Hailing from Austin, TX, about:blank began as a quartet playing regular First Thursday festival gigs on Austin's simmering South Congress strip. Since then, they have played regularly around town (Belmont, Botticelli's, Elephant Room, Ruta Maya and others...) - always impressing crowds with both deep pocket and excitement in their progressive arrangements.

Their new record, Rise, reflects their blend of funk, jazz, ska and rock, taking instrumental music to new places. Their music is catchy and thoughtful, exciting and moody, slamming and soulful... It is a new brand of jazz that makes you think and shakes your rump. The personnel on the record is a group of professionals representing decades of experience, surprising considering their age... Dave Adam - drums; Danny Anderson - guitar; Kyle Clayton - bass; Kevin Gibbs - saxophone; Paul Luedke - trumpet.

Live is where the band thrives, playing the complex arrangements tightly or improvising to new heights. There is a bit of a rotating cast that has included Travis Woodard - drums; Marcus Cardwell - saxophone; Erik Telford - trumpet; Michael Blake - guitar; Ian Varley - organ; DJ Stillness - turntables; Stephen Graf - trombone; Todd Perkins - percussion; Nate Barrett (original member) - percussion and others...

The band already has Austin audiences bouncing on their toes (if not their heads) with its powerful brand of psycho-funky-jazz. Coming soon to your town and the rest of the world, About:Blank's soulfully psychedelic groove will put the tickle in your dancing boots-before you can count four.


1. May Cause Dizziness
2. Rise

Set List

Our typical night is 2 one hour sets, though we do as much as 4 hours with a couple breaks if need be.
Nearly everything we do is original with the occasional jazz standard (Equinox, Footprints, Freddie Freeloader) and one Outkast tune (Spottieottiedopalicious). Our original sets might go something like this...
Vaguely Familiar
The Evasive
Allen Wrench
It's A View
Not Far
Black Magic Marker
ADD Etude
About Skank
The Worm