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"Enigma Praise"

“[Enigma’s] sonic complexity, as well as its surprising lyrical glimpses of naked emotion, help it stand out in a sea of amateurs and wannabe millionaire thugs.” -Beep Central - Beep Central

"Orginal Sound"

“ABiCA has an original sound that embodies the influences of Twiztid, Trent Reznor and Atmosphere.” -Northern Star - Northern Star

"Numb (prelude)"

"The album [Numb (Prelude)] superbly delivers to people who are looking for something more than straightforward, conventional rap." -FLH

"Makes Music for Average Person"

"...[ABiCA] make music for the average person. This is almost unheard of in modern hip hop." -FLH - FLH


After years of hard work and dedication, ABiCA released their debut album, TRUTH IN LIES, on July 17, 2007. This album established the group’s unique, versatile sound, and featured production from DHZ (who has worked with other well-known artists such as DMX and Fort Minor). TIL became an instant hit with people across the globe searching for something different in the over-saturated hip-hop and rock scene.

After receiving critic and fan praise for TIL, ABiCA was faced with a greater challenge: How would the group avoid the classic pitfalls of a second album and instead create music that would raise the bar even higher? After much anticipation, ABiCA’s sophomore album, ENIGMA, was released on February 5, 2008. A fan favorite with its edgy, yet insightful view of the world and their experiences. ENIGMA took off where TIL left off by taking you even further into the minds of TAC & HASH. Although hard copies of the album are available for purchase, T & H made the decision early on to release the entire album for free online. The two saw this as the perfect opportunity to give back to the fans who had supported them so much, and to attract new fans as well.

Leading up to the group’s third studio album, NUMB, ABiCA released NUMB (PRELUDE) on February 10, 2009. According to TAC & HASH, NP was an album created solely for the fans. It gave them a glimpse of what was in store without making them wait over a year to hear new music from the band. It was this “fans-first” mentality that led ABiCA to release NP in the same format as ENIGMA: available as both a hard copy for sale & as a FREE digital download.

NUMB is scheduled to release in Spring of 2010. According to T & H, NUMB will embody an edgier, more rock-infused sound than their previous albums. "Gave Em' A Reason" was the first song released from NUMB, and was met with an overwhelming positive response from fans.

*ABiCA's Song "What I've Become" was on rotation at Q101 (Chicago's biggest alternative station)



ABiCA is an independent music group from Algonquin, Illinios. The group is comprised of two members: TAC & HASH. Although they don’t like to confine their music to a specific label or genre, their sound can mainly be defined as hip-hop with heavy rock and industrial influences. The duo pride themselves on their ability to cohesively blend catchy hip-hop rhythms and guitar riffs with deep, emotional lyrics. And unlike most modern groups, ABiCA’s music draws directly from REAL life experiences – something their fans truly appreciate.

ABiCA has recently made a name for itself performing energetic live shows with such acts as: Three 6 Mafia, Hollywood Undead, Hed PE, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Potluck, and Ice-T. As the Daily Herald exclaimed, it is the group’s “catchy, professional tunes delivered from a blunted, middle-fingers-high suburban stance” that has the music world buzzing.

Since their inception, ABiCA has set out to establish their own unique style that people can relate to. They have truly succeeded in producing a sound like nothing else out there.

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