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Mark Bubb from WSOP Platteville
In a time when bands can rise to greatness and fall to VH1 "where are
they now" status in a matter of months, evolution has become essential to
survival. No band I’ve seen from the mid-west accomplishes this as
effective as A Bitter Farewell (fear of sound fame). Every EP released by
them has a different focal point, and Ashes of Another is no exception.
Ashes of Another screams harder, faster, and on our terms. With change
comes disbelief and lash-back from fans, but with the gradual style shift,
and embracement of their past (something bands often forget) loyalty
from their fans can not be shaken. Ashes of Another proves to be one of
the best self released discs I’ve ever received. With a large loyal fan
base, brutal live show, and now an amazing new EP look for A Bitter Farewell
to bust out of their mid-west shackles. (5/5)
Suggested Tracks: 1, 3, 5 (All works too) - WSUP PLATTEVILLE

"Gimme some more!"

Nice work on the intro to this. The lo-fi opening can be quite cheesy sometimes, but I thought this was well done. It caught me
wondering if this was going to be some garbage with horrible tone -- though in the back of my mind I suspected the eventually
outcome: Viciousness. This one blasts out of the intro in the most enjoyable way. As for the song elements, your singer has
a RIGHTEOUS scream/growl. Just perfect for the style. I especially love the vocal harmonies during the choruses -- very
good work there. A lot of metalcore bands try to incorporate a melodic element vocally and can never pull it off, but I felt
this was dead on. The guitar work is flawless. Innovative enough to set it apart from the flock, yet sticks to the staples of
the genre enough that any fan of this style will instantly be able to dive right in. Your drummer is perfect for the style. Solid
timing, fast and accurate feet, but not too flashy on the rest of the kit. So many drummers just can't do the footwork this style
requires, try to overcompensate with their hands and muddy things up or detract from the guitars unnecessarily. Good work there.
For the song as a whole, the various elements from start to finish work great. There's a perfect cohesiveness and flow to this, yet
you still manage to incorporate many different parts. There are so many bands doing hardcore/metalcore/whatevercore past and
present that construct their songs as if they're drawing out of a hat, leaving an overall jerky and choppy feeling. You guys definately
know your way around a transition or two, and I applaud you there. From the lo-fi intro, to the verses and choruses, with the lull in
the middle before erupting into absolute violence again -- very well done. Last but definately not least, good production on this one.
You guys either invested money intelligently, or know someone with good skills. (5/5)

Fans of Killswitch Engage, From Autumn to Ashes, Remembering Never, Demon Hunter, etc. would definately enjoy this thoroughly.
Reviewed by: neverwhere616 from Grand Rapids, Michigan
- garageband.com


Singles:: The Legend, The Lovely Taste of Poison, Eye Cry Fire

Tonight, Lines Fall Spring 2006
Hope the Vengeance SPRING 2005
Blaster VS Gunner
The Lovely Taste of Poison
Confessions of Weakness

Eye Cry Fire
Blood and Porcelain

You can stream and download our songs from www.purevolume.com/abitterfarewell


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bios are usually full of hot air, fancy words, and statements that aren’t even close to true, so we are going to skip the BS and get to the point. A BITTER FAREWELL is a metal quartet from Chicago, IL formed by EX-members of FEAR OF SOUND.
A BITTER FAREWELL just got out of the studio with a 4-song EP that is bound to turn some heads.

The main goal of this band is to tour, tour, tour!!! “Want to hear our dream? Cram us in a van, put us on the road for months, and let us rock for anyone and everyone”

In response to A Bitter Farewell's we will play anywhere withanyone and we will hold on our own if not destroy our competition attitude A Bitter Farewell has set the tone opening for over 30
national acts including ATREYU, UNEARTH, SHADOWS FALL, CHIMAIRA, AS I LAY DYING, KITTIE, HATEBREED and MESHUGGAH to name just a few. Whats even more impressive is the fact that this band has only been together for a year!

If you want a description of how ABF sounds just keep in mind the number one. Because ABF only has one vocalist, one guitarist, one bassist and one drummer. This sounds pretty normal until you hear them live or put in their disc. In a market
where people believe more is better A Bitter Farewell has taken that attitude and smashed it to pieces. Time and time again vocalist Kyle Smith has been asked what effects he uses on his
voice, and time and time again he replies "none".

This band is extremely hard working, taking duties such as operating a street team of 75+ members, managing and booking themselves, designing shirts and CD art as well as rocking the masses into their own hands. h o With or without a label this band will succeed to become one of the biggest acts in thier genre."

A Bitter Farewell has also been ranked the #2 Unsigned Metal artist for the past six months garnering over 214,000 listens and 55,000 downloads!!! A stat most bands on this years second stage Ozzfest cant touch!!!
-Susan Massion WJJO Madison