Above it All

Above it All


Four dedicated, energetic, talented and (usually)inebriated individuals! We are Above it All, we rise above genres and play what is truly felt, going beyond anything conventional. Passion for the music and music for the passion. We play what needs to be played, we say what needs to be said.


The music of Above it All has its roots in progressive rock and punk, but they've traveled far beyond the boundaries of jazz, combining Jamaican grooves, electronic arrangements, and beautiful melodies.

The band, based in Brampton, ON, consists of Ed Lomas (vocals), Derek Nelson (guitar), Justin West (bass) and Matt Salo (drums). They have recently completed their first studio release, and perform regularly in the GTA and Niagara regions in support of the album. They have been featured in some of the area’s top venues, including The Opera House, and The Hard Rock Cafe. The members of Above it All, each an accomplished musician in their own right, have had the privilege of performing with a wide variety of outstanding musical luminaries, including Reggae producer and artist Wayne Passion, Ugly of Social Sick Club/PIMP, and guitarist Jamie Robinson.

Emerging from St.Catharines, Above It All was formed in early 2008. This line was formed in 2009, and has been working incredibly strong since then. With this line-up of dedicated musicians and their compatibility in writing, it was easy for them to create their first EP.

AiA’s main focus has been their live performances, winning over attention from many listeners. Throughout 2008, Above it All played many shows with HotBoxxx booking agency. By the end of the year, they were announced one of the best live performances of 2008. Thanks to the awarded time given by Hotboxxx, AiA recorded at The Chalet. Above It All has been encouraged by many representatives of major labels and agen¬cies to continue on as their positive energy on stage has made an impression on the industry.

In 2009, AiA moved cities and continued to dominate in live performances, with shows at Hard Rock Café and other great venues around Toronto, they are quickly building a name for themselves. With live events on the roll, Above it All has been able to focus on the media, hitting radio stations and magazines for interviews. Just recently, Brock Magazine involved them in on an article to present 10 artists “you must listen to”.

Night after night, compliments are given towards Above it All for their diversity and charisma. With their unique playing and the loud following of fans, it will be hard not to leave a mark on any line up that they are included in.


Latest EP includes;
Dispatch (the hero)
For How long
Bound to Happen

Set List

Above it All has sets as long as one hour, or as short as 30 minutes.
Typical set list would include; Stifle, For how long, Uniform bombing, Bound to happen, Nothings left, and Dispatch (the hero).
No covers.