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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"Take the listener to the edges of the Universe and back again."

Guitars dance with bongos against a backdrop of synthesizers; distorted vocals swirl around pounding bass and burning guitar riffs. What Toiber has done with Lotus is create a musical atmosphere, which he hopes will take the listener to the edges of the Universe and back again. - Jaclyn Arndt - Soulshine

"Incredible decisions and sound quality"

Abie Toiber is going to be someone bands and labels are going to want in the studio with them during production time within the next twenty years. Incredible decisions and sound quality, as well as awesome performances -- not just on this track, but throughout the entire Lotus album. In fact, production quality and performance here are equally strong points about the "Stars" track.

Buy the album. Or just stream it, and THEN buy it. I can't tell you what to do with your hard-earned money, but remember ... I can guilt you into it. I mean, not now that I said it, but ... Seriously -- you can't miss this one.

- Stone Bayliss HitClick

"Obscure and interesting"

After Lotus (2005) Abie composes and produces this conceptual album dedicated to Albert Einstein and the existence of parallel Universes. With influences from British music from late seventies. Toiber accomplished an obscure and interesting work with programming, synths, guitars and fx.


"Great pop music love it."

great pop music love it. It will be on our evening playlists for sure. - Dutch Coast Radio-Jacques Jongmans

"If you like rock with lashings of electronica, buy Lotus."

You will have to buy this CD to have its message revealed and gain the Enlightenment of Abie Toiber's Lotus! This album is a top rate recording. Lotus has an astonishing sound quality. The finishing touches have been done by the Queen of Mastering, Emily Lazar. If you like rock with lashings of electronica, buy Lotus. If you are a space rock fan, buy Lotus. if you want to hear what top class mastering is all about, buy Lotus. many thanks One Love Peace And Light Vibes to Each And Everyone! dj excavator SENSE-AETHERICA - http://www.live365.com/stations/djexcavator

"No excuse to not have this CD right now"

We played it not long time ago on our radio show and we really love this music. I tell you, for all music lovers, no excuse to not have this CD right now on your CD players. Very good. Gi Dussault Co-Host & Co-Producer
www.upperroomwithjoekelley.com - Upper Room Radio Show

"Abie Toiber makes that in a way that will hypnotize you"

"Lotus" is an album that mixes the frontiers between musical genres. Rock guitar, electronic programming, real drums, synthesizers, elements of the music from the seventees. You have it all. Abie Toiber makes that in a way that will hypnotize you. The repeating of the drum and the bass voices. You can hear that on the title number "Lotus" and also all the other numbers. The first track begins with a synthesizer voice, constanly repeating and the drums come over later on. When you hear this music you becomes in a special mood of desire to beaty. The track "Stars" begins also with a repeating drums line and than the vocal of Alex Rebollo falls in. I choose this track, because it's vocals. That fits more in my programm. - Radio Heerde - Jan Nederveen - Netherlands

"One more"

P.S. Can I ask you to send me one more copy of your wonderful album?

Minsk, Europe. - Serge Kozlovsky - http://mkmk.com/kozlovsky

"Good audience reaction - Australia"

Received and gone to air with good audience reaction - Tony Bates - Highlands 100.7FM

"– moody, euphoric, hypnotic and melodic all at once, and hardly a trace of showing off"

Abie Toiber: Lotus” (Toca 75)

Vancouver ’s Abie Toiber also “digs” Progessive Rock, and he’s not ashamed to shout it out. There’s even a great big fractal on the cover of this CD. But he’s also clearly just as likely to slap on a bit of early 80s synth-pop or a chewy slab of modernist experimentalism, and it all adds up to something rather fine. It’s like The Cure or Gary Numan gone all early-70s. Or Robert Fripp jamming with Cabaret Voltaire. Or Depeche Mode having a kickabout with Tortoise. You get the idea by now. The vocal tracks are exemplary art-pop, shot through with skittering rhythms, acidic squelches (in both senses of the word), hovering spindly guitars and unusual atmospheres, as if The Bravery had started listening to Wire’s “154”. And on the other side of the fence, Toiber’s instrumental pieces mash up “post-rock” and electronica with classic stylings and never lapse into aimless noodling. The album’s obviously-intended centerpiece is a three-part mini-epic that shows how prog should be done – moody, euphoric, hypnotic and melodic all at once, and hardly a trace of showing off. The first notes of this album sound like Boards Of Canada, and the whole thing signs off with an effect-saturated guitar keening its merry way over the top of a pure techno stomper. This is no Roger Dean revivalism, that’s for sure.

Not content with merely being very good at two things, Abie Toiber even finds a few minutes to stick in a bit of drum’n’bass, post-punk gloom-rock and Durutti Column-esque guitar cascading. Oh, and I forgot to mention he plays pretty much all of it himself (Has he even got the time to make his tea?). “Lotus” should have ended up falling on its behind on the floor, stuck between the two stools of post-psychedelia and post-modernism. Instead, by some pseudo-Einsteinian miracle, it sits squarely on both, grinning from ear to ear. Oh, and it can’t really be prog – it’s only 37 minutes long.

- Chris Tighe - http://www.birdpages.co.uk


*LOTUS (TOCA75 - 2005)
*EJECT (with DJ D-TEK) Track found in the compilation CD “PSYCOMEX” (AP Records-Berlin, Germany 2003)
*COMA (EMI Music 1996)



RELATIVITY is the NEW production from musician ABIE TOIBER who produces music for the soul, for the people who LIKE TO DISCOVER, music for higher states of mind, every ABIE TOIBER production is a different experience; catalogued by many under the genres of art and space rock, ABIE TOIBER wrote and produced all the music and lyrics and plays all the instruments including guitars, bass, synthesizer, programming electronic drums and singing all the lead vocals. His voice is deep, obscure, profound and full of texture. It blends flawlessly with the atmospheric melodies and Brit-Pop sounds reminiscent of the 1980's and edgy 70´s progressive rock guitars. The final product is original, innovative and trend setting.

RELATIVITY was mixed by Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure, Robbie Williams) at Alices Restaurant studio and mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge New York. The art is a beauty created by Sergio Toporek.

ABIE TOIBER was born June 19 1975 in Mexico City, at a young age he lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, later Israel. In 94 moved to Los Angeles and studied Guitar at the MI in Hollywood, formed the rock in Spanish band Coma and signed with EMI, they released one album and toured all over Mexico opening acts for Heroes del Silencio, La ley, and dozens more. In 97 Coma separated and Abie studied a bachelor degree in advertising while working for advertising agencies, record stores, production companies, and recording the demos, of what one day became a solo project. In 2001 ABIE TOIBER was invited to play guitar and tour for the Mexican band Morbo (EMI). In 2005 he started his studio/label TOCA75 and recorded/ released LOTUS his first solo album, a short time after, he moved to Vancouver BC, Canada where he recorded RELATIVITY; both albums have been released in Mexico, with a recent concert at Lunario of auditorio nacional (one of Mexico´s the top concert halls) supported by a national media campaign. ABIE TOIBER has sold over 10000 copies of his productions with low budget marketing and sponsorships with DHL, BANAMEX (Mexico #1 bank) and received excellent reviews by indie radio stations all over the world. Abie now lives in Los Angeles California and is promoting his music as well as producing music for and Film and TV (ABIE TOIBER has just licensed to LATV National TV Network their Id music)