Abigail Song

Abigail Song

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

Abigail Smith is forging a new sound. With beautiful melodies and honest lyrics her music captures the wonder of life. This music is truly original, bringing the listener into another world through the combination her powerful and expressive vocals and beautiful arrangements.


Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter Abigail Smith has a unique style of music forged from a rich musical background. A powerful and expressive vocalist Abigail is also a skilled viola player, flautist, recorder player, keyboardist and guitarist. Abigail has featured on albums by David Kitt, Somadrone, Good Time John, 3epkano and Star Little Thing. She is a prolific composer who has written for orchestra, string quartet, theatre and film. She is often found with her head in a notebook scribbling down her lyrics and ideas for songs. She is currently recording her debut album. "I have learnt so much from all my teachers and from all the people I meet. I hope that my artistic expressions help other people to find their own voices too. Music is a wonderful medium which bypasses language and superficiality. It allows all that is wondrous and beautiful to shine through." Abigail Smith 2007


Vena Cava-You can be an Unhappy Girl all your life
Featured on Somadrone-Fuzzing Away to a Whisper,
Of Pattern and Purpose, 3epkano, Good Time John, Briana Corrigan, Star Little Thing and David Kitt.

Set List

All original songs.
I can do as long or short a set as is required. More than 20 mins and up to two one hour sets.