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Above Ave. is a Hip Hop group trying to make the music more than dancing, jewelry, and repetition. The purpose in the name is the purpose of the music; to be above the average Hip Hop act and above the influences of growing up in a system where you’re meant to fail.


The original group "Ess Eff" : M.C. (in CA), BB (in Puerto Rico), & FrontLYne (in CA) has been around for about 8 years starting out in San Francisco California....As time passed they eventually added "El Triqueno" an emcee who now lives in Brick City....In 2006 a decision was finally made to create a larger group, now this is "Above Ave."!!!! Including Ess Eff there are 7 emcees in the group...First is "Chec" one of the newest members yet hard with the metaphors from Hartford CT, Second is Young "Loose" The Kid out of Washington D.C......Third and final, is U.F.O. the trend setter who now resides at the current "Above Ave." headquarters in San Diego California......We've rocked the stage with many talents and plan to do much more!!!!!!!!....Look out for "Above Ave."


What It's About? Lyrics

Written By: Above Ave./Royce Da 5'9"

[Intro] {Royce and M.C. Simultaneously}

(Royce Da 5' 9")

Yea, Fiva Nina in this Building

My nigga Mac.....C'mon {c'mon}

I'm about my paper {Repeat x 4}


M.C., Above Ave.
Ess Eff, yea, yea
Okay......My Paper, uh
yea, uh, uh

[Verse - M.C.]

Fuck with me, you not able to do it
Stuck with the degree, too hot for the hu-man
Advanced rap, will not be computed
Talk we will mute it, puzzle the Rubik's
A cosmic symphony, bars is out there
Stars kin to me, nobody to com-pare
Hit you in the face with a flow, aye
Kitchen tools to paper, we don't, play
It's not fair to you dawg, to compare you to ours
Scary and rare, apparently bomb, uh
Carry 'em off, I'm over the dosage
Vocabulary raw as the potent coke get
No love for the weak shit, I'ma run it
Got more heat than police where my lung is
Got to eat, so in all sense hunting
Man we hungry, if it ain't providing, then fuck it {When it's on}

[Chorus - Royce Da 5' 9"]

When it's on, then it's on
'Cuz can't nobody zone like the zone I'm on, I'm gone {C'mon}
Don't play, I'm about my paper
Yes, I get paid, I'm about my paper
It's time to move on {on}
New car, new look, new house, that's what I'm about {For real}
I don't play, I'm about my paper
Yes, I get paid, I'm about my paper

[Verse - UFO]

For the dollar bills ya'll, people get killed ya'll
Plain and simple cash rules, people act a fool
For a motherfucking guap, thousands, millions, placed in a trust
Hungry children got nothing for lunch
Fucked up no doubt, but, paper I'm about
Got to double the amount thats up in my bank account
Buy a house, maybe a few
Broke or rich, either way i'll lose
Right or wrong, either way i'll choose
'Cuz I can't call MF DOOM when we need food
Kids that made Jordans can't even afford those shoes
Can't, support those views, so we relocating
Trying to get the cream and we, still made nathan
Radio station playing got my head aching
So I said fuck that, I ain't waiting
Golden State, ain't no patience
Bay Area linking with Detroit's favorites
And we ain't even related or famous

[Chorus - Repeat]

[Verse - FrontLYne]

Yo, I make bread but cater to something greater
Paper isn't something that appears if you just wait here
It takes hard work, no time to be a hater
Papers also something we can't save here for later
First and foremost as I serve the most high
Ignore fake emcees coming through looking cock eyed
Try to feed your own mouth, What It's About
Still hustling on the corner just to get this tape out
Right now, no time to waste, how..
Can I just sit back and allow..
My feet grounded, your whole crew surrounded
The only way to go in this life, man, I found it
Come hard, stomp the devil like the yard
A dog eat dog world so I got to keep a steady heart
At this rate, when I push away the hate
Expect to find faith, that's how you stay awake {huh}

[Chorus - Repeat x 2] {Echo out}


Just a Glimpse EP (2008)

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Just a Glimpse
Love '79
Hall of Doom/Soul Music
The Authentic/Gimmicks
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