a bit farther west

a bit farther west


a bit farther west is a concentrated effort of the human heart and robotic technology wrapped up in my daily experiences, friendships, ups and downs, and my feelings about what i am doing with my time on this planet.


The name "a bit farther west" comes from my hometown, Clifton VA. I always lived a bit farther out into the country than most of my friends and because of this had more "quiet time" shall we say to learn how to play instruments and how to record them effectively. Lonely walks on the train tracks gave me the idea of creating music that was true and to the point and sort of bared my self to whomever would listen. A bit farther west exists solely for the purpose of getting things out of my heart and head and onto tape so that I may share my individual experiences with anyone who cares to listen. I believe that a bit farther west is unique in that it is based not only on musical thereoy but rather on human emotion inside a fond warm memory. The songs are simple and to the point and state exactly what I want to say without having to plunge some "catchy chorus" down someone's throat over and over again. The sounds and instruments are different from song to song and I believe that is what it takes to grab an audience and hold them during a performance.


dropping by

Written By: mike presta

it was so right on time
the day that you dropped by
by my place

so hang your coat right there
cause the fires warm in here
so find a place

I love to fill your ear
and share another beer
take our time

there's a key and a bed,
so if it's heavy, rest your head,


Written By: mike presta

i been thinking
in my head
about what I got
I got to hang on
or I won't have it too long
it's alive and it's breathing
a heart pumping red blood
a smile and a laugh
cause I'm lucky to be here
so don't waste it


First release, "footpath" EP, released by Magic Bullet Records (VA) in 1998.

The single "The Hills Just Roll and Roll" included in soundtrack of the CoBros skateboard film in 2002.

Upcoming release, "a bit farther west", self titled full length CD, nightlight recordings, mid-2006.

Set List

Typical set list is 30-40 minutes and includes the songs:

on sunday
white radio
dropping by
fire's dance
you're not there