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"One to Watch"

Abigail Hubbard may not be a name you know now, but it’s one you definitely should. With her fractured vocals accompanying a unique sound of trip-hop, jazz, classical and folk, it’s easy to see why the 22 year old is starting to make people listen.

Her songs wouldn’t be out of place alongside duo, CocoRosie or even Portishead. They’re an amalgamation of intricate beats, infused with harmonious riffs, and soulful undertones. EP, People Watching is the perfect antidote to the vacuous, over-produced tracks that fill the charts today. ‘Sunk’ exposes the fragility of Hubbard’s voice, whilst the melodic breaks between the subdued verses of its title track are reminiscent of the wavering coos of Lykke Li.

Though having encountered Hubbard at a showcase of artists from independent label Smugglers Records last month, the singer/songwriter in an acoustic setting is completely different than on record. But by no means does it lack quality. She rarely looks up to the crowd during performances and it is only in a live show where you get to witness her sheer musicianship; her voice filtering through every crevice of the venue.

But don’t take my word for it, I’ll let the music do the talking now. - Binita Bantawa

"Top Five Emerging Icons Live: Dec 3rd- Dec 9th 2012"

Given that this is someone who's apparently been into music since residing in the womb, you can expect a performance of pure passion tonight. 22-year-old Abigail Hubbard loves to tinker and dabble with sound, testing the possibilities of what can be achieved with the power of her voice, the beats and the instrumentation at her disposal. Blending the feel of trip-hop with the off-kilter edge of jazz, the overall effect is a bold and unique display of creativity. Vocally, she falls in with the exploratory nature of Kate Bush and the unusual sound of Olof Arnalds. Beguiling and beautiful, this takes the raw 'feel' of musical expression to a very enchanting place- so we could be witnessing a few blown minds at her gig tonight. Figuratively, of course. Phew. - Emerging Icons


Trip-Hop has, traditionally, been the preserve of the South West, not the South East. Massive Attack and tricky hail from the Bristol area.

And there are no prizes for guessing where Portishead’s home town is.

But that doesn’t mean Somerset and Avon can lay claim to everything trip-hoppy. As Abigail Hubbard proves.

The Whitstable based singer-songwriter has just produced a fantastic EP called ‘People Watching’. It is a piece of wonder from beginning to end.

As is the habit of many acts form the eastern reaches of Kent, Hubbard’s music is riddled with complicated rhythms supporting the trip-hop sounds that sweep above it.

The result is a very Kentish approach to the genre: Portishead by way of Syd Arthur, Lapis Lazuli and Delta Sleep.

The four songs on ‘People Watching’ are dominated by Abigail Hubbard’s quirky, wispy and kooky vocals: part Bjork, part Olly Knights of Turin Brakes.

Her songs appear as stream of consciousness outpourings full of enigmatic but enchanting phrases (‘water becomes the heart eating heat’ being one of the weirdest, ‘as the sun lets out fired light’ being one of the most wonderful).

Nevertheless, the overall sense of these songs is clear. There’s a feeling of delicacy woven into the fabric of these pieces: a struggle to understand a complicated world, a need for security and a fear of betrayal.

An array of sounds swish and swirl around Hubbard’s feather-light voice. There’s the standard acoustic guitar and drums (the prime source of the complex rhythms), of course. But you’ll also find a muted trumpet for the full seedy nightclub effect on ‘Ringing Ears’ and an oboe added to the title track to give a dusty, Middle Eastern feel.

There’s also plenty of work from samplers with a mesmerising balalaika effect rattling and shimmering through the songs.
The result is a sound stretching far beyond the initial trip-hop label. Here, you’ll find hints of modern jazz, electronica and contemporary folk.

In a year which sees Alt J’s ‘An Awesome Wave’ shortlisted for the Mercury prize, it seems Hubbard’s brand of trip-folk is in the right place at the right time.

And quite right too. - Stephen Morris


EP - People Watching



Echoing in stillness, Abigail Hubbard has a magical and truly unique style that pulls you on a journey which signifies the vastness of human emotion. Starting out as a music loving embryo tapping beats on her mothers naval, she was anxiously but calmly awaiting to be let loose to make musical steps with her intrinsic sounds. From shouting at the sea at the age of 7, to dancing around to Mary Poppins, then on her 11th birthday she first picked up the guitar. Now 22 Abigail Hubbard is a refreshingly original solo artist who collaborates tastes of trip-hop, jazz, classical and folk to create a ensemble of humbling melodies and incomparable beats. Her poetic verse with soulful undertones can only be compared to the lyrical prowess of a blue whale, if only they could speak.