A Bitter Season

A Bitter Season


We have hit the Houston music scene running. Our performances offer a high energy experience with expertly written songs. We offer our fans something unique, something to sing a long too, something to feel, something to remember. ABS leaves you craving more!


A Bitter Season is an alternative rock group based out of Houston Texas. It all started years ago in Oklahoma with singer/song writer John Valenti and his younger brother, guitarist Geno Valenti; together they write songs that will move the soul. After moving to Houston Texas John and Geno joined forces with their bassist Nathan Landry who had been jamming with bands out of the Beaumont/Houston area. Last but certainly not least Willis Robertson, a mad man on the drums, joined the group to complete what has now grabbed the attention of so many people. If you haven't been to a live show, then the actions will speak louder than any words we say... so look for us at a show venue near you!!

Set List

Too Sick To Die
Too Cold To Give Away
Fight Myself
Stay Alive
In Front Of A Bullet
Red From Tears
No Life Of Proof
(This is a running set list)