Abraham Backfur

Abraham Backfur


Abraham Backfur is a group of rambunctious students from UVM who are redefining the genre "turtle punk". They rock their crowds out of comas and into a world where rock and roll rules as supreme law.


In the fall of 2007, while going to the University of Vermont Ish meet Adam Gero lifeing it at the end of his hall. After rock and rolling for months Ish heard of a weird ass kid who played guitar nicely named Gered. Gered, Ish and Adam made a power house team sneaking into practice places and making windows rattle. They were missing something important though. Colombian Majico Magia. Ish meet a Colombian kid named Felipe who DID have Magia and DID play a dirty bass guitar. Abraham Backfur was formed and have been playing shows in Vermont ever since. From local venues (e.g. Higher Ground, Metronome, more...) to house party's, to Montpelier (e.g. Langdon St. Cafe). Gered Williams (CA), Adam Gero (VT), Ish McDonald (MN) and Felipe Gallego (CT) found out that although they came from four very different roots they unanimously agreed there was only one way to truly play rock: Get the crowd raging so hard they wont get out of bed the next day. A show that forces you to leave your baggage at the door and wake/drink the F**k up.


Our single "Puking Bear" off our unreleased album is on regular rotation at UVM's radio station WRUV 90.1

Set List

Drunken Rub, Danger Love
Pulling Me in
Puking Bear
My Back
Formally Known Ass
Keepin in Mind
Bloody K-Pins
Where'd you go?
Fugazi-Waiting Room
RATM-Sleep Now in the Fire

We can play one hour sets.