It's fun rock n' roll, really melodic. I call it garage pop. We sing together and try to do interesting things rythymically. We do a wide variety of things with our songs, everything from punk to bluegrass and yet it still feels cohesive. Two songwriters...really, it's all about the songs.


This is a band driven by an insatiable desire to make music that is different and worthwhile. Songs that are interesting on an intellectual level and still effective on a visceral level. Ryan and Joel have been playing music together since grade school and that really comes out in the music. The rhythms and harmonies that have been developed over the years are being perfected in this band. Ryan and Joel are proficient with guitar and drums, also they are both song-writers. This makes for a nearly endless variety and yet the music never feel disjointed. With the addition of Mikal on Bass, Abraham became a real rock n roll band with all the essential ingredients. After playing many shows in Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia and Salem, OR in early 2009 - Abraham took the show on the road. In October of 2009 the "Past the future" tour embarked across the Midwest. Roughly 20 shows in 25 days, taking them as far east as Columbus, OH and as far south as Springfield, MO...and of course everywhere in between (Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boise, Salt Lake City, Madison).

Influences range from Paul Simon to "Pinkerton" -era Weezer. We also dig on T-Rex, Everly Brothers, Pixies, etc.


Past the Future - 2008

"Hotel" and "Angry Machine" have been and continue to be played on Hollowearthradio.org regularly.

Set List

Typical set list is 10-12 songs. It looks something like this:

1. Angry Machine
2. Carrie
3. Soda
4. Saltwater Crocodile
5. Oh, Donnie Girl
6. Rise and Run
7. The Walking Man
8. Hotel
9. Past the Pond
10. On high
11. Useless Ideas
12. Illinois River

that would be about a forty minute set...of course, we have twice that in material so we can lengthen or shorten depending on the situation.