About, the

About, the


We are a trio indie folk rock band from Ann Arbor, MI. Our music ranges from foot stomping, hand clapping fun, to slow melodic soundscapes. We play coffee shops, bars, clubs, and everything in between. We appeal to a large group of people that understand and appreciate well crafted music.


Started off with Matthew Krause and his solo project called, "Late in May" and now blossomed into a full out band!! Some of the songs we play are from Matt's solo project, and some are pure "About, the". We play shows in and around the Ann Arbor area. We have acoustic, folk, indie, and rock all mixed into a spectacular blend of sound.

Influences include The Decemberists, Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, The Swell Season, Johnny Cash (of course), Simon and Garfunkel. Really anything that is well crafted, has heart, and is understandable.


No official CD out yet, just a bunch of songs in and around the internet that we may or may not play live.

Set List

1. Phone
2. Whiskey Company
3. Cover song
4. Mountains
5. I was here
6. Cover song
7. Ely, MN
8. Colorado