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Written By: Adam j Mondello

Your out there in the pouring rain, and now you taste it, then wonder why. it's so much better in the rain, you know it;s all that can do, it's so true

Sirena come on down and play, you're so far away. It's serene now, in the magnolias, you're just hanging round

you run away, it's all you can do. In the pouring rain. yeah, begin to real them in and now you are so blue, it's so true

Sirena, you it right away

What is Up

Written By: Adam Mondello

What is up, i know you know, what is up

On the other side you realize the tables are turned. As you open your eyes you see the grass is always green

And you say What is up, i hear you say, what is up. Then you find and you see the way