A Big Yes and a small no

A Big Yes and a small no


A Big Yes and a small no is expressionist avant-pop played by hitting New York Downtown jazz musicians. Says music critic Richard Gehr (The Village Voice): "A freak-jazz ghost haunts one of the dandiest new pop groups you'll hear this year."


After surviving a kidnapping and attempted rape in Colombia, an acquittal for felony assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and a heroin addiction that would have made Danny Boyle uncomfortable, vibraphonist/singer Kevin Kendrick finally realized that life was too short to NOT start the indie-pop band that he'd always dreamed of. So, in the summer of 2006, he formed A Big Yes and a small no with the help of his former Fat Mama band mates Jonathan Goldberger on guitar, Joe Russo on drums, Erik Deutsch on keys, and Jonti Siman on bass. He then held a funeral for his orchestral and jazz upbringing at the now-shuttered CBGB's, thus beginning his career as an indie-pop frontman.
With a wide range of influences born out of such an interesting musical background, and a cast of players deep in the New York Downtown Jazz scene, (Jonathan plays in many groups including both the DAHA and Blood Orange Big Bands that feature such luminaries as Jim Black, Briggan Krauss of Sex Mob, and Adam Levy of Norah Jones' band, while Erik Deutsch plays in the Charlie Hunter Trio and, of Mr. Bungle Fame, Trevor Dunn's band) A Big Yes and a small no have garnered much praise for their debut release Jesus That Looks Terrible On You. Called "the hippest pop-band you've ever heard in your life" by Village Voice music critic Richard Gehr, and "like great pop music from Burt Bacharach to Brian Wilson, the virtuosity is hidden, and designed to seem effortless" by Blurt Magazine, A Big Yes and a small no are getting a lot of radio play in both the U.S. and Europe and looking forward to finding a good home for their second record, which they plan on recording this fall.

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I'm Always Manic (When I'm Around You)

Written By: Kevin Kendrick

I robbed a Bank and blew it,
all on flowers
while you were gone, I talked about you, for hours
if you'd be so bold to take a chance on me
I run hot and cold but you'll see,
I'm always manic, when I'm around you
I gotta say,
I tried prose, to let you know,
how appealing
I find your toes, when their pointed at the ceiling,
but this song shows more exactly that I'm feeling
Like starting a bloodless coup, the movement's on, and the revolution's you, I'm always Manic when I'm around you

When, you're born, you cry
and when you die, you'll find out why
but I'll laugh next time around,
world, without end, I'll live to love you,

I like to thank the world for
spinning around
the sun for climbing up so high, just to come back down
but my spirits are steady rising not surprising cause like I said, I'm always Manic when I'm around you
I'm Always Manic, When I'm Around You


Jesus That Looks Terrible On You- May, 2008
This record has received much radio play in the U.S. and Europe. It was CMJ (College Music Journal) as "The 14th most-added band to college playlists in July, 2008"

Set List

Faded Away-A Big Yes and a Small no
Composure-A Big Yes...
If You Won't Beg-A Big Yes...
I'm Always Manic (When I'm Around You)-A Big Yes...
Hold On-Spiritualized
You Better Take a Stab While You're Still Sharp-A Big Yes...
Jesus That Looks Terrible On You-A Big Yes and a...
What A Fuckig Mess This Turned Out To Be-A Big Yes...
Joe Strummer's Midnight Dream-Chris Harford and The Band of Changes
Kool and the Gang Was Right-A Big Yes...
This Doesn't Feel Like Goodbye-A Big Yes and a...