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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Alternative Electronic




"Son of marketing (Italy)"

It is the electro-pop of "One of those" in which transpires intrusive electronics but the rails of good taste, the psych atmosphere of "Shame", a song that highlights the vocal talents of Beccafico. The songs in queue to arouse the more interested: "Collateral Damage" is the masterpiece of the EP between de-structuring that are based on folk and environmental settings, vocal solos and rough jazz nuances, and the final "Et Demain" (characterized, in the first part , by a spoken-word in French) traces more or less the same way but by looking for a dreamy approach, without sacrificing the heavy raids electronic equipment. There is much potential that is expressed in this third EP. The duo constantly puts into the game and still managed to maintain a strong identity, supported by content that fit perfectly with the musical architectures built. We just have to wait for the final EP to get an overall picture of their abilities. But these early works are already a confirmation of their talent. - Son of marketing (Italy)

"Boulimique de musique (CISM)"

For the lovers of the band Pawa Up Frist, and for its atmospheric and trip-hop feeling (that makes us think of Betty Bonifassi in a way), the sound of about: is definitely fitting.

Charts #1 Et demain

Charts #6 Amour métastasé - Boulimique de musique (CISM)

"Le Canal Auditif - Les EP du mois de Juin"

about: is a female duo based in Montreal, with Barbara Finck-Beccafico (vocals, lyrics and videos) and Michèle Bernier-Martin (keyboards, drum machines and vocals) which launched the third EP of a series of four, launched little over a year. More than a musical experience, the two girls use their stage performance like real happenings and we can definitely hear this in this theatricality assumed album. Difficult to classify this style of music but we could situate it between psychedelic music, electro, dream-pop and shoegaze. A happy blend that gives a unique and dense sound. - Le Canal Auditif - Les EP du mois de Juin

"La Presse (montreal)"

Let’s talk experimentation, mixing acoustic instruments and heavy electro textures, creating both dark and ethereal music environments. - La Presse (montreal)

"Journal Métro - Émilie Bergeron"

They say their music is psyche-pop lo-fi. Difficult to find a better description. Founded by a powerful female duo, Montreal based band about: achieves wonders with its beautiful eclecticism. Third EP of a series of four Nirodha continues to surprise us with enveloping electronic symphonies, where the voices resonate with strength and arrogance we might associate to the irreverent Betty Bonifassi. The electro feel creates cinematic atmospheres (like Pawa Up First) while offering more organic and acoustic sounds. To follow closely.. 4/5 - Journal Métro - Émilie Bergeron

""C’est foutrement bon" (it's fucking great)"

Our concept ? 4 short albums in 1 year. A sort of initiatory path. Inspired by the 4 Noble Truths of Buddha. - Le Draveur

""hazy female vocals that are reminiscent of Beth Gibbons of Portishead""

The third part in a tetralogy of EPs, ‘Nirodha’ compiles four new tracks by psyche-folk-lo-fi outfit About:. Their latest offering expands upon their previous work, and continues the musical story that was established by their first EP release ‘Dukkha’, which was released back in June. ‘Nirodha’ offers a lo-fi musical experience, which is accompanied by a number of various styles which seem to range from electronic and dance to some mild trip-hop elements. The four tracks offer a slow grooving experience that pushes along at an almost sluggish pace, that suits the style of the duo. There’s many elements at work on this EP release, all of which come together to provide a rewarding experience.

‘Nirodha’ is a short but rewarding EP that contains a few very pleasant surprising. The album seeps along at it’s slow pace, commanded by hazy female vocals that are reminiscent of Beth Gibbons of Portishead. Everything feels cool and groovy, with the instrumentals working brilliantly to present the EP itself. It seems About: have put more thought into their instrumentals, and haven’t let themselves be enticed by the traps of electronica music, and instead incorporate other instruments to flesh out the sound, giving it a cool richness like mint ice-cream. The stand-out moments are when brass instruments add another layer to the tracks, adding to the coolness of the various tracks. There’s very few weak moments on the EP itself, making it work brilliantly for About:. There’s few problems on the EP, with About: showcasing many of their strengths in their various working genres. The only negative that could be taken from ‘Nirodha’ is that the four tracks cover somewhat different grounds to each other, and considering that this EP is part of a tetralogy, it might have made sense to group the various styles into each other and present them on the four separate EPs. It’s not enough to ruin the overall impact and quality of ‘Nirodha’, which rings through in brilliant style. It is at least, something that could be considered.

About: have certainly continued their previous body of work in fine style, with ‘Nirodha’ perhaps being the best of the three EPs produced so far. Each of the four tracks all have something to offer, with each and every element coming together in a very comfortable and easy setting. There’s very little on ‘Nirodha’ that doesn’t seem to work. Even the fact that the EP is perhaps too short is solved by the fact that there are three other EPs that it is a part of. It certainly paves the way for the final conclusion of About:’s project, which is certainly being awaited upon with anticipation.

Album Rating:

????? 4/5 - The CD Critic (UK)

""enthralled and mesmerised by the creativity and heart embedded in their sound""

About are an interesting concept to say the least, their name is very sinister not saying very much about their style, sound or pretence.

Barbara tells us why they chose the band name: “about: can have many significations. In fact, for us, it lies in the idea of being open to evolution and changes. We want our music to evolve, with time, and with our fans – our messages too, our lyrics – but especially, we want our music to evolve with ourselves.

As individuals, as artists, but also as a band, we’re going to change, to evolve, to grow up and learn. Therefore, we wanted our name to always follow us, by staying true and significant. We wanted our name to be the reflection of who we really are, by always staying authentic.”

The concept of four short albums over one year – a sort of initiatory path, inspired by the four noble truths of Buddha. Well if that isn’t depth we don’t know what is. We like the idea of 4 short albums over a year, it’s better than releasing a full album full of fillers. You know they have to release top notch material if they just release 4 tracks at a time.Fillers stand out more on an EP, than a full album, if you do that you’ll get caned by listeners.

On first listen their sound is very listenable, more than that actually…..enjoyable. They describe their sound as psyché-folk lo-fi. A blend of acoustic and electro, colored by unexpected sounds. Revealing the beauty that can exist in imperfection, their music “explores the human soul” apparently! They certainly do know how to intrigue listeners by using extravagant copy to describe themselves with them describing their shows as “Travelling between an audio and a visual experience, through contemporary and original live video projections”.

The female duo of Michèle Bernier Martin on keyboards, drum machine & back vocals and Barbara Finck-Beccafico on lead vocals and VJ have created something quite enchanting with their third EP of the concept. There’s a sense of modernality with their sound, it uses pop as a basis but the range of modern instruments really make it a joyous listen. The style mixes in classic french influences with what we are hearing over in Scandinavia at the moment, leaving you kind of enthralled and mesmerised by the creativity and heart embedded in their sound.

Finck-Beccafico vocals are quirky yet they branch out at you in comfort and innocence, she sweetly places herself in your ears with no trouble at all and you don’t feel like it’s intrusive one bit. The lyrics are extremely well written yet slightly dark, she pours her heart out on the opener of ‘Shame’ and you really feel for her. Her pain is obvious when she opens with: “It’s morning, seven forty nine / I’m alone, with a glass of wine / Even though it’s crowded outside / I just feel like I need to hide”, the insecurities are evident but you just want to cuddle her. She carries on ‘One bed and a coffee maker / You promised you‘d leave the lights on / I draw my heart on a piece of paper And you ripped if off, this is brutal stuff but she ends it on a high stating the three clearest words. “Shame on you!”. Redeemed and proud, she feels she no longer wants to play victim and hide.

The percussion has to be commended throughout, it is one of the highlights of the EP, the duo have captured what people are doing in the modern era and are adapting it to their sound. It’s not overused, over stated or brash, they’ve used the percussion to set the tone, modern song craftmanship at it’s finest. The EP even contains a french tongued track at the end, the EP is so good you don’t care one jot that you can’t understand the lyrics, you can understand what they are trying to portray through the instruments. It leaves you satisfied that this is a band who pull of part one of their concept down to a T, we’re very much looking forward to hearing the previous two releases of the project and awaiting the forth.

Enjoy! - Blushing Panda (UK)

"about: Dukkha & Samudaya"

Dukkha et Samudaya, About: avec Barbara Finck-Beccafico

Dukkha & Samudaya

Tout d’abord parlons de About: ce nom ne vous dit peut-être rien. About: c’est Laurent E. Malo, multi-instrumentiste (guitare, basse et violon), la claviériste Michèle Bernier Martin et Barbara Finck-Beccafico à la voix. Pour leur premier album, le trio a décidé de penser une tétralogie. Un peu complexe, me direz-vous? Très original en tout cas !

Barbara Finck-Beccafico raconte ceci : « Pour ce projet, j’avais le goût de rencontrer du nouveau monde, comme quand on voyage et je suis heureuse du résultat ». Suite à la rencontre de ces trois musiciens, le groupe se forme et le premier résultat, c’est l’album Dukkha. Cet album, composé de quatre chansons, Scream, Peur, Charlie et Cry est le premier de la tétralogie. « On trouvait ça original, alors on a cherché un concept qui pouvait coller et qui était en lien avec nos valeurs. C’est comme ça qu’on en est arrivé à la spiritualité et à Bouddha. On est tous un peu là-dedans ». Une sorte de chemin initiatique, inspiré des quatre Nobles Vérités de Bouddha.

L’Album Dukkha, signifiant un concept central du bouddhisme. Ce nom est intraduisible en français cependant certains mots peuvent s’en rapprocher: souffrance, chagrin, douleur, anxiété, insatisfaction, inconfort, angoisse, tension et malheur. C’est la première des quatre Nobles Vérités du Bouddha. Barbara site « C’est la phase où on accepte que la vie est insatisfaction et souffrance. Cela me semblait tout à fait coller avec le parcours du compositeur de chansons. Il me semble qu’au début, écrire, c’est un exutoire. C’est thérapeutique. On écrit d’abord sur ce qui nous fait mal et dans ce sens-là, cela allait très bien avec le concept ».

Vous comprendrez que, par la suite, il s’agit de rechercher l’origine de la souffrance (Samudaya), puis l’extinction de celle-ci (Nirodha) pour enfin atteindre le bonheur (Marga).

Samudaya de About:

Le deuxième album, about : Samudaya évolue en même temps que son concept. L’on sent une identité qui prend ses marques, une recherche sonore plus poussée, un timbre électro qui s’affirme. Mais surtout, on apprécie un album qui met en valeur l’espace, celui de la découverte. De plus, ce deuxième album, dont le style de musique nous est maintenant plus familier grâce à l’écoute de Dukkha vient piquer notre curiosité et l’on a déjà hâte de progresser dans ce concept et d’entendre les albums Nirodha et Marga.

Voulant se démarquer, About band ont choisi d’appeler ça du Psyché-Folk Lo-Fi. Psyché pour le côté révélateur de l’âme; Psyché-Folk pour le mélange des instruments acoustiques avec des sonorités plus électro. Le but recherché, c’est une musique atmosphérique qui parle souvent d’amour, de nature et de rêve. Ça s’accorde bien avec les textes de Barbara Finck-Beccafico. Et puis Lo-Fi, c’est pour le côté humain de leur musique parce que Barbara croit beaucoup à la beauté dans l’imperfection. C’est comme sa voix, elle est plutôt cassée et grave. Elle site « quand j’étais plus jeune, je n’entrais pas dans les standards des chanteuses. Mais j’ai décidé de voir le beau dans cette imperfection ».

Comme le dit si bien Barbara Finck-Beccafico chaque chanson a son identité. Alors bien suivre le mode d’emploi pour apprécier ces opus : ouverture d’esprit et curiosité à la nouveauté musicale !

Les deux autres albums sont déjà prévus, si tout va bien, pour février 2013 et juin 2013.
- Info-Culture

"Amazing band"

"Awesome Indie band marketing! Well done."

"And the music is FANTASTIC. Buy their music!"

"I can't stop listening to these awesome songs. Amazing band."

https://twitter.com/Mattyvan - Matt Sternberg (former Vice-President of Universal Music Group)

"Poste d'écoute"

Dukkha (7/10) Promising start of this tetralogy: the album is somewhat dark and sometimes too hermetic. But patience…

Samudaya (7.8/10) The 2nd EP of this series is surprising. More rock. This album is dark too, but very stimulating and beautiful 7.8/10

Nirodha (7.7/10) This time the folk is set aside to let very interesting hip-hop beats penetrate the layers of sound. On vocals, Barbara claims her lyrics with confidence, knowing how to be sweet and poignant. It is still dark, but never overwhelming. Mesmerizing evolution. Keep on!

Marga (7.4/10) Barbara is perhaps more skilled in English but has a charming tone of voice in French. Coloring its music (as the first of the tetralogy) with Hip-Hop and Electro elements. The group closes the loop of a dark (although here we feel a desire to let the light in) but such a smart and successful project.

Top 40 Charts #31 EP Nirodha - Poste d'écoute - Frédéric Bussières

"About: Samudaya. Second Album of Four"

Make sure to check into About's Facebook page and get a listen at their second album release in the last few months, the second addition to their "4 albums in a year" concept.

I am on my second listen through the songs right now and am impressed by the difference between the first and second groupings...and it's a welcome thing. The first album was wild and expansive, taking you on a raucous ride through various soundscapes and emotions. It was exciting, but, at times, a bit tiring just to keep up. And while the songs in this second group definitely keep the ride going, they do so in a much more collected way...with a much more driven force behind them. Where you were being pulled wildly behind in the last release, this finds you in the drivers seat, pushed by the beats and rhythms, unsure where you are going, but continuing with fervor nonetheless.

Where you were sometimes gasping for breath within the unpredictable waves of "Dukkha", this new album still finds you breathless, but do to being at the fore-front of a relentless push rather than trying to catch up.

Check out their new releases now...and make sure to check out the fantastic first release "Dukkha" below!
http://aboutband.bandcamp.com/ - Marion art blog

"Radio Rotation (Quebec)"

Radio Boréale
FM 94,1
100,3 Radio CIRA
CIRA 91,3 Radio Ville Marie
CHOQ - Radio Stations (list)

"The Best Bands You Haven't Heard: about:"

I'm early to BloomBars, a community arts space in Northwest DC, giving me a chance to speak with John Chambers, just one of the many dedicated people who make this space a reality. "The show is going to be awesome, the bass sounds amazing!" he promises. A pretty good introduction to a band I have never heard of. Since we are early, my friend and I are invited to sit inside before the show starts. While we wait, we speculate about the show, and await the arrival of the band. There are more signs of a promising show, the band has set out fortune cookies that hold a link to download their album. Seriously, that is genius. As we wonder what the band will be like, who we think are more spectators enter the room, looking bright and excited for the evenings musical experience.

It turns out that these would be fans are the band, About:, the Montreal based trio consisting of Barbara Flnck-Beccafico, Laurent E. Malo, and Michéle Bernier. They immediately come and introduce themselves, and it feels more like we are being introduced by mutual friends rather than meeting for the first time. It is their first time playing in the States, which makes since as they have only been a band for 6 months. This fact becomes more and more surprising as I learn how together their entire concept is.

The trio value the experience of life, how "we're going to change, to evolve, to grow up and learn", and they want that change to be expressed in their music. This is the inspiration behind their tetralogy, four short albums of four songs released over a year period as opposed to a single LP. Each short album is inspired by one of the Four Noble Truths of Buddha, and it give About: the opportunity to "compose in the present feeling, and not over analyze".

Then there is the music. About: is accompanied by projected images created by Malo, and the combination of audio and visual is consuming. The microphone of Flnck-Beccafico is a beautiful throwback from the 1930's, a gift from her father, she tells us from the stage. Behind the microphone, she looks like a modern Edith Piaf. Supporting the vocals, Malo stands in control of his guitars, and Bernier inexplicably builds walls of sound with her simultaneously playing keyboard and drum machine.

As the show goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to tell whether About: is playing in front of ten or a thousand people. Malo moves without inhibition, and its hard not to feed off his energy. Next to Flnck-Beccafico, the show takes on a classic-rock vibe. But with Bernier in the mix, the show takes on an distinctive and unique feeling. Steering the ship by providing the bass, keys, and drums, Bernier seems to hold the whole production together. It is a real treat as the show goes on to see her join her bandmates in their energetic movements.

Self described as Psyche-Folk Lo-Fi, About: tries hard not to limit the description of their sound, hoping that their "sound would invent itself". They list Bjork and Radiohead as major influences, and both seem fitting. Their music is very expansive and full, layered with dream-like keys, deep bass. It pairs perfectly with the grounded, earthy guitars and vocals, creating a sound that is both familiar and new.

The first of their four short albums, Dukkha, is available for download now on the bands website, aboutband.com. - Baltimore - The Post-Examiner

"about: album launch"

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the album of about: band, Dukkha. This is the first short album of the tetralogy inspired by the Four Noble Truths of Buddha, Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha, Narga, designating the true reality of the human condition. After an unforgettable performance, a transcend sound and a very friendly atmosphere, I had the pleasure of meeting the three members of the group, Barbara Finck-Beccafico (24 years), Michèle Bernier-Martin (23 years) and Laurent E. Malo (20 years), and to exchange a few words with them about their music.

The lead singer of the group, Barbara, began by telling me a little story with a very cute French accent, of her musical experience over the years. Originally from France, she entered the world of music at the age of 12 years, greatly influenced by her father. She participated in several extracurricular activities related to the art of music, including her high school choir, until the age of 18, when she moved to Montreal to study marketing and international business at HEC. That is when she decided to found her own band, together with the direction of her own artist management label, Poulet Neige.

Following, Michèle, the discreet but very talented pianist of the group, dealing with both the keyboard and multimedia arrangements on stage throughout the entire performance. She informed me about her training in classical piano and her long studies at the Conservatory of Music in Rimouski. After graduating, she began a Masters in Interpretation at the University of Montreal, but took a short break tto focus on her personal projects.

PB: You seem rather kind of shy on stage... Is this a part of your personality, or is it just a need to very focused on stage ?
M: On stage, I do a lot of multitasking. I need a certain level of concentration, but my attitude on stage will mainly depend on how much I'm nervous before it starts. Also, as I'm behind my keyboard all the time, so I cannot move on stage as much as the others.

Finally, Laurent, incredible versatile musician, told me a little bit about how he managed to learn how to play more than four different instruments during the last 20 years. After 10 years of classical violin, he got sick of it. He decided to focus on learning the piano, guitar and bass. Once in CEGEP, he decided to start his own band with a grunge indie rock sound, but had not as much success as expected. He then received a call from Barbara, who knew from her childhood, on the future possibility of starting about: band.

PB: How did you guys all meet ?
L: Well, Barbara and I have known each other since we were young. She is best friends with my older sister.
B: Exactly ! And then Laurent and I became friends over time. To find a third member to our group, I sent several ads on the Internet. One day, Michèle replied and it was the beginning of about: band.

PB: Why do you use so much multimedia in your performance on stage ?
B: There are over 1000 bands, all as good as each other. People expects to constantly hear good music nowadays. So you need a little something more. Something that stands out from the other bands. Also, we all share a passion for the art of music, but also for visual art. All multimedia is designed by ourselves and it's Laurent that takes care of editing the videos.

PB: Why do most of your songs are in English ? I'm not judging or anything, but I must admit that do live in Quebec, in a French culture !
B: There is no reason in particular. Montreal is a bilingual city, after all ! We don't force ourselves to write texts in English, it will come as it comes.
L: We're really just feeling it (laughs)! You should never force yourself to one language in particular. For this album, all the lyrics were written by Barbara, but in the next short album, I wrote one of the songs, Run.
M: For the melody, it is collective. We're all working on it together.

PB: Aside from the inspiration of the Four Noble Truths of Buddha, in everyday life, what inspires you the most ?
L: The little things in life, simply. It can be really anything... Movies, our surroundings, other bands...
M: To me, Buddhist spirituality in general inspires me a lot. To see people fighting for their dreams, this is something I find very motivating.
B: I think we're really down with our spirituality, you know (laughs) !

PB: How does your own personal style is reflected on stage?
B: We try to bring our very personal style on stage but at the same time, we want to unify it with one thing in common. For example, today we chose to have a red item, a red square to support the student strike for Laurent, bright red lipstick for me and a red scarf wrapped around Michèle's arm.
L: Long live democracy ! Just sayin' (laughs) !

PB: Speaking of style, who dressed you guys today?
B: I wear a black peplum dress my father gave me, from a shop I don't remember the name in Las Vegas. On stage, I like being barefoot, despite the 300 - La Petite Brunette en Talons Hauts

"about: | Psyché-folk lo-fi... quoi?"

"about: definitely has an artistic understanding that not many band. This is what makes you want to push the boundaries of discovery, open its horizons and look forward to the next album…"

Publié le mardi 19 juin 2012 par Marie-Eve Boulanger
about : , c’est un band qui n’est pas évident à faire rentrer dans les barèmes de ponctuation; blague à part, c’est aussi un band qui n’est pas évident de faire rentrer dans un moule quel qu’il soit. C’est un concept qu’on ne voit pas souvent, une identité et des convictions affirmées, quelques mois de pratique derrière la cravate et déjà un beau succès qui se prépare.

C’est ce soir que le groupe lançait officiellement au Divan Orange le premier album d’une tétralogie (4 EP) qui s’annonce forte en émotions. Décrite comme étant une musique de type «psyché-folk lo-fi», le thème du premier opus, Dukkha, expose la première des quatre nobles vérités de Bouddha. Au travers des quatre titres du mini-album, on accepte que la vie soit insatisfaction et souffrance.

Pendant le lancement, on nous explique le processus créatif derrière Dukkha en nous décrivant ce qu’on s’apprête à entendre. Les instruments sont mi-électroniques, mi-physiques, dans le sens où Laurent E.Malo passe de la basse électrique et archet à la guitare pendant que Michèle Bernier Martin s’occupe du drum pad, du clavier midi et des accords de piano. Du côté de la voix de Barbara Fink-Beccafico, on décèle un quelque chose de très organique, pas clean mais plutôt encré dans le réel, écorché et très beau à l’oreille. Intensément soft par moment et aussi dramatiquement bien senti. Les influences musicales du trio sont multiples: Radiohead, Porkupine Tree… en quelque part entre deux vagues de musique alternative, expérimentale et pas si loin parfois de Cinematic Orchestra.

about : possède décidément une fibre artistique que de bands possèdent; c'est ce qui donne aussi envie à l'auditeur de pousser la découverte, ouvrir ses horisons et à attendre avec impatience le prochain opus... qui soit dit en passant sera distribué gratuitement de façon numérique, tout comme Dukkha!

Ne manquez pas de surveiller la progression de About : qui sera en concert les 14 et 15 juillet sur St-Denis.


aboutband.bandcamp.com/album/dukkha - Camuz

"The Four Noble Truths of Buddha inspire about:"

about:, ce nom ne vous dit peut-être rien. about:, c’est Laurent E. Malo, multi-instrumentiste (guitare, basse et violon), la claviériste Michèle Bernier Martin et Barbara Finck-Beccafico à la voix. Pour leur premier album, le trio a décidé de penser une tétralogie. Un peu complexe pensez-vous? Très original en tout cas! J’ai eu l’opportunité de discuter avec Barbara Finck-Beccafico qui m’a expliqué le pourquoi du comment.
Être un groupe, ce n’est pas facile aujourd’hui. Se former, si. Se démarquer, non. C’est pourquoi Barbara Finck-Beccafico voulait sortir des sentiers battus et travailler avec des inconnus. « Je ne voulais pas que l’on soit entre personnes qui se connaissent depuis longtemps. J’avais le goût de rencontrer du nouveau monde, comme quand on voyage, et je suis heureuse du résultat ». Ce premier résultat, c’est Dukkha, le premier mini-album, composé de quatre chansons, d’une tétralogie. « On trouvait ça original, alors on a cherché un concept qui pouvait coller et qui était en lien avec nos valeurs », explique Barbara Finck-Beccafico. « C’est comme ça qu’on en est arrivé à la spiritualité et à Bouddha. On est tous un peu là-dedans ».
Dukkha, c’est la première des quatre Nobles Vérités du Bouddha. « C’est la phase où l’on accepte que la vie est insatisfaction et souffrance. Cela me semblait tout à fait coller avec le parcours du compositeur de chansons. Il me semble qu’au début, écrire, c’est un exutoire. C’est thérapeutique. On écrit d’abord sur ce qui nous fait mal et dans ce sens-là, cela allait très bien avec le concept ». Vous comprendrez que, par la suite, il s’agit de rechercher l’origine de la souffrance (Samudaya), puis l’extinction de celle-ci (Nirodha), pour enfin atteindre le bonheur (Marga). Les trois autres EP sont donc déjà prévus, si tout va bien, pour septembre 2012, février 2013 et juin 2013.
Si le concept vous semble particulièrement original, attendez de connaître le style! « On a longtemps cherché à le décrire notre style. Au début, on n’a pas vraiment eu d’autre choix que de se décrire dans la catégorie musique alternative. Mais cela ne nous satisfaisait pas complètement. On voulait se démarquer et on a choisi d’appeler ça du Psyché-Folk Lo-Fi. Psyché pour le côté révélateur de l’âme; Psyché-Folk parce qu’on mélange des instruments acoustiques avec des sonorités plus électro. Le but, c’est une musique atmosphérique qui parle souvent d’amour, de nature et de rêve. Ça s’accorde bien avec mes textes. Et puis Lo-Fi, c’est pour le côté humain de notre musique parce que je crois beaucoup à la beauté dans l’imperfection. C’est comme ma voix, elle est plutôt cassée et grave et quand j’étais plus jeune, je n’entrais pas dans les standards des chanteuses. Mais j’ai décidé de voir le beau dans cette imperfection ». Originaux vous avez dit…
La formation a d’ailleurs fait les choses autrement jusqu’au bout. En effet, le 2 juin prochain, c’est en privé qu’elle lancera Dukkha. « Nous voulions vraiment offrir ce cadeau à nos fans de la première heure », précise Barbara Finck-Beccafico. Les chanceux entendront l’album sous une forme adaptée spécifiquement pour l’occasion. « Nous voulons que les gens vivent le spectacle différemment de ce qu’ils entendent sur l’album ». Mais évidemment, le grand public aura très bientôt l’occasion de rencontrer le groupe puisque les trois artistes seront à Québec (La Ninkasi) le 12 juin, à St-Hyacinthe (Le Trash) le 16 et à Sherbrooke (Le Magog) le 17. Par la suite, le lancement public de l’EP aura lieu le 19 juin au Divan Orange en 5@7. Je vous l’ai dit qu’ils sortaient de l’ordinaire.
Pour découvrir le mélange des émotions proposé par about:, puisque, comme le dit si bien Barbara Finck-Beccafico, « chaque chanson a son identité », rendez-vous au http://about.me/aboutband. Un petit conseil, laissez-vous transporter sans chercher à comprendre!
Entrevue réalisée par : Christelle Lison
Photo : Guillaume Briand - Québec Spot Média

"A band called about:"

I was sent a preview of About:'s first release "Dukkha" and was really blown away. It's a rare thing for me to listen to four songs for a period of eight hours. And no, each song was not two hours long.

An interesting mix of folk, electronic, psychedelia, and ambient/ethereal tunes, each song takes you on a very different voyage through a rather unknown musical landscape. Though you can definitely hear hints of influences like Bjork, Pink floyd, and even some more classic rock sounding drums and guitar, About: seems to build it's songs through a process of discovery, allowing each to meander, build, fall and layer before you reach the conclusion. The listener follows along, sometimes frantically searching for imminent danger, sometimes pulled along by the gentle current, always effortlessly led by the changing tunes, beats and rhythms that intertwine throughout each track. Each song plays out a storyline of changing beats, shifting rhythms and ebbing moods to a level some entire albums don't reach, providing a very saturated and thorough investigation of the work presented.

Take a look and make sure to keep checking in for more updates and releases.
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EP Dukkha (June 2012)
EP Samudaya (October 2012)
EP Nirodha (May 2013)
EP Marga (March 2014)



about: is a female duo, in love with synths, electronic beats, psyche vocals and visual conception.

Our sound? PsychElectro Lo-Fi. A blend of acoustic and electro, colored by unexpected sounds.... Wrapped up in a shoegaze feeling.

Our show ? Traveling between an audio and visual experience, through contemporary projections.

Since 2012, we have launched 4 short-albums, and performed over 30 shows.

Here are some of our career highlights...


- MEG Festival 2015 (MontrĂŠal)

- Canadian Music Week 2015 (Toronto)

- Indie Week 2014 (Toronto)

- Canadian Music Week 2014 (Toronto)

- Fast Festival 2014 (Montreal)

- MEG showcases 2014 (Montreal)

- CBGB Festival 2012 (Manhattan)


Interfusion Music Summit (Californie)

Vancouver Island Music & Business Conference

SAMF (Atlanta)


- North-East coast of the US (New york region, Washington, Philadelphia)
- Quebec (Estrie, Mauricie, Capitale nationale)


La Trilogie du Canard - film by Stephan Foenkinos

(Brackets) - film by Thibault Oskian

Gigolo - film by Thibault Oskian

The Loop - film by Pascal Chassoux

about: seeks to go beyond the music. Whether it is through our poetry, our shows, our projections during our performances, our videos, our photos etc. We want to integrate the arts in its entirety, as the heart of our artistic guideline.

PsychElectro ?
Because we try to experiment. Mixing acoustic instruments with sounds that come out of the ordinary, supported by a hint of electro. about: brings out a psychedelic and atmospheric music,which often speaks of love,nature and dreams.Which blends perfectly withour lyrics.
And after all,"psyche" is a revelation of the soul

Lo-Fi ?
Because it focuses on the human side of our music.We like that see all the beauty that can exist in imperfections. We like to think that this quite dirty sound can become an accomplice of the artistic impact of our compositions.

Of course, we can name a lot of our musicals influences: CocoRosie, for their sound exploration. Portishead, for their Lo-Fi feel. Bjork, for their eccentric side. And, for sure, among so many reasons, Radiohead, for their constant capacity to innovate.

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