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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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"Kids Are Alright-Toronto-born rock band Abraham's Children sure to rekindle Canadian Hearts"

Now here’s a real blast from the past - remember the hits Goodbye Farewell and
If you replied Abraham's Children, go to the head of the class.
Better yet, if you answered Abraham's Children, why not just go see them instead tonight at the L'il Big Horn?
It'll be their first show in this area since…..1976?
I think it was '76," replies singer Jimi Bertucci, 53, from Los Angeles, who co-founded the Toronto pop rock band as a high schooler. “That was probably our last tour of Canada."
That was also the year Bertucci left the band, which had signed to United Artists Records and was operating under the name The Children, to go solo.
He released one album as Jimi B. on A&M before leaving for Los Angeles and forming the bands Angel (not the Gregg Guiffria-led unit) and Space Patrol before returning to his solo career….and, as fate would have it a few decades later, a refurbished Abraham’s Children.
“We've been doing a few things down here”, says Bertucci, who was born in Calabria, Italy, before moving to Toronto at age six.
“We did a project in the studio a couple of years ago that we’re still working on. Then we started doing some dates down here, but more down here than Canada. And once we started getting the feedback from Canada, we thought, 'Maybe we should just go up there and do some dates.’" ,," _ !>
To hear Bertucci tell it, Abraham’s Children enjoyed a humongous Canadian following that consisted of sellout tours without having to rely on the bars and tavern circuit. “Abraham's Children was a heavily marketed band, and now when I kind of look back, it was almost one of the early boy bands, because they marketed us in that direction for the young teenage girls,” he explains. “Most of the concerts we did at that time had audiences consisting of young teenage girls.”
The band only released one album, Time, although they managed to enjoy a number of notorious dates, ranging from a concert at Toronto’s Centre Island in 1971 that Bertucci claims drew 40,000 people to being kicked off a Stampeders tour for receiving more favourable reviews than the headliner.
Bertucci, who learned to play the bass in his teens after seeing the Beatles at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens, also recalls a young Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart warming up the Abraham’s Children crowd on a few occasions.
The band also appeared at the infamous Maple Music Junket – a Canadian music industry initiative sanctioned by then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau that flew in journalists from all over the world for a showcase in Toronto in the early ‘70s.
That gig featured Crowbar, Lighthouse and a barefoot Anne Murray.
And locally, Abraham’s Children appeared umpteen times on Canadian Bandstand, the series filmed in CKCO’s Kitchener studios and sadly wiped clean – as were many tapes – so the station could re-use them.
“Kitchener was a really big town for us at that point,” Bertucci recalls. “We probably appeared on Canadian Bandstand more than any other band, and we always attracted a pretty good audience when we did those shows. In fact, the host of the show, Grant Hoffman, saw his picture on the website (www.thechildrenrock.com) and wondered if we could get him a copy, because he didn’t have anything from that time period.”
But as many other Canadian acts in the ‘70s will readily admit to, Abraham’s Children fell victim to inconsistent business practices.
“We sold hundreds of thousands of records, but we never got an accounting of anything,” Bertucci stresses. “Any time we went into a city to play, the record stores would always be sold out. We used to do in-store meet-and-greets, and I remember one store in Winnipeg where we stayed in there for two hours just signing albums.
“It was just hard to get an accounting of what was going on. And, as a young band, we didn’t care. I think we were so overwhelmed by our egos at that time, being teenagers and just having the attention, we thought it was great. We hardly ever questioned our financial status. We just kind of went with the flow of rock’n’roll.
“Even though we toured all the time, there were a lot of unaccounted funds. We lost tons of money.” Currently publishing Ciao Magazine when he’s not following his musical pursuits, Bertucci says the L’il Big Horn show – which will also feature drummer Mike Babbitt, guitarist Bryn Anderson, keyboardist Robert Hoetling and bass player Steve Mack – will preview some material off the band’s new Second Coming album.
“We’ve been working on it a while,” Bertucci admits. “I think we’re about two or three songs away from completing it.” You’ll also hear all the hits – although not necessarily their original arrangements.
“We’re not going to do them the way they were done,” says Bertucci. “We want to have fun with them, because it’s going to be hard to try and recreate what we were then. We do a couple of them unplugged and they’re a little more sincere.”
So why, after a 28-year absence, has Ber - Nightlife - Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo

"Abraham's Children To Take Stage"

Abraham's Children to take stage

Canadian rock history will take the stage of the Astor on Sept. 23 at 8pm. .
Canadian pop group Abraham's Children has performed for millions of fans all over the world and still continues to attract many excited supporters when touring. As this classic rock band now celebrates its 30th anniversary, it will once again embark on the road of rock n roll doing dates in Canada and the US. A best of CD is in the works that will include all the hits "Goodbye Farewell" "Thank you" "Gypsy" "Goddess of Nature" and more. .
The Children as they are now called started out in Toronto like so many other bands, with hopes of maybe one day becoming well known' and respected musicians. It was at Club 813 that these four young boys would first be discovered by the late Jack Morrow (Fat Mouth, Teenage Head). He once told the press "'this is truly a rock band full of energy." Jimi Bertucci, Ron Bartley, Brian Cotterill and Bob McPherson were in for the surprise of their lives. Jack asked producer Paul Gross (Phase One) to check the boys out. Paul decided to work with the band and within weeks the band and Paul were writing and demo-ing. songs. It was the writing skills of Jimi Bertucci and Ron Bartley that would pen some great classic songs that can still be heard today. Although many industry people thought the band was a little too commercial, almost on the bubble-gum side, The Children would prove that a good song is a good song. .
Their first single was Hot Love, which was released in 1970. Hot Love would later become the flip side to their 1972 hit Goodbye Farewell. During the early 70's founder and principal songwriter Jimi Bertucci led the group. The group would wait almost one year later to release their first international hit, Gypsy. The re1eases of "Goodbye Farewell", "Gypsy" and "Thank you" would confirm that this was a group that would not go unnoticed. The release of their first album "TIME" which included all the hits and songs like "Workin for the Man" "Woman O Woman", would show a different side to The Children, a heavier side. To support the album The Children added second guitarist Shawn O'Shea. While preparing for the next album The Children would release "Goddess of Nature " full of big strings, once again The Children would have another hit. After the success of "Goddess of Nature" in 1975 the group went for a heavier and more intricate sound, trying to leave behind that famous sound that made them a Canadian household name. The Children were growing up. The collective songs for the new album would never be released due to problems with their record label and musical differences. Jimi decided to pursue a solo career. Ron Bartley. and the other band members would continue to tour and record some new songs, but were never able to capture the magic that The Children were known for on stage and on record. - Advance-The Voice of Queens County, Liverpool NS

"Abraham's Children"

Abraham's Children formed in the mid-to-late sixties after evolving from the band "Just Us" and then Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet. In 1972's "Goodbye Farewell" was a top ten hit across Canada an was released in Italian as "Bye Bye Bambina Occhi Blue" which also received plenty of attention on some of the ethnic stations across Canada - Savoy Theatre-Glace Bay

"Jimi B Debut Album"

”Originally from Toronto's little Italy, Jimi Bertucci has been announced almost a decade. His original band Abraham's Children who had three albums released but shortly after the third album in 1975 the band dismembered. Since then he has been traveling around, continuing to write and produce until last year when he returned to Toronto to sign with A&M. His debut album features some good Canadian artists; bassist Prakash John, guitarists BB Gabor and Peter Follett, and keyboardist Jody Colero. Best cuts - Shake, Touch Me, Strange Feeling, Unit No.1980. Jimi B is on his way be sure to get a listen to the new sounds and new songs of Jimi B.” Kathie Evenson - WALLACEBURG NEWS WEEKENDER. - Wallaceburg News Weekender

"Beyond Abraham's Children"

“With his self-titled album Jimi B has decided once again to venture out into the touchy world of rock. Jimi Bertucci started out with Abraham's Children in the early 70s and managed a couple of Canadian hits including, Good-bye Farewell in 1972 and Gypsy in 1973. Jimi B hasn't recorded since Goddess of Nature in 1975. For his first album, the Toronto native has enlisted BB Gabor and other top session musicians. Gabor is probably best remembered for capturing the publics imagination a couple of years ago with Metropolitan Life and Soviet Jewellery. Handling all the song writing and production Jimi B comes up with a pleasant album of rockers that rely on catchy hooks, while his singing strains to catch the sincerity of singers like Springsteen and John Cougar. Jimi B's preoccupation with the American Dream makes Red White & Blue and All American Boy seem a bit contrived for a Canadian kid. However Touch Me and Wickless Dynamite are standouts on the positive side of the spectrum.” MUSIC EXPRESS - Music Express

"Album Review - Jimi B"

“Leave it to Toronto to produce another fresh breeze in what has lately become a progressively stale North American scene. Jimi B is an artist and album that flaunts very periodic flashes of imagination in writing and performance. In fact, Jimi B. could quite possibly be the most exportable Canadian musical talent this year, unless something dramatic surfaces.” SOUND ADVICE By Brian Wakil - Sound Advice

"JimiB Album"

“Jimi Bertucci is a veteran songwriter on the Canadian scene, and when he chooses to rock this album is first-rate - check Red White & Blue, Shake, and All American Boy, which is a strong AM grabber.” THE RECORD REVIEWS - The Record Reviews

"In The Grooves"

“Jimi ( Bertucci ) B's career has been incubating for 10 years since he fronted " Abraham's Children, " a band which had a lot of success in Canada. Through ups and downs he has been writing material which documents a young man's odyssey through the streets, his encounters with society's special cases, his romantic dreams, and philosophical notations. A bassist primarily, his music has a rhythmic attitude which is appealing. The lyrics are catchy, poetic, topical. Jimi seems to be the kind of performer we expect to be a star and sing to us about our vulnerability whilst living in the grand style. He sounds more like a New Yorker than a Torontonian- or maybe it's just that now we've grown up and can produce and recognize star qualities in ourselves. Jimi B is a classy artist, and his debut album should be well received, because it is all in the grooves.” IN THE GROOVES, Keith Elshaw (Q107FM) - Q107 FM

"Liner Notes"

"The time has come," the Walrus said. And it has. The time for what? Well might you ask. Time is a very important thing to any aspiring musician. For everything to fall into place properly, which results in that elusive thing called stardom, the time must be right. The chemistry has to be perfect. And now into the arena of international competition steps a young but seasoned band, known to the world simply as Abraham's Children. You are probably most familiar with the band through their chart successes, "Goodbye Farewell," and "Gypsy". But the band doesn't stop there. While they make no pretentions of being the heaviest band in the world, they can cook with the best of them, as witnessed by their performance on cuts like "Workin' For the Man." Jimmy Bertucci on bass and Ron Bartley on lead guitar are responsible for writing most of the material. Drummer Brian Cotterill is one of the most percussive players around and it's his voice crooning so sweetly on "Gypsy". Organist bob McPherson is the lad responsible for the nimble finger-work on keyboards. But the most stunning thing about the band is their unassuming attitude. Their layback humor is the same on stage or off and they are one of the few bands whose stage presence is really reflective of their personalities. Abraham's Children is a good time band. There's that word "time" again. Is the time right for Abraham's Children? Are they ahead of their time? Why not take the time to find out? I think that they're going to be one of the biggest acts to ever emerge from Canada, but I suppose only Time will tell.” (liner notes by) Bob Dunne - Bob Dunne

"Gypsy & Thank You"

"Gypsy" was always a favorite of mine, having heard that on CKLW and ultimately buying the single. I also have "Thank You" on 45--another swell tune!" Sam Tallerico (WVKR) - New York N.Y. - WVKR Radio New York

"Perfect AM radio band"

"Abraham's Children was the perfect AM radio band." Nevin Grant (CKOC) - CKOC

"Abraham's Children"

"The excitement would always peak when the fans knew that Abraham's Children would be appearing on Canadian Bandstand." Grant Hoffman, Host CANADIAN BANDSTAND - Canadian Bandstand

"Nostalgia For A Cause"

Seventies-era Toronto bubblegum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.
The performance is part of the fourth annual Alli's Journey Take My Hand Gala, a charity that aids young cancer victims between the ages...read more - The Toronto Sun

"Cover Story Abraham's Children A New Chapter"

"COVER STORY ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN A NEW CHAPTER - "Mrs. Norton once referred to children as Fragile beginnings of mighty end." Avenue of America's Gary Salter is now(more) http://www.thechildrenrock.com/history.html"
- Walt Grealis, RPM Music Weekly - RPM Music Weekly

"Tribute To Original Member of Abraham's Children"

"I will be doing a tribute to Brian tonight on CHUM between 7-7:30 PM. I'm going to play a segment of the 50th reunion show when Jimi Bertucci was an in-studio guest, and Brian called in. We talked about the Toronto music scene of the 1970s, Canadian Idol etc. You can listen via the stream at www.1050chum.com if you're not located within the station's broadcast range. If you want me to do so, I'll be happy to e-mail an mp3 of the segment, just reply to this. Scott Carpenter To Brian's wife and friends, our condolences. Scott Carpenter "
- Scott Carpenter, 1050 CHUM - 1050 CHUM

"Underground Bubblegum-Abraham's Children reunite and play The Corktown this Saturday"

If you went to an Italian wedding in the early 70's, chances are you heard a song called Goodbye Farewell. Or maybe you heard the Italian-language version, Bye Bye Bambina Occhi Blue.
OK, maybe not. But let's continue with the trivia, anyway. The song came out in 1972 by a Toronto band called Abraham's Children an got a lot of attention on Canadian AM radio.
They were known briefly before as...read more - The Hamilton Spectator

"70's Canadian Gold"

"Hi Guys(AC) I know you won't remember, but I met you in Charlottetown, PE in 1972. You played at the Confederation Centre. One of the first radio interviews I did. I was 17 at the time . Alot older now no wiser, still rocking & rollin on the radio. I'm having a hard time finding the hits from the 1970's. I host the Saturday Morning Retro Rewind on OCEAN100, live every weekend, featuring the 70's at 7. I played all your hits when they were hits. If its possible, I'm looking for a CD with all of the hits on it. With your permission, I would like to add them to my 70's Canadian gold rotation. Ron Gillespie Production Manager CHTN-Ocean100 /CKQK-Krock105.5 ...ok gang call Ron and request some AC & Jimi B music.... "
- Ron Gillespie, CHTN -Ocean 100/CKQK-KROCK 105.5 - CHTN -Ocean 100/CKQK-KROCK 105.5

"Pop/Rock Group Abraham's Children"

"By JIM SLOTEK - Toronto Sun - Recently, while lined up at The Sun cafeteria, I found myself next to Shawn O'Shea of our business office -- the best-preserved grandfather you'll ever meet and a bit of an old hipster. I admitted to him that in a sentimental moment, I'd downloaded the '70s radio hit Gypsy from his old band Abraham's Children, and offered to buy him a coffee in lieu of royalties.He demurred, good-naturedly, offering the opinion that the song's been out of print for a long time and it should pretty much be public domain at this point. I got the feeling he felt it was just nice to be remembered."
- Jimi Slotek, The Toronto Sun - The Toronto Sun

"The Lost & Found Oldies Show"

" I remember Abraham's Children's "Thank You" and "Gypsy" getting played on CKLW back in the day. Now I play those and other AC songs on "The Lost And Found Oldies Show" Fridays 3-5pm EST www.wvkr.org (plug plug) and they always get good response! "Who ARE these guys? They're great!" Keep it up, Jimi B! Sammyboy"
- Sam Tallerico , WVKR Radio New York - WVKR Radio New York

"Brian Cotterill of Abies Babies"

"Thank-you Marisa. Hard to believe that Brian is gone. He is surely not forgotten. The Seventies were so exciting for Canadian musicians. Brian and Abraham's Children played significant parts in the ultimate history of Canadian rock n' roll. Yours in great music ...Nevin CKOC Radio Hamilton " - Nevin Grant, CKOC Radio Hamilton


TIME - G.A.S. Records
The Best Of AC - BNOrecordingUSA
AC 30 - BNOrecordingUSA
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HITS - BNOrecordingUSA
K-Tel Presents

Goodbye Farewell
Thank You
Rockin In The City
Back Home Again
Goddess Of nature
Hot Love
Maybe Tomorrow
Some Things Last Forever
Available at http://www.thechildrenrock.com/merchandise.html



Abraham's Children, internationally recognized for their huge success in the 70's with a string of hits that included songs like Gypsy, Goodbye Farewell, Goddess Of Nature, Thank You and more ...songs that can still be heard on radio stations today. These guys have been rockin' for over 30 years. Their latest album, ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN 30, released last year, marked the celebration of 3 decades of great music by The Children. Over the years the band has toured extensively and played to audiences that have ranged in size from intimate clubs such as L.A.'s legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go to large stadiums and arenas. Check the tourdates page and mark your calendars to see AC live. Once again, AC is set to embark on the killing road and will be playing the old favorites, as well as new material, to the thousands of fans that can still appreciate good music and a quality performance.