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A musical revolution, blasting conscious vibration in the face of social, environmental, and spiritual injustice. The AbleMonk ensemble offers a blend of electrifying spirit, dance floor riddims, and love for the genuine alchemy of music. This World is Music, this Music is World, for all to hear!


This ensemble is a unique blend of nationalities, from Jamaica to Australia, Grenada to the US. With a fusion of diverse idioms, they rock with the universal power of music, "floetry" in motion, and a style guitarist Harry Manx called "child proof". This is a group carrying a vision of unity for all Planet Earth and they can have a party doing it! From the orphanages of India to the clubs of North America, from the downtown street protest to the posh Shakespearean theater, they have wowed, silenced, and chanted with crowds as diverse as the music they play.


Cantar Y Bailar

Written By: Aaron Ezra Ableman

Praise the pastor!
The day called never after!
Last rung on the ladder!
The blast of the horn, shattered,
the future and past word:
That's the sound of your master
when you left your body's fear factor
so deaf to the ear map
your world implodes like mind over matter
finding zones like sports on saturn
touch down on earth like a black bird!


Act One" 2001 (Montreal Mirror review "8-10", Scott C.)
"People" 2004
"The Kitchen Sink" 2007 ("Co-Op Radio" Vancouver, "KCSB", "C-CUT" Montreal)

Set List

General set is 60 minutes. However, there is enough material for 70-90 minutes.
1) Vamos *5min
2) Liberation *5min
3) Mother * 5min
4) Improvisational Freestyle/Rhythm Jam *2-3min
5) Thank You Lord *4min (An old Spiritual/Gospel, but this is a 'skank/reggae' a la Bob Marley's version)
6) Icarus *5min
7) Summertime *5min (Cover twist of Gershwin's classic)
8) Peace Puzzle *6min
9) Education *6min
10) Lov O Lution *3min
11) Origins of Rhythm *5min
12) Don't Worry, Be Happy *5min (Ode to Bobby McFerrrin's original)
13) Each & Every Day *4min
14) Course *5min
15) Sour Or Heroes! *6min