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"Mitch Dane on Abernathy"

The songs are so unique. Their sound is so different from everyone else's. I wish I was writing songs like that when I was their age. - Mitch Dane

"So Much Energy!"

"The way the two of them got a room going is something you rarely see from even a 6 piece band. The energy was incredible." - Craig Hand-Bush Hawg guitarist


Sugar EP - May 5, 2012
1. Twisted
2. Sugar
3. Tommy Lee
4. Alexander Supertramp (Meg White)
Rococo - June 10, 2013
1. Swing
2. Jeff
3. The Start
4. Alexander Supertramp (Meg White)
5. Twisted
6. I Lost You
7. Tell Me About Love
8. Sugar
9. Tommy Lee



Abernathy it a two piece band started in November of 2011 by two high school students, Emma Holden and Spencer Holloway. When the two met, they had an instant musical connection and an energy like no other. Emma had been playing guitar since she was 4 and sang for her whole life. Spencer always dabbled in any form of music he could-and as a child, that meant playing on his sister's toy drum kit when she wasn't looking. When they got together, they decided the music they made was special and they wanted to get it out to as many people as they could and make a positive impact on the music world.