a born idler

a born idler


From the black depths of the Georgetown Underground has emerged a band who will blow your shoes, socks, and pants/dresses off oh so slowly so that the eroticism of the blowing away process remains central to the event. Fathered by gingerbread wolves we're sweet and dangerous. Don't step too close.


Growing up as sons of various gingerbread wolf families located in the opposite corners of America, each member has brought his own unique gingerbread wolf life perspective to the band. From Ghanese junglecore to white-boy minimalism, influential influences influence...what has just been written is a lie. There is one god and that god's name is Andrew Lloyd Weber. What sets us apart? Together we can bench over 3500 pounds. We play harder than anyone. At our shows, adult men and women have been known not only to faint, but to die from ecstasy and then reincarnate/teleport back onto the stage dancing an assortment of sexy death dances.

Set List

Uh Oh
One Shadowy 24 Hours
Tiny Sized People
Cut Out
Mind Leaving for the Apocalypse
The Dunce and His Thinking Cap
Safely Solipsized