Aberdeen City

Aberdeen City


Melodic, smart, British-influenced rock with clean, consise songwriting, driving rhythms, tasteful guitars and a powerful frontman.


Coming into their own amidst innumerable bands attempting to ape the sound of their English predecessors from the 70s, Aberdeen City finds themselves comfortably straddling several genres. At home equally with feedback as they are with ethreal melodies, Aberdeen City's music is characterized and punctuated by dynamics. Influenced by Rock (Alt., Post, Prog, et. al) their sound is an amalgamation of several styles. Yet Aberdeen City does one thing oft overlooked these days. They focus on songs. Some acoustic, some electronic, some mellow tearjerkers, some white hot dissonant rockers. Aberdeen City is unwilling and unequipped to try one style and listeners appreciate.


4 Songs EP - August 2004
We Learned By Watching EP (7 songs) - June 2003
Bright EP - January 2002

Set List

Typical setlist is 8-9 songs, occasionally closing with a cover - The Smith's 'Death of a Disco Dancer'

This is Our Problem Tonight
Final Bout
Disregard as Trash
God is Gonna Get Sick of Me
Incredible Story
Popular Music
Death of a Disco Dancer