Above the Screaming

Above the Screaming


We are a 3 piece indie/punk band with a extremely strong work ethic and heartfelt songwriting. In the short time since we formed we have recorded and released a self titled EP and self booked a 3 week east coast tour from PA to FL. We plan to stay on tour indefinitely, playing as much as we can.


Above the Screaming formed in December 2007 under the pretense of just making good music that we wanted to listen to. The next few months were spent discovering that we wanted to do a lot more. Aside from making good music that we're proud of we want to make a positive impact on the independent music world. We think we do this by just being good people and taking care of everyone we meet along the way. If everyone did that small thing then we'd all find ourselves in a better musical climate.
Our plans from here on out are to keep booking our own tours, meeting more and more awesome people every day, and playing as many shows as we can.


3 lanes to NJ

Written By: Chris Stowe

When you pack your bags tonight
Take one last look around
Every picture, every moment, all the framework that you built, tear it down
Forget everything
Forget we were wrong
And this "fuck you" front that i put up is as fragile as it sounds

I'm as fragile as i sound

Friends i wish you well
But i promised myself
When you find yourself face to face with every part of you i hate
Tell them i said goodbye
It hurts like hell to leave this place
But goddamn i feel alive

the Primer

Written By: Chris Stowe

Waited so long
Waited so long
That my chest hurts from all this screaming
And i can't find the words to tie this in
Maybe ask the silence where we should begin

Hey, why don't you stay
Hey, why don't you stay
And i'll trade all this shit for one kind word
All of my love for something that makes all of my life for one more day
Just one

Something tells me when to go and when to stay
Something tells me that i've lost already
You weigh me down


Written By: Chris Stowe

I saw you walking away
Can read that look on your face
I saw your heart want to stay
And cover all of the tracks that you made that day
I saw her walk towards me
Her skin still covers her mistakes
Lets fake this one more time for old times sake

This is me giving up

Can you hear me?
Can you see what i've become?
I'm no one
These are the things i regret
Here's a list of sins you may or may not know i'm in

This is me giving up

not good enough for whitney

Written By: Chris Stowe

If this makes it across the airwaves
Then you'll know we're all alive
In quiet steps on carpet floors
In the empty sound of misspoke words
We are your mistakes

There's so much to say, so much to say for me

I'll find my way

If i make it through december
Then i'll know that i'm alive
In more that wrongs i meant to write
In more than sins and dollar signs
In my mistakes

There's so much to say, so much to say for me

Somebody wake me up
Somebody tell me it's not over till it's over


Above the Screaming (self titled) EP March 2008


Set List

Our typical set list is around 40 to 45 minutes. it can definitely be shorter or longer depending on the needs of the venue.

We do not typically do cover songs.