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Abraham Calleros

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Alternative, fine Rock with a Jazz feel and a taste of Latin.



Born to a musical family in Guadalajara Mexico, this self-taught musician was the youngest of 13, and founder, with the aid of two older brothers, of Mexico’s biggest pop band to date MANA.

Alternating between singing and playing drums Abraham pioneered the way audiences viewed pop music in Mexico. He recalls “at the beginning of the 80’s I started to sing pop in Spanish, at that time in Mexico this was very criticized because of the belief pop music should only be in English”. Un-swayed by local narrow views he continued to sing in Spanish. This started to have more and more impact in the media, as well as in live concerts. Green Hat would go on to release two albums with fair success in their home land, then latter they would change their name to MANA and go on to share the stage with such legends as Carlos Santana.

After Green Hat, Abraham wrote “Quisiera que estuvieras aqui” (wish you were here), a National Hit in Mexico. Then a sudden meeting with the great experimental jazz drummer from Switzerland Fredy Studer opened up a whole new world to Abraham. This lead to the next few years dedicated to jazz while living in Boston.

After returning to Mexico in the 90’s he brought with him the bragging rights as the first Mexican drummer endorsed by two international companies, PAISTE CYMBALS, and REMO DRUMS. He then decided to share what knowledge he had gained, so he built a drum studio and gave lessons. Though this time saw him as more of a stationary studio player than a live touring player, he still managed to find his way to play in Egypt, Spain, Canada, and of course, the USA.

Abraham now resides in Snohomish, and has a very exciting new band that he would love to bring your way…. In English.


By My Side

Written By: Abraham Calleros

If you were not by my side
If you were not by my side
What could I be in this empty world?
Nothing without you
I know I want to spend
my life here with you.
There is no time
there is no distance
I insist
but I try
to measure your love for me
I was wrong so wrong
you forever my good soul mate
as we travel in this very space
forever, for ever
if you were not by my side
I wanna I want you
I wanna keep on dreaming
if you were not by my side
I wanna I want you
I wanna keep on dreaming
if you were not by my side
I wanna I want you
I wanna keep on dreaming


Written By: Abraham Calleros

I am waiting, I am here
I need to know
Set me free

I need love, health, money, happiness
I beg you, I beg on my knees
Searching for an answer blown
in the wind , but simply cannot breath

When I am wrong, I am decayed
while normal I am delayed,
frustration and pain

Remember my father used to say
there in no sacrifice in vain
you got all the way and give your self
If there is no heaven, there is only hell

Waiting, waiting I am here I need to know
Set me free

I hope to catch the one reason
that I need to believe ,
believe in you, believe in god
feel desperation, loose direction
can you help me to find a piece of mind
Then I need the latter to be hi and free
elevate myself
I call you
renovation, transformation
set me free, please set me free ,

I need love, health, money, happiness,
I beg you I beg on my knees

Waiting, waiting

I need love, health, money, happiness,
I beg you I beg you on my knees

Waiting, waiting I need to know
Waiting, waiting I need to know
Waiting, waiting, I need to go


Written By: Abraham Calleros

Navigator, navigator
Instants a special moment
Something like a stork
Flying all over the sea,
But on earth there is a paradise
That takes and gives us more & more
And for all the matters, and for all the
People, warning us about the
Prophecies with its deep singing.

So we should love & care, trust
& give and more & more
Colors, colors, colors, colors, colors, colors
And colors and colors.

Navigator, navigator, navigator.
Tears were raining when the crier willow
Appeared cause she brought
floads, earthquakes, overcold and heat
we were wrapped in her screaming
sounds at night.

So I beg to God for our forgiveness,

Please, please, please, forgive us, forgive us,
Forgive us.
Navigator, am I navigator? Soul navigator,
Unblind navigator, looser navigator.

Navigator, navigator, navigator.


Endorsed by:

Paiste Cymbals
Remo Drum Heads


Sombrero Verde I BMG
Sombrero Verde II Melody
Punto y Aparte Comrock, WEA
Duda Mata Jose Fors
Montana Comrock, WEA
Forseps Jose Fors
Symbolos Independent
Calleros Fugazi Records
Rostros Ocultos Sony

Set List

Station of Life
Dear old man
Trying to forget
By my side
Drum song