Imagine calling all of your friends and meeting them out a huge barn party in front of a fire when all the sudden you hear a soundtrack to that good time coming from yours truly. Abraham lives to make honest music and hope we can share some good times with you very soon!


A living room session in early November with songwriter friends in Shreveport was the beginning to Abraham. Soon after a week of rehearsal they realized they had stumbled upon what they had all been searching for. After realizing they already had a record, Dylan offered the suggestion to go and cut the record in Muscle Shoals, Alabama where he had been living on and off his for the past few years. So they headed to the nostalgic Fame Studios to try and tap into the magic and mystic they had heard so much about. They found more than they ever imagined.


Self titled album Abraham

Set List

On The Horizon
Answers I Wish I Had
Thinking about coming home
Emma Hartley
Anna Lee
Leaving It All
Old Fashioned Way
Promise Me
Tuesday night Rain
On with the night
The Ghost