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London, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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Toronto, ON – Here is the debut mixtape from Ablyss titled Hear Me Out. After putting in the time and encountering a few setbacks this release couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. The 13-track (2 bonus tracks) project features real life encounters and depiction of life through the eyes of the young artist, his experiences with relationships and the effects drugs have on society. When listening to this project you’ll hear honest and thought-provoking lyrics, along with soothing melodies and the majestic voice of Toya Diamond featured on track 7. Every artist has something to say, not every artist has a message, “Hear Me Out”. Stream and download the mixtape after the jump. - Natasha of Hiphop canada

Toronto rapper Ablyss is sure to be a name that local hip-hop fans will be familiar with in the near future. The budding talent has been hard at work behind the scenes and is now ready for the spotlight as he anticipates his upcoming mixtape Hear Me Out and will be performing at Toronto’s premiere hip-hop monthly The Big Ticket this Friday, March 8, at the Velvet Underground, along with many other notable local artists. With compelling visuals to accompany his buzz singles “Hallucination” and “The Intro”, Ablyss is ready to prove that he can transfer his complexity on stage, in hopes to secure a respected position in the Toronto hip-hop scene.
WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO MOST ABOUT PERFORMING AT THIS MONTH’S BIG TICKET? From when I went before, the crowd seemed really cool, they seemed really into it, so I’m looking forward to interacting with the crowd, giving them some bars and giving them a good show and enjoying myself.

WHAT CAN THOSE WHO CATCH YOUR SET EXPECT FROM IT? It’s going to be really good; first and foremost, as far as the energy that I bring, the energy alone will be different from how other artists are performing. I feel like what I am giving them, they can hear and feel my words [and] the message that I’m trying to give.
I’m a person that has so many sides. I think we all have different sides and I want them to catch a feeling and say, ‘I relate to that.’
SPEAKING OF MESSAGE, WHAT DO YOU WANT THE CROWD TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOUR PERFORMANCE? I want them to just understand that no one is just one way. There are different dimensions to everything, so I just want them to understand that I don’t only talk about one thing. I’m a person that has so many sides. I think we all have different sides and I want them to catch a feeling and say, ‘I relate to that.’ We’re all different and we all go through different things. I’m just trying to embody everything we all go through in my music and in my show.
WHERE WOULD YOU SAY YOUR PLACE IS IN THE TORONTO HIP-HOP SCENE? Right now, I’m still building my name so obviously [the Big Ticket] opportunity is much appreciated. But people are going to catch on to what I’m trying to do with my music and they are going to know my name. I’m making my way up and they’ll see that too when they hear the new mixtape, Hear Me Out.
Ablyss will perform at The Big Ticket on March 8, 2013 inside Toronto’s The Velvet Underground (510 Queen St. W.). - Interview By. Samantha O’Connor of Urbanology Magazine

I watched two of his videos, “The Intro” and “Hallucinations”, and its safe to say his music caught my attention. Now, I came across his newly dropped project entitled “Hear Me Out” and I have to say this mixtape is great. There is at least one or two tracks on here that everyone can relate to. So make sure you guys support and listen to this project. You won’t regret it. - City on Clouds

Toronto, ON – Here is the debut video from Ablyss, for a track called “The Intro”. Directed and edited by Fully Loaded Films, the visual paints a vivid picture of what it’s like growing up in Toronto. Ablyss is currently working on his debut mixtape, Hear Me Out that is set to drop before the end of the year. With a sound that seamlessly fuses elements of various genres, Ablyss manages to blend raw emotion from life experiences. Take in “The Intro” below and make sure to stay tuned for his mixtape. - HipHopCanada - Natasha

Star Entertainment’s Ablyss releases a thought provoking promo video for upcoming HEAR ME OUT mixtape, shot and directed by Fully Loaded Films. The video features THE INTRO and shows Ablyss moving through a world of pain, drugs and speaking on dreams and wanting to be heard. - Written by missgo2girl


Still working on that hot first release.



You may have seen Ablyss on your television screen on CTV’s Flashpoint, However Toronto’s Ablyss is quickly becoming one of the music industry’s best kept secrets.  It just takes one listen to become a convert – just ask one of the most respected hip-hop engineers in the city Sunny Diamonds, who can attest to that.

This one man lyrical assassin has taken a new approach to hip-hop and putting a twist on street music and this is evident on his latest song entitled “Long Story Short” which paints a vivid picture of what its like growing up in Toronto. Working out of the Studios of Sunny Diamonds The Diamond Factory; Ablyss is tirelessly working on his debut mixtape "Hear Me Out" to present to the world. With production from Toronto’s own Tres mission, Code name dog (Lego Gang) and some surprise guests, this mixtape will be a must have for any music enthusiast. With a sound that seamlessly fuses elements of various genres, Ablyss manages to effortlessly blend raw emotion from life experiences.  As Ablyss prepares for his debut mixtape, he is driven to create and follow his own path. Ablyss maintains his love for the element of live performances – citing it as the ideal way to interact with listeners.