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A 5 song demo with producer Kene Bell. Have cut tracks on CD with Christian rapper J'remy, and rapper Laylow....I have MANY more ideas and live music at tagworld.com/abigailmuzik. Please check it out, since I can only put three songs up at this site ;)



Abigail Bio

First off, I am not a music snot. I'm the worst when it comes to nailing who or what the specific influences are that molded me into who I am now, because I feel like I'm constantly growing and discovering new ones everyday. I really hate doing "bio's"......I just want you to listen to my music and figure it out for yourself, in your own interpretation, you know? That's the beauty and mystery of music.....which is split into 2 catgories: good and bad. As simple as that. Good music excites, relaxes, perplexes, frustrates, and inspires. So, I stay open to any kind of "good music". In my heart of hearts, I love to sing gut-bustin' soul. I've been singing since I was four; my parents have the blackmail tapes of me singing little scats in the bathtub and all :) They made me study classical piano at the North Raleigh Conservatory of Music from age 7-12. Then, I did the whole sports thing through middle school and highschool, but always sang in something. Really, I began singing in church, during the "tithes and offerings" part of the service.....then started singing in choruses throughout middle school and highschool. Then assemblies, national anthems, a couple of plays, Governor's School. My senior superlative was: "Most Likely to be on Broadway". So, I took that dream and ran with it all the way through one glorious, drunken year in college at UNC-Greensboro School of Music, working on my BA in music with a focus on vocal performance. It was WAY classical, no room to go outside the lines and develop yourself into an artist. I decided to go back to Raleigh, and save my money to move away....so I worked my ass off and moved to Nashville within 7 months. During that time, I picked the piano back up and at age 19, really began diving into writing my own music. I arrived here on July 1st, 2002, and have been through a lot more struggles and trials, ups and downs, broken dreams and promises than, I think, most my people my age. I just got out of an exclusive production agreement, (aka a contractual lie agreement :) ) and have been back on the scene for about 8 months, now. I moved out to Phoenix, AZ for the label they wanted to sign me to. Before I left, I played at all kinds of places: BB Kings, Bluesboro, 3rd n Lyndsley, 12th and Porter, Rhythm Kitchen, and Mercy Lounge. Lately, my favorite feel has been going more towards acoustic funk and soul...and great upright bass, acoustic guitar, a simple cajon, and me on piano and guitar.....yes I've been playing guitar now for a whopping 5 months :) Just kind of enjoying being jaded and not really caring about performing for any other reason than for the love and therapy of music. I can't seem to do anything without it. So where do I get my "soul" from? Let's see...growing up, my parents wouldn't let me listen to any "secular" music in the house. Just oldies, jazz, gospel mass choirs, and 'christian' music (if they only knew what the 'christian' music industry was like :) ) So, whenever I could lock my door and keep the radio down, get out of the house, or pop in a CD (which I had to keep hidden.....if my parent found them, they'd crush them) I'd listen to rap or R&B. I guess it was the ultimate rebellion for me. Once I hit college, though, I began to really discover everything else....classic rock, progressive, alternative, even a little country. I never really loved country, but by God do I appreciate it! Much respect for the songwriting skills and musicianship. It just doesn't make my head nod, you know? :) If there's ever anything else someone wanted to know from me, I could try to tell ya, but sometimes it's hard for me to even know myself. I feel I'm a complicated person, but I write pretty straightforward and simplistic lyrics, mostly about personal experiences, struggles, hopes and dreams. I've found all types of people can relate to my music, and that helps me more than they'll ever know. Music is my life and joy, and all I've ever wanted to do. I believe that if you do all you know you're suppossed to be doing with everyday, and hustle like a motherfu'''er, then one day you'll make it. Well, we'll just see! .......