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A bit Much

Medford, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Medford, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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A Bit Much wildly blend arena rock anthems and back alley jazz into something otherworldy, bringing to mind images of a road weary Phil Lynott ducking into a dark speakeasy on an off night, getting drunk (and high, I suppose, given who we’re talking about) and taking over. - Richard Bouchard, Boston Band Crush

"I Can Rock Nobody Like Nobody's Been Rocked Before"

Boston-area band A Bit Much is responsible for one of the more memorable meta-rock songs I’ve heard in the past six months or so, “I Can Rock Nobody Like Nobody’s Been Rocked Before.” It pretty much nails the experience of playing in a band that has more friends than fans — calling up everyone you know, who naturally can’t make it to that show you have coming up, and then playing to an empty club. A Bit Much wrenches one of those total bummer shows into a cleverly tongue-in-cheek sentiment, and it’s the kind of song struggling musicians would likely pass along to their struggling musician friends with a knowing chuckle. ...it’s a fine introduction to A Bit Much and their rollicking take on pre-psychedelic rock’n'roll and soul (this is a band that, thankfully, remembers to keep the “roll” in “rock’n'roll”). - B.L., More Drive

"C.D. On Songs - (All I Want Is) George Harrison's Wife"

You may not expect much from this track. And this track will then blow your socks off. "...George Harrison's Wife" is actually a rather elegant and nigh-breathtaking – we're gonna say it – love song. It dances on the edge of the stage, being just theatrical enough to fully entertain, yet being far too awesome for a simple novelty track. - Boston Band Crush


- Recompositions: A Life and Death Struggle Between an Individual and a Less Specifically Defined Entity (EP; 2009)
- You Deserve It (EP; 2010)
- (All I Want Is) George Harrison's Wife b/w My marriage to Michael Stipe (Valentine's Day 2011 single; Reached #14 at WJHU Baltimore)
- You're Too Old b/w You're Just A Baby, Darling (Jon's Birthday 2011 single, release date: June 17, 2011)



Buoyed by a lyrical sense splitting the difference between Randy Newman and Anton Chekhov, singer/guitarist/ringbearer Degan (of Fetish Chicken) presents a vision of too-human humanity, characters (namely himself) lost in the centrifugal spin of one's own delusions, shouting matches that turn out to be internal monologues. Whether in the self-centered love pentangle of "(All I Want Is) George Harrison's Wife," the jealous baiting and bile of "Minimum Rhythm, Maximum Blues," the quiet desperation of "I Don't Want to be a Housewife (for Someone Else's Family)," or the thin excuses of "I Can Rock Nobody Like Nobody's Been Rocked Before," life is presented as just as important and foolish as it really is, just with a better backbeat. Drumkit bludgeoner Jonathan Glancy (of Paraffin Section, Trance Cult Riot) and newly welcomed bassist Abram Taber (also of Paraffin Section, Sinbusters) form a fluid, uproarious, and discontented bed for all this lovemaking, citing the spectrum from jazz to noise-rock freely and idiosyncratically, creating what some have called “the Tithing-rod of the Gods,” sometimes tickling, sometimes flagellating.