Abigail Kiser

Abigail Kiser


Michael Jaworeck, the booking manager for the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia, claims that Abba is one of the most exciting new talents he’s seen in the past 15 years.


Abigail Kiser's debut CD, Lucid Dream, is a compilation of indie original songs, poetry, and cover tunes, including a French version of “Autumn Leaves�. Her songs have unique lyrics, timing, and tone that conjure a maturity and caliber beyond her years. Her influence comes from Ani Difranco and Regina Spektor.

Lucid Dream was released in the summer of 2005 and has created quite a stir in the local and large-scale music industry. Her song “Taunting Dawn� was a semifinalist in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition out of 15,000 entries from 82 countries. Her song “Brain Washed� is on the CD compilation promoting the North by Northeast Festival in Toronto, Canada. Abigail is performing in the 10th Annual Music Millenium Conference on June 24th in Pennsylvania. She also received honorable mention in the 2006 Billboard Songwriting Contest.


Taunting Dawn

Written By: Abigail Kiser

I can't sleep, now it's just too late. Gotta get on up, and I gotta create, Don't lay a song now, two minutes to three, and I wonder if you're thinking of me. You don't know what you're missing, here, in my bed.. Come on babe, let's travel, to a place like the fantasies in my head.. Haunted, by a time, that we danced, for awhile, why can't I rid my mind, of your smile? I've just got so much energy, seeping through. And Love, the reason I persperate is you. How could you not miss me, you're so goddamn cold. But hey baby, it's all right by me, 'cause I'd rather go insane then be a fool - I can't sleep, it's just too late, gotta get on up, and I gotta create. Oh can't go to sleep now, two minutes to three, I wonder if you're dreaming of me. You dont know what you're missing, here, in my bed.. Come on babe, let's travel, to a place like the fantasies in my head.. let's go.. come on, come on, baby, what are you waiting for, I know it's , late but, I'm just, so hungry for more.. say yes, say yes let's go, come on what are you waiting for....


Written By: Abigail Kiser

good morning god damnit
i was hoping that alarm clock was lying
but alas here i am and there you were like confetti
sprawled out and strung out on my flattery like a battery
cuz im a hermit crab with an ugly shell
why cant i metamorphesize into a butterfly?
ill just stay here in my cucoon room till
its time to wake up
and be as beautifull as all those girls on tv without any makeup
i bet you didnt know that im the kinda girl who hides in closets at parties
i but you didnt know how much ive thought of you how much i like you when your not here
i bet you didnt know it would sting this much but i did
i made you fall in love with me
my lips are machinery cuz
cuz im a dinosoar whos been extinct for years
im never who i appear to be
ill just sleep it off ill just wake up brain washed and see how long it takes for me to
sleep my life away
i guess ive done enough dammage damnit
so ill just fade away and let you weep
and retreat
to my soft satiny safe haven sleep

How Long

Written By: Abigail Kiser

how long have i waited for these words?
over octobers and through thursdays
ive blown out my wished once more yet im waiting for that knock at the door and itll be you
and youll say, youll say
darlin im here not too soon
i took my good old time
yes its true
with your lips a dessert rose in autumn
and those brown green eyes
mmm how long have i waited for these words?
two decembers and 52 tuesdays
would you like to help me lick the cake from my candles?
your eyes have siezed my consonants
and your hands have taken all my vowels
and your lips have brought my mind to the brink of extinction and back again
youde think ide change yeah youde think ide learn
but i sit quietly and wait my turn to be your juliet
how long have i waited for these words?
so old now I cant even remember
how longs it been now? 60 septembers?
i guess i learned my lesson the hard way, life isnt a drive through
and you cant always have it your way.
how long have i waited and waited for these words?
so long now i dont even want you.
dont look so surprised cuz now its your turn
to dream every single night of only me
and youll find that its easy to be a fighter but its the hardest thing to be a lover
good luck
were finished
no i mean it this time
so long


Abigail's debut CD, 'Lucid Dream' is available at www.newindieartists.com

Set List

45-60 minute set includes songs and poems:
How Long
Poor Boy
Taunting Dawn
Red Balloon (Poem)
Both Hands
Yellow Submarine
No Woman, No Cry
Brain Washed
Consciousness (Poem)
It's Past (Poem)
Wishes (Poem)
Amer-I-Can (Poem)
Autumn Leaves
Bees (Poem)
Till There Was You