Abraham Ludwig

Abraham Ludwig


Stories and songs inspired by the disfunctional harmony of the human psyche, and the effervescent connection with energies as we co-create and destroy the tiny universe.


we are inspired by all music, especially those who strive to set themselves apart from the norm as a means of survival. I currently study music therapy at SHSU, and my goal is to gain the ability to use music as a tool to help facilitate therapy to those in need, quite literally in the physical sense, and more artistically of course, for my own edification and healing.


lonesome rose

Written By: Abraham Ludwig

I spent another perfect daze
without a decent melody to save
Watched the burning leaves turn brown and grey
as dust settled on the east side of town
I need to find my lonesome rose 'cause her sunrise eye ease my soul
so if you need to know the stars will hold me ransome until she shows

'Cause baby I love your waves
you get me through another haze of days
I don't wnat to bring you down, I'd rather see the whole world drown
as victims of a lovers flood, for the one's whose flood gates have opened up
so if you need to know you'll see the water line rising across your shore

but i won't let you drown, lovers shold never be alone this low, in this prison town, but i believe before the morning comes we'll reach a higher ground, that we both found, Our love will always be around

My hands are raised when I see your beautiful face, my hand are rays as i surrender to you waves, you know it's been so long I came all this way

Baby I know the way home, but I'm too lonely to be the hero who takes it on alone
I don't want to slow you down, 'cause your the reason I came to town
oh my sweet lonesome rose your sunrise eyes ease my soles
so if you need to know, I have always loved you


Written By: Abraham Ludwig

bandito loose on a western trail,
busted out of the local sherriff's hell
just killed a man in cold blood, six shooter is the only thing he loves

Just made three states in fifteen days, leaving a trail of blood along the way
He's got a possee hot on his tale, every step gets closer and closer to hell

He said if you've got to run to be free, then you can't ever trust nobody
if you've got run to be free

He's got to make it to the border line, it's the only way to stay alive
but johnny law won't ever let 'em be, won't ever be free, bandito left to rot from an old growth tree

He said if you've got to run to be free, then you can't ever trust nobody, not even me
if you've got run to be free
but if you've got to run then do be free

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