Acknowledged as one of the promising young talents in the field of Indian Classical Music, Master G Abilash is well on the way on becoming a proficient singer! He is quite adept in his unique singing patterns and has a flavour for all types of world music! Get connected and enjoy good music!!!


Master G Abilash ,born to Mr R Giri Prasad and Mrs Srilatha Giri Prasad on 4th October 1995 in Chennai (India), is a notable upcoming artist in the field of South Indian Classical Music (Carnatic Music). Starting his music lessons right from his age of 4, Master Abilash has a booster of Gurus (teachers) who have turned this young boy into a intelligent singer! Abilash started learning the basics from Smt. J Rajeshwari (Retired Asst. Principal at the Madras Music Academy Teacher's Training College). He was taken over by Shri A S Murali for advanced training in the art form. Shri A S Murali himself is a prime student of Padma Bhushan Shri P S Narayanasamy. He also learns minute intricacies and nuances of this art form from the mridangam maestro Sangeetha Choodamani Shri Shrimushnam V Raja Rao. Abilash also has a flair for Hindustani Music. His exposure to hindustani music was given by Prof. B Ramamoorthy Rao, who is a prime disciple of Bharat Ratna Padit Bhimsen Joshi. Master Abilash is a recipient of "Cultural Talent Research Scholarship" given by Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) - under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Government of India. He is also the winner of various scholarships like "Ilayaragam - Reliance Mobile Carnatic Scholarship 2006", "Ariyakkudi Memorial Scholarship 2011" under the Ariyakkudi Legacy Project instituted by Sanathana Dharma World University Trust, Koviloor, "Tamil Nadu Eyal Isai Nadaka Mandram Scholarship 2013" under young artist promotion scheme of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Abilash is a recepient of many prestigious awards and titles too. He is also a "B" Graded artist of the All India Radio. "Samaikya Bharath Gaurav Satkar" (Ugadi Puraskar), "Youth Excellence Award 2011", "Pogo Amazing Kid Singer 2008", "Bala Bhaskara 2012" and "Kalai Ila Mani 2013" by the Department of Culture, Government of Tamil Nadu are few amongst the awards and titles given to Master Abilash for his achievements in the field of Indian Classical Music. Abilash has also won numerous prizes in various National/ Zonal/State/District and City level competitions. Abilash is also the First Runner-up and the People's Choice of Carnatic Music Idol 2010, a popular Indian Classical Music reality show. Master Abilash had his first public performance at his age of 7. During his 9th year, he had his professional arangetram in Abaswaram Ramjhi's Issai Mazhalai in 2005. Since then, Abilash has performed more than 500 concerts all over India and also abroad. Master Abilash is also a regular performer in all leading Sabahs and organisations in the December Music Festival. Abilash has also performed in popular Indian Music Festivals like Swathi Sangeethothsavam which takes place in the Kuthiramalika Palace, Trivandrum, Kerala.


Master Abilash has the exposure of recording for so many music directors for various albums. Some of his live performances have also been recorded and released by leading companies in the form of CDs. Abilash has also given his voice for so many jingles and title songs in varoius regional languages. Apart from this, his recorded albums are also available in all leading shops. Some of his recorded albums are still in the pipeline!