Canada called Aberdeen believes that love is a disaster. Aberdeen released their debut CD “Disasters” on January 1, 2008 which features an exciting pop/rock sound.“Disasters” is about the struggles that everyone faces when it comes to love. Here are three tracks that will describe how people try to deal with the “ups” and “downs” of love.

“Fighting For Love,” “Between The Lines,” and “From A Distance.”Everyone has tried to figure out the mystery of love, but has yet to find an answer. The first track “Fighting For Love” has a heavy guitar pop/rock sound. This track is about a young man who is fighting for the girl he loves, but realizes that she is not paying any attention to him. No one knows what to expect from love, but human beings will continue to look for looking for love.

Meanwhile, the third track “Between The Lines” is the perfect track for anyone who feels like there is always a black cloud hanging over them. This track has a heavy guitar pop/rock sound. This track is about a young man who is trying to tell a girl that he likes her, but he thinks it is a bad idea. However, the young man knows that the girl likes him. She keeps playing “hard to get.”

Finally, the fourth track “From A Distance” is the perfect track for those who are tired of life passing them by. This track has a pop/rock sound that is lighter on the guitar. This track is about a young man who is tired of sitting around. So, the young man pursues a girl and she likes the young man. However, the girl is not ready to commit to a relationship with him. The young man feels rejected. He wonders if he said or did something to scare her away.

Aberdeen is a high energy rock band that sings about the hardship of love. On a Scale of one to ten, Aberdeen’s debut CD “Disasters” is a ten.

- Fazer Magazine

"Have You Seen Aberdeen?"

Have You Seen Aberdeen?
'Aberdeen' & 'Static In The Stars' Rock the Gibson Industry Showcase at NXNE
Posted By: Chloe Gedmintas Wed, 21 Jul 2010 14:36:00 GMT

Photo: Chloe Gedmintas

You know you're at an 'Aberdeen' show when the audience comprises of mostly teenaged girls who know all the words. Their show at the Gibson Industry Showroom in June of 2010 for Toronto's NXNE festival was no exception. Aberdeen shared the stage with Vancouver's own 'Static In The Stars' both bands complimented each other perfectly and delivered face-rocking music for a great night of rock.

Aberdeen have been a part of the Toronto indie music scene since 2006, and have has a very busy past couple years; starting with their first album release in 2008, named 'Disasters'. Word caught on fast and shortly after they licensed the single ('Fighting For Love') to MLSE for use with Leafs TV and both The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors. Aberdeen was hand-selected to play the Kevin Says Stage at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. Recently, Aberdeen was named 'Toronto's Hometown Heroes' by Alternative Press Magazine.

All those years of hard work are finally paying off; these guys have much to celebrate recently - and celebrate they did.

The band just finished recording & mastering their 6-song EP, 'The Less Than Three EP' (hint- <3) at the Warehouse Studios in Vancouver; which may look familiar - owned by Bryan Adams and home to K'Naan's 'Wavin' Flag' video. Fresh off the press, they just released the EP as an exclusive digital copy - lucky concert goers were the first to score a listen! The EP was produced by Tommy Mac of Hedley fame; and if this connection is any indication of their success - Hedley won 3 out of 6 nominations at this year's 2010 MMVAs - Aberdeen will do just fine. Aberdeen has also scored a sweet artist agreement with Gibson Guitars.

Recently, Aberdeen were featured as the house band for the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato in the upcoming 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' - watch for them rocking out in the movie, premiering in Canada September 3rd, 2010.
But what do they sound like, you ask?

Let's paint the picture... hundreds of screaming teenage girls, 5 rocker hotties, 5 pairs of black skinny jeans, 2 straigteners, 1 synthesizer, 1 faux hawk and even a keytar - oh my!

Aberdeen always delivers a kick-a$$ show. Catchy, stuck-in-your-head sing-a-long melodies are accented by bang-on 4-way harmonies, rockin' guitar and bass riffs, a drummer than can fill like no other, and electric programming & synth to round out the mix = win! And if you're lucky, a keytar and a bass flip or two around the head might just make an appearance.

Now see for yourself! Check out live footage from the show & an exclusive interview here:

Watch out for Aberdeen in 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' coming September; snag some sweet merch & a digital copy of their 'Less Than Three EP' online here; keep checking their MySpace for more news & tour info; and watch out for your face because Aberdeen is coming to rock it off and takeover the rock/pop/awesome music scene very soon! - MTV.ca, MuchMusic.com

"Music in Toronto Aberdeen Album Release"

Review by Evan Diamond

A synthesizer patch repeating on a dark stage, bright deer lights, and a mic cable spinning around at least once a song – Aberdeen hypnotized the audience as it’s leader Al put words of agony and loss into our heads. The CD release party held at Toronto’s The Opera House was quite a turn out for a still largely unknown band and a wonderful crowd for the supporting acts also performing on the bill.

It’s always wonderful to see a band with such mass appeal and Aberdeen seems to gain this support of it’s following by adhering to the well known sounds of the newer Incubus, Fall Out Boy, and Taking Back Sunday, perhaps even a little late classic rock influence both in lyric and overall sound. An obviously rehearsed and tight ensemble, the band really seemed to entice the crowd by their stage antics which reflected the awkwardness of attempted professionalism at a collectively young age and the friendship among musicians in the band. Everyone on stage seemed to be smiling and pulling as much energy out of one another as possible and getting right up to the first row of the audience submitting to grappling teenage girl fans.

"Are you ready to have your faces melted off!?” Al screams half way through the Aberdeen set during a dramatic build up in the song “Losing Ground”. Apparently we were due to the roar of the crowd, even surprising myself into partaking in the collective cheer. Luckily I still have my face intact, but they definitely had me worried for a second there. All in all, I think Aberdeen had a great night and perhaps Toronto and Canada will be hearing more of this band in the near future. The band has already been given playtime and an interview on The Edge in Toronto by George Stroumboulopoulos and with the continued support of their friends and family I can see them taking off. - www.musicintoronto.com

""Aberdeen are Toronto's Hometown Heroes""

"Aberdeen are Toronto's Hometown Heroes"- AP MAGAZINE - Alternative Press Magazine!


"The Less Than Three EP <3" (iTunes only, official release TBA)

(Produced by Tommy Mac of the multi-platinum recording artists "Hedley")

Download on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/the-less-than-three-ep-3-ep/id406182651

1. Let Me In To Your Heart
2. Heartbreak
3. Miss You
4. Hero
5. From The Heart
6. All I Got

Singles (2009)

(Produced by Paul Leavitt, producer of All Time Low, Cute Is What We Aim For)

1. Maybe
2. Miss You

"Disasters" (2008)

Download on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/disasters/id274496454

1. Your Hardened Soul
2. Between These Lines*
3. All's Well That Ends Well
4. Chosen Alibi
5. From A Distance*
6. Fighting For Love**
7. When It All Falls Apart
8. Cons And Pushers
9. Losing Ground
10. Words As Weapons
11. Don't Worry (About Me)
12. Disasters

*Independent Radio Play
**Commercial Radio play including 102.1 The Edge. Also licensed to Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment.



Aberdeen is a pop and rock band from Toronto, Ontario who are always looking for opportunities to play live and open themselves up to new audiences. Over their three years as a band, the driving force behind Aberdeen has always been their need to write and perform music. It is said that one should not enter the music business because they want to, but because they have to. The members of Aberdeen have no desire other than to dedicate themselves entirely to the music they make and as such will do whatever it takes to propel Aberdeen forward.

Aberdeen's live show is loud and energetic, while being musical all the way through. The members of Aberdeen have had years of formal training on their instruments and practice hard to make sure the live show is the best it can be. They have even gone as far as to build and program their own lighting rig to give a big-budget feel to their independent band.

Aberdeen truly values and appreciates the people that matter most – their supporters. The boys can be seen working the room every night they play, introducing themselves to every person in the building. They have always preferred having “friends” as opposed to “fans”, which is why each member strives to make a personal connection with listeners, by making themselves accessible in person at concerts and also online, on all social media networks.

Here's a short look at Aberdeen's career thus far.

Aberdeen At A Glance:

- Sounds Like: Boys Like Girls, Motion City Soundtrack, Marianas Trench
- New EP produced by Tommy Mac of the mutli-platinum recording artists "Hedley" is available in iTunes now!
- Cast in Disney's "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" as the band for the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato
- Currently endorsed by Gibson Guitars, Pony Apparel, Mavi Jeans, Giant Vintage Sunglasses, WB Gear, InTune Guitar Picks, SIT Strings, and Redd Hair Studios
- Recently completed a four month Canadian High School Tour of over 80 shows
- Played on the Vans Warped Tour
- Appeared on "The Strombo Show" with George Stroumboulopoulos
- Media presence includes Alternative Press Magazine, Singapore Teen Magazine, MTV.ca, Much Music, Clevver TV, 102.1 The EDGE, Much Music's "DisBand" and many more.

Watch the Aberdeen Video Press Kit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HUQCnhQmAE&feature=related

Download the Full Version of Aberdeen's Press Kit: http://www.mediafire.com/?gycwy49yg35ncns