Abra Cadaver

Abra Cadaver


Always bringing the good time to every show, ABRAcadaver is a Rock/Hardcore band that'll leave you feeling violated, but at the same time loved. Bringing satisfaction to all with our pleasurable performance and dirty, yet classy music.


Abra Cadaver was formed in the summer of '06, brought together by fate and a little bit of booze. Originally started after the departure of former bassist and drummer of This Changes Everything, Tanner Pierce took over drumming duties and began writing more rock/thrash music with guitarists Steve Lafleur and Steven Davidson, while keeping Daniel Davidson as the prestigious front man. This change in genre persuaded these four overly contagious fellows to change their name to Abra Cadaver. Finding refuge in Melbourne, Florida, the men of Abra Cadaver have been making their way out of their homes and into the hearts of one and all, with nasty lyrics, loud music, an energetic presence, and a breath of fresh air for the hip-hop community. Hallelullah holla back, ghetto revival.


Hot 'N Bothered EP

Set List

Dan Gent's Orphan Powered Death Machine
Knock Yourself Up
Pin The Tail On The Virgin
My Hell Has A 24 Hour Jimmy Buffett Soundtrack
(Necro. Pt. 2)
New Jerkin' Material