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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"U & U Interview :: Abide"

For the record, will you state your names & role in the band?

Dan Balamut – Drummer


Erik Boven – Vocals

Jacob Lieberman – guitar

Dan Balamut – Drums

Alex Howell – Bass

Qly Howley - Guitar

You guys chose to release your debut EP both for free and on Itunes. What drove you to do that and do you think that newer bands should also release music for free?

We at first put it up on iTunes because we wanted to make a little bit of funds to provide for future merch and recordings. After a few months of having the album for sale, we realized that many music listeners in the industry are much more reluctant to buy music from a band that is unheard of and just beginning, and in turn release it as a “thank-you” to the many fans who had shown us amazing support. Free music has become a big part of the music industry and we found if fans really liked our sound, more often than not they would purchase the album as well to support the band. Even though it is great to give away free things, we believe a band shouldn’t give everything away at once or necessarily for free, as much as its appeases your fan base, there realistically has to be some sort of give and take. Deciding to release the album for free has greatly benefitted us in the long run and helped get our music out into the industry.

You’re based in Hamilton, Ontario. How do you feel about your local music scene and has it worked to your benefit so far?

This is funny actually because no one in the band is actually from Hamilton. Everyone of us are from out of town, (Brantford, Cambridge, Carlisle and Ancaster) Hamilton is a general area where we thought people would recognize. However we are all affiliated with our local “scene” and having been a part of it for years, Hamilton has one of the strongest and most dedicated fan bases for hardcore/metal. Our local

music scene though also includes Cambridge and Brantford, where we also have a large fan base and draw.

It looks like you guys are working on a new music video! Do you feel that it’s important for bands to put out videos even if traditional outlets like MTV don’t play them as much as they used to?

Absolutely! With millions of viewers on Youtube every day, this is one of the best possible ways to get any band exposure. Many bands/artists have gotten to where they are today because of music videos and it is a great opportunity to show the best side of your band. We are gearing up with V[lll] Productions based out of Toronto who shot Liferuiner’s 1990 music video, and hopefully we get a product that will turn out great and get us one step higher. A music video is a great visual aid, and will help many fans who aren’t able to attend shows we play put a name to a face.

What are some of your favorite bands at the moment and other than yourselves what band do you think will really make an impact in 2012?

At the moment, were really into Like Moths To Flames, The Ghost Inside, Every Time I Die, Architects, The Acacia Strain and Tony Danza. The breakout band for 2012 will definitely be Horizons from Mississauga, Ontario.

Today’s post-hardcore/hardcore scene is often a bit over-saturated. What sets Abide apart from the rest?

We try our best to stay positive. A lot of bands in our scene spread a lot of hate; we aren’t about that at all. Many bands tend to look up to a well known/liked band and aspire to sound like them. If you want to make it anywhere in the music world today, you need to be very unique and different to really stand out. We do our best to combine all the different styles of music within the band and create our own unique sound.

What’s been the most difficult aspect of being in a band for you guys so far?

The most difficult aspect of being in a band is staying a band. Everyone has their own idea of where they want the band to go, and what certain sound they are looking for. We just had to realize that everyone wants the best for the band, even though it may look differently. Living with the same 5 guys in a small van on tour will definitely bring out its challenges, but we’ve learned to get over our personal differences and hug it out.

Thanks for your time! What’s next for you guys? Any exciting news for the near future?

No problem! Were heading into the studio this spring to record our debut full length album which will be released late summer hopefully as well as some summer tours.
- Unsigned & Unleashed


"End Of The Rope" (Single) - Released September 2011
"A Higher Standard" (EP) - Released October 2011
"Trials" (Single) - Released December 2011
"No Coming Back" (Single) - Released January 2012



Originating from Hamilton, Ontario, Abide is a 5 piece group who bringout avery unique and noticeable sound. The combination of their efforts results in a melodic, aggressive, and straight to the point heavy sound. The band recently wrote and recorded their debut six song EP "A Higher Standard" which was self released October 2011. Abide maintains a strong work ethic combined with a positive outlook on the music industry which has helped them get to where they are in only a few months time. Abide gives a highly energetic live performance and leaves a lasting impression on every audience .